BobLee reviews Brockmire

May27/ 2017

How many St. Louis Cardinals fans have heard of Brockmire? How many St. Louis Cardinals fans have heard of the cable channel IFC? Howsabout Joe Buck? OK, one out of three is close enough… Let’s do it…

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Brockmire is a TV show on IFC (?) that just ended its first eight-episode season. It has been renewed for a 2nd season so somebody watched it. It is, arguably, “about Baseball.” No St. Louis Cardinals fan will confuse it with Field Of Dreams.

I watched as part of my job as your go-to-guy for everything remotely about Baseball. The sacrifices I make for you people.

Upfront… Brockmire is not my cuppa tea. I’m not into bare butts on ugly people, the phrase “finger up my keister,” or F-bombs every three minutes. Call me old-fashion. I’ve been called much worse.

The premise is a fictional down-on-his-luck baseball play-by-play guy – Hank Azaria plays JimBrockmire – trying to get back to “the big leagues.”

Azaria has made zillions as the voice of 5-6 Simpson characters.  Nice gig to have, huh?


His acute alcoholism caused him to meltdown on-air with a graphic account of his wife’s sexual misadventures.

His on-air tirade, unbeknownst to him, made him a YouTube legend.

Fired. He wanders the wilderness for ten years until the she-owner (Amanda Peete) of the woeful Class-A Morristown Frackers offers him a mic… and, by episode two, herself too.

Much of the show takes place in the run-down press box of the Frackers’ run-down stadium, or in the run-down apartment of the neurotic she-owner where she and Brockmire engage in their own graphic sexual misadventures.

This is “cable.” Nothing, alas, is left to the viewer’s imagination.

The St. Louis Cardinals connection is our own Jack Buck’s son Joe who appears as himself in the final two episodes. America’s sports fans either despise or tolerate Joe Buck. I’ve never understood the Hate-Joe-Buck thing.

The final episode has Joe standing at a run-down gas station urinal doing what one does at a gas station urinal while talking to Brockmire on his cellphone. Daddy Jack was spinning in his grave.

“Run-down” seems to fit Brockmire a lot.

Seen the HBO show Ballers with The Rock about the off-field life in The NFL? Brockmire is the same “can they say that/show that” type of show. Ballers and Brockmire are both “on cable” so there you go.

I am no prude, but Brockmire is too much of not much for my taste. I tuned in because Lauren Shehadi on MLB Central told me too. Hubba hubba!

If you like Brockmire we probably disagree on other things too. That’s OK. It makes the world go-round. Want to COMMENT? Please do.

Now I have this vision of Lauren Shehadi standing at a urinal in a run-down gas station. Aaaaiiieeee.


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