The 5 Critical Mistakes Republicans keep making

May27/ 2017

The 5 Critical Mistakes Republicans keep making…… I will not say “Republicans are their own worst enemies.” Liberals have that title sewn up. But Republicans sure do go out of their way to make it easier for the rabid left-wing anarchists to destroy America. Here’s five ways dey do dat.


Reminder: I am no longer “a Republican” or “a Conservative” or any of the usual synonyms for those groups. I am an aggressive Anti-Rabid Left-wing Anarchists. If I have anything in common with Republicans / Conservatives fine, but it is purely coincidental.

By Republicans I do not mean those spineless lying self-righteous jackasses whose names appeared on a ballot with an “R” beside it i.e. John – “NO HERO” – McCain and his traitorous ilk. McCain is not alone as a scum-sucking traitor by any means.  Throw Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell in, and even NC’s Richard Burr and Thom” with an ‘h” Tillis are nothing to brag about.

ASIDE:  When NCGA Senate President Phil Berger (R) said recently “I never knew what (the late WRAL reporter) Mark Binker’s political affiliation was” he totally lost my respect.  Yo Phil, Jim Goodmon and Laura Leslie are still laughing at you for that one.  You are a media butt-kissing sycophant.  Stop sending me your stoopid giant mail pieces.

A Pox on any/all elected R’s who are afraid Donald Trump will kill his/her “golden goose” membership in the Political Elite. Those R’s love their swamp and don’t won’t it drained.

The following 5 Critical Mistakes are being made every day by “people like YOU” – God-loving; rank & file American men / women  / husbands / wives / mammas & daddies across the fruited plains. And now they are systematically poisoning the gullible minds of young adults… like they have done so successfully with the AfAm community.


#1 MISTAKE: NO ONE reads/listens to the MSM Media

WRONG! You wish! Maybe you and I don’t but arguably 45% of “brain-washed America” sucks up every lying syllable those journo-weasels spew out. Maybe people that cluelessly naïve should not be allowed to vote… or breed; but they can do both as of now.

“The media” knows how to play their gullible audience like a tent preacher passing a KFC bucket for gas money for his Rolls Royce.

PLEASE stop using the tern “mainstream media”. They are no more “mainstream” than Michael Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, and Hillary Clinton. “The traditional media” are for Democrats what The Luftwaffe or Gestapo were for Hitler’s NAZI Party. I hate to use the over-used “Nazi” comparison but it fits.


#2 MISTAKE: The Nov 8 election was A MANDATE.

NO! Yes, WE WON by playing by The Rules – 270+ Electoral Votes – End of Discussion? No, the discussion will NEVER end by their rules which are rewritten to fit their issue de jour.

Yes, “they” got more “popular votes” INCLUDING more votes by illegal voters, felons, non-residents, and corpses. They will get all those votes next time too. And the time after that.

WE WON because Donald Trump energized enough “agnostic voters” who had not voted in years. If “we” lose them, we lose America. The way it’s going, we WILL lose them.  Can you blame’em?

Electoral / Popular blah blah … 49% of “people in America” have been effectively brainwashed to HATE “people like us”.  Another 49%+ “are us”. 2% are so clueless they hardly classify as “people”. You know at least one of them I bet.

When you are out in public you are around x-number of people who REALLY don’t like you at all. Wear an MAGA I “Heart” Trump t-shirt to any mall… I dare you.


#3 MISTAKE: It is possible to have “Liberal friends”.

Sure…. And it is possible to teach a rattlesnake to play chess too… but it takes a LOT of work and except in very special cases is NOT worth the 24/7 effort. Unless you restrict conversation topics to “the weather” … “back in the old days” … and “the weather back in the old days”.

If you have liberal “Facebook Friends”… (1) WHY? … (2) UNFRIEND the sumbitches ASAP.  They will never know and your digestion will improve immediately. Geeez.  This ain’t rocket surgery folks.

Both you and “your Liberal friend” secretly believe you will convert one another. Allow yourself a maximum of three “liberal friends”. Any more and you’re way more liberal than you might think.

I have two. I’m not planning on adding any more. One of my two is “on probation”.

Considering “a liberal friend”? Go slam your hand in a car door. The pain of that will subside before the pain of trying to be nice to “a liberal”.


#4 MISTAKE: What’s happening in America now is just the usual political squabbling that has been going on for 200+ years… blah blah yadda yadda…

“Old know-it-all Repubs” are guilty of this mistake.

“Hell boys, this ain’t no different than when Jesse (Helms) ran against Hunt back in ____. When the smoke clears we’ll all be friends again. Trust me. I’m 84 and I put my pants on backwards this morning. I know what I’m talking about…”

This current strain of rabid left-wing anarchists is 500 times more toxic and rabid than any we’ve ever seen. Watch an episode of The Walking Dead to get an idea. They have no conscience. They have no little voice that says “don’t do that… that’s not right.”

I have nothing in common with “them” but a pair of opposable thumbs.


#5 MISTAKE: “We” will prevail because “God is on our side” and/or “Liberals are nutz” and/or “just because…”

Ever studied any history? All those Christians that were fed to the lions in The Coliseum? Ever heard of The Inquisition? Howsabout a little misunderstanding known as The Holocaust?

When Eve ate that apple in Eden way back when, she pretty much left it up to us to screw up Mankind again and again and again until one day God will simply clean house and start all over. We are closer to “that day” that we’ve ever been before.

A very Godly friend of mine used to lament to me what’s happening in America. I would remind him “Dr. Danny, reread Revelation by John. This ain’t gonna end well the first go-round.” … “Yeah, yeah, I know” he would reply.


Closing thought… If you think “all this is Donald Trump’s fault” you probably still subscribe to The N&O (for the obituaries & coupons) and you are wrong about a lot of other things too.

“They” don’t Hate Trump. They Hate me and, if you had the courage to read this all the way to the end, YOU TOO.


FYI:  BobLee’s new MEGA-Deal with that St Louis Cardinals website will mean BIG DOINs ACOMING all across SaidWhatMedia.  It’s all good!  Keep watching … OH BOY!


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