ENOUGH with the special charity/cause uniforms

Pink Uniforms
June01/ 2017

Last night the St. Louis Cardinals wore “military themed” uniforms for Memorial Day. Several weeks ago they wore pink uniforms on Mothers Day. Military and Mothers are two causes I do support. How about you?

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This is 2017. If you haven’t noticed, give/take 48% of America and St. Louis Cardinals fans disagrees with the other 48% on pretty much everything. The remaining 4% aren’t sure what day it is and don’t much care.

I predict pro sports – MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL – is headed for a major brouhaha if it keeps going with this symbolic support of selected charitable causes. “Selected” by who?

Every National Director for every not-for-profit cause is seeing these high-profile promotions and thinking “why not us too?” Having every MLB team go all out to promote XYZ Cause sure beats a charity golf tournament or car washes or bake sales.

There are a bazillion “causes” out there that somebody considers “worthy.” Many of those “causes” have somebodies who do NOT consider them worthy.

Breast cancer… Cancer in general… Leukemia… Alzheimers… we are still all on board so far. Right?
How’s about Wounded Warriors Fund… Planned Parenthood… PETA… Police Benevolent Fund… Am I losing a few of you on both sides of the socio-cultural-political aisle? Yes I am whether you admit it or not.

I could walk through any residential neighborhood in Webster Groves, knock on 100 doors and likely find fifty who support Planned Parenthood and fifty who definitely do not. The St. Louis Cardinals want all 100 to be happy Cardinals fans.

Go to Ferguson to find fifty citizens who want their St. Louis Cardinals to support the Police Benevolent PBFFund. Might be tough to do.

I do not know how these support/don’t support decisions are made at the MLB- or individual-team levels. Should a team owner get a say about who/what his team supports?

Hopefully, the individuals and/or committees who make these decisions are Solomon-esque in their sensitivity to the discordant times in which we are living.

Are you aware that the NFL’s Pink October program which they have run for years gives very little money to Breast Cancer Awareness / Prevention programs?

Most of the pink merchandise sales money gets absorbed by the NFL recouping its promotional expenses. You didn’t know that?

I don’t know how MLB or the Cardinals do its accounting. Special uniforms cost somebody money.

Regardless of your socio-cultural-political point-of-view, I guarantee I could outfit “your team” – St. Louis Cardinals or otherwise – in some fashion that “offends you.” It is 2017 and “offending someone” is easier than “going yard” on a Brett Cecil not-very-fastball.

I am not saying MLB and the St. Louis Cardinals should not be “charitable” and community-minded. I’m just saying, well you know what I am saying.

BobLee, this column wasn’t funny? What can I say. I’m amphibious. I try to make you laugh AND/OR make you think. Both is best.

Caps?  OK… I’m OK with pink caps.  Thats it.


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