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May16/ 2017

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So, there you are You AgentPierce Reader You. Where have YOU been the past 2.5 months? I’ve missed you. Huh?

Where have I been, you ask? Right here in my little Sanctum Sanctorum in the vast nuclear waste dump known as “the Internet”. Us “wise guys with websites” are everywhere and no place. We just “are”. Be assured I still “am”.

If you require a more defined answer lets say I’ve been on a “hiatus” or, if you prefer, a Sabbatical“sabbatical”. “Sabbatical” is way too erudite for me and reeks of “the academy” which definitely reeks. Let’s just go with I’M BACK and getting back to doing whatever it is that I was doing before you thought I had stopped doing it.

Soooo… whattayathink of this Eeeevilll President Trump person now? We are into the 2nd 100 Days or is it the 1st 200 Days? Who determines that…. not anyone you should trust or be paying attention to for sure.

Me?…. I “like” President Trump way better than I ever liked Candidate Trump. Prior to Nov 8, he was simply “the only option to Whatshername The Witch In The Pantsuit”. Donald Trump has since become our only hope against the quite insidious “Political Class” which includes roughly 95% of all elected officials of whatever “party” and 98% of their bureaucratic toadies.

I awaken each morning delighted to learn that the quite insane leadership of the American Left “hates” (and FEARS) Donald Trump and every one of us who voted for him more today than they hated “us” yesterday. The mind reels how much “they” will hate & fear him AND US six months …. a year …. two years from now. Once one’s colon turns to concrete how much more pure unadulterated hatred can it squeeze out? I guess we’ll find out.

A significant % of elected “Republicans” and faux intellectual Conservative “Think Tank” fops and fools also hate & fear Trump…. and people like us. Icing on the cake. I accept their hatred & fear with chest-thumping pride.

Does it bother you to be intensely hated & feared 24/7  by over 63,000,000 human beings across the fruited plains?  If so, you better do your best “Peter In The Garden” impression…. (1) deny your support for President Trump and (2) kiss up to every liberal hairball you encounter… and (3) PLEASE stop coming to this website

But but AgentPierce…. Trump hasn’t “built the wall” yet.

Oh for Heaven’s sakes…. I’ve never wanted him to do that any way. Use half the cost of “a wall” to really beef up ICE and overall border security. The day “a wall” is finished the bad guys will be circumventing it under / over / around and we’re stuck with “a silly wall”. The Great Wall of China was built to keep out the Mongol Horde. It didn’t. ….. There are way more important issues that “the wall”.

As I, hopefully with you alongside, go forward in this post-hiatus era…. I ask that you NOT think of me as “a crazy right-winger” or “a crazy Republican” or even “a crazy Conservative”. I no longer answer to any of those labels.

I am “a crazy Anti-Liberal”.

In a normal world being “against something” i.e. “The American Left” more so than being “for something” sounds unhealthy. This stopped being “a normal world” waaaay before last Nov 8 ….. waaaaay waaaay waaaay before Nov 8, 2016.

If you “voted for” but “have issues” with Trump, I’m OK with that. That gives you a faux intellectual escape hatch when discoursing with whoever you discourse with.   We will discuss “political discoursing circa 2017” in upcoming weeks.

Everyone on “the Internet” with or without his/her own website considers themselves the mean / median / mode for common sense and rational thought…. Pretty much everyone else falls short to varying degrees. I accept that and am simply honored that you’ve read my humble musings this far.


In closing for now…. One specific news of note. You likely saw where Reverend “Bully” Barber is starting up a new Flim Flam. “Bully” is stepping down as NC NAACP Generalssimo and rebranding his Me & God (& Jim Goodmon) Hate Bill BarberRepublicans… and You Should Too Campaign.

I like to think that despite no longer being “a Republican” that “Bully” Barber and Jim Goodmon will still hate me too.  As for God, He and I have our own arrangement.

Just because “Bully” is fat does not mean he is stoopid.  Just because “Bully” is a “Reverend” does not mean he “a good man”.  “Bully” Barber is neither stoopid nor “a good man”.

Be assured “Bully’s” newest Flim Flam  has the generous financial backing of the aforementioned WRAL Prez Jim Goodmon via his AJ Fletcher Foundation.  As well as the full support of what’s left of McClatchy’s failing regional newspapers.  They will also do / say whatever “Bully” orders them to say in promoting this rebranded “Hoot & Hate” Flim Flam.


My post-hiatus strategy is for more frequent commentaries but each one “less long” than pre-hiatus. I have exhausted today’s allotted allotment of words.

…. ‘til next time.

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