Don’t Let “Them” Steal Your Joy

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May20/ 2017

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WARNING:  I get a bit “earthy” today.   Apologies in advance but tough times call for tough words.

Don’t Let Them Steal Your Joy!

I was with some dear friends recently. Yes, I do have them. More than I deserve quite frankly in both quality and quantity.

The questions were being asked… (1) Did we ever suspect that the liberal rank&file were as absolutely sorry no-good examples of human depravity as they have shown / are showing themselves to be? … (2) Did we ever expect they would HATE “people like us” with the toxic venom they are spewing every day?”   I said “Yes” to both.

Nothing they are doing and how they are doing it surprises me.   This garbage did not start November 9.  As I said several months ago….

I have nothing in common with “a rank&file liberal” but a pair of opposable thumbs.

Morally, ethically, philosophically, ideologically, intellectually, politically and every other “….ly” you can think of. NADA. I have more in common with a Komodo dragon or five day old roadkill than I do with “a rank&file liberal”. And I take great pride in that total separation.

If YOU are not a rabid liberal activist screaming F*** Trump in the middle of Main Street then YOU are their avowed enemy.  Regardless of the degree you support Donald Trump as President.  Their sole purpose is not simply “destroy Donald Trump” but to marginalize and essentially enslave “people like you/us” under their wacked-out totaltarian rule.

STOP… I bet I know your hesitation with agreeing with me. Most of you reading this are what would once have been classified as “mainstream Americans”. Your #1 “care about” is your family’s well-being …. Then some application about The Golden Rule as it relates to Rockwellhow you deal with your fellow human beings. Today all of that is up for grabs. Most of you are post-millennial in age; if not Baby Boomers. You have accumulated a lot of acquaintances socially and professionally.

Periodic culling of your rolodex / Facebook Friends notwithstanding, you likely still have “some” acquaintances who are “liberals” and/or “Democrats” and who “Hate Trump… and all those redneck retards that voted for him i.e. YOU”.

Depending on how vocal they are with that last part, you may still consider them “friends” however you define that term. In some cases they may be extended family members or “old friends” of long-standing and many shared experiences. Cutting them out of your life is not easy to do. I know. I have wrestled with that as The New American Civil War picks up steam each day.

I have 2-3 individuals I REFUSE to delete from my Life. Add another 6-8 I PREFER not to delete.  That’s it for me.  Are our relationships what they were 10-20-30 years ago. No…. unless one or the other gives up who you are, that would be impossible. Too much has gone on in this country that divides us.

WARNING: It is going to get a lot worse in the days, weeks, months, years to come regardless of “today” or “next week” or the next four years plus. Too much toothpaste has squeezed out of the tube.  “Lines in the sand” that would not be crossed even 8-10 years ago have been erased.  Civility has been obliterated.

“They” blame “us” of course.  Being totally unaccountable for one’s personal behavior is a special privilege accorded liberals…. by liberals.

Do you think some cataclysmic event “will bring us together”… like another 9/11?  36 hours after 9/11, Ted Kennedy was blaming George Bush for the attacks.   “They despise us a 100-fold more now than “way back then”.

If you and those acquaintances can mutually agree you simply WILL NOT discuss “politics”  in any form OR the socio-cultural sea changes taking place at warp speed in this country. That encompasses A HELLUVA LOT more than simply “What do you think about Donald Trump?”.

None of the toxic bull**** being spewed about Donald Trump is the real issue here.

The core of the American Way of Life is their target.

What is in peril in America is waaaay bigger than Donald Trump or his presidency. If you haven’t figured that out yet, you’re probably too naïve to even be reading this.

Go back to watching whatever blow-dried media pissant is blowing smoke at you every day. Keep reading that same newspaper “for the obituaries and grocery coupons”.  Keep thinking this is no different than “politics” 30-40 years ago.  Blah blah yadda yadda.

I don’t know Donald Trump any better than you do. I know he is a flawed man and NOT a mythical “Mr Smith comes to Washington” to bring us all together to sing Kumbaya and watch this country self-destruct before your grandchildren reach puberty.   Remember Obama billed himself as The Great Unifier.  What horse**** that was.

When you are fighting wolves…. You don’t choose a sheep to lead the fight.

All his flaws times 10 and he is a better man than ANY Lib/Dem alternative.  That says more about their abject sorriness than it does about President Trump.

I know if everything “the liberal attack dogs” accuse him of WAS true (and less than 10% is) and ten times more comes out…. I would still vote for him again and again. Have you already forgotten the horrors of the Obama Regime… and the horrors of Ma Clinton and her gang. You think “they” would like “people like us” if The Witch of Chappaqua was POTUS. Are you THAT freakin’ NAÏVE.

I don’t have an answer for all your concerns. I don’t know what is going to happen next week… next month…. next year.

I do know if you deny who you are and what you believe and how you want your family to live and prosper…. and you give in to avoid their obscene comments and personal attacks, then you will deserve what you and your family become.

If you are stronger than that and you do hold fast to who you are and what you believe regardless of your concerns about Donald Trump… then I offer this advice.

Those dear friends I noted up above reminded me of this advice I offered several years ago. They said they never forgot it….

Do Not Let “Them” Steal The Joy From Your Daily Life.

FYI:  This is a more polite version of DLTBGYD….

Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down.

Use whichever version keeps you focused.   If you allow these 24/7 Bull**** attacks led by the miserable media pissants on “people like us” to make your life a daily misery…. THEY WIN.

“They” are already miserable human beings. They want you to share their misery. Do you really want Nancy Pelosi… Michael Moore…. Rosie O’Donnell…. Chuck Shumar…. “Bully” Barber…. Maxine Waters…. the miserable lying little snot-nosed pissants at The N&O and on WRAL, CNN, NBC, ABC, et al to tell you what to think… how to lead your life…. how to raise your children ???

Alas, the other major political party is not much better if any. John McCain is as rotten a human being as walks this planet. If you consider him “a war hero” you have been bamboozled big time. There are fewer “spines” in Congress than there are four leaf clovers on the moon. Hardly enough integrity to fill a tea cup.

Your future / your family’s future is UP TO YOU…. Not some bull**** spewing political weasel trying to preserve his/her membership among The Political Elite.

Don’t Let’em Steal Your Joy…

There is none awaiting you in their world.


BE ADVISED:  AgentPierce is NOT  “a crazy right-winger”.  He is NOT “a crazy Republican or Not even “a crazy Conservative” ….Not “a crazy Neo-Con”, or “a crazy Libertarian”   AgentPierce IS “a crazy Anti-Liberal”. … Call him a bitter clinging deplorable redneck retard  if you like,

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