Reflections On The Rock… by MKH

The Rock
May05/ 2017

Reflections on The Rock by MKH

I have a friend over in Durhm… actually I have several “friends over in Durham”; but one in particular relative to today’s “incredibly insightful column” (a/k/a “iic”).

He is retired from a 40+ year career as a “respected journalist”. THAT’s an adjective/noun combination  that belongs with corfam shoes as “whatever happened to them”.

My friend was an “ink-stained wretch” who turned out “the daily miracle” for multi-decades. He won numerous honors from his peers. The papers he edited won accolades; but none can match the one title he shares with no man in human history….

He is “Mary Katharine Ham’s Daddy”.Proud Dad


As noted he lives in Durham with an equally proud lady known as “Mary Katharine Ham’s Mamma”. They live in a goofy Durham neighborhood in which they are an ideological minority of two. They are friends of mine… you do the math.

I once asked him “why” he lived surrounded by such nutty neighbors. “BobLee of all people you know that answer ….. unlimited Column Fodder.” Touche.

It’s a safe bet not nary a neighbor of his’n can spell NASCAR or knows who “Dale Jr” is. Which segues to today’s BLSays First.

Today I’m turning you over to Mary Katharine Ham for her HUMDINGER of a column about The Rise & Demise of NASCAR.

Of the 2,000 BLSays columns, 3-4 have the half-life of Strontium 90. Although posted in some cases 7-8-10+ years ago, they get googled and read by someone somewhere weekly if not daily. One of those was a column about Jimbo & Candi Fisher – Diary Of A Tallahasee Cougar. Go figger? Another was “What Happened To NASCAR”.

There are more opinions about “that” than the announced bogus attendance at a Bully Barber “Hoot & Hate” ….. “at least 80,0Mary Katherine Ham00… maybe even more”.

Mary Katharine’s meteoric journalism career began as a general assignment reporter for the Richmond County Daily Journal. She has gone on to national prominence as a “contributor” on Fox News and most recently as “token conservative contributor” on CNN. In addition she contributes to numerous “think tanks” and political websites. This HUMDINGER that MKH penned on NASCAR appeared in The Federalist today – Fri 5/5.

WARNING: It’s a bit lengthy…. but well worth it. Trust me. The risque part about her and Dale Jr on the backstretch of The Rock is worth the read by itself.  Hubba Hubba!!  Not to worry…both of’em were single at the time.

Mary Katharine Ham’s GREAT COLUMN about NASCAR – LINK

ENJOY:  You don’t have to agree… but you HAVE to read it!  It WILL be on your final exam.


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