Cardinals Baseball… So much more than Win or Lose

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May01/ 2017

It is no secret. 2017 has been frustrating for everyone on Bill DeWitt’s payroll to every member of Cardinals’ Nation from Moline to Memphis; from Champaign to Jeff City. That’s Baseball.

“Baseball” can/should be “special”. Yes… they do keep score and someone wins and someone loses each of the 162 games / 81 at Busch Stadium.

BL on Baseball

For batters and pitchers, the difference between success and failure is inches. For you as a fan… it is a matter of attitude. How’s yours?

Do you “go to Busch” 1-2-10-20 times a season or, like me, rely on and Dan and Jim and Al et al to bring the games into your living room? Following “our Cardinals” from April into, hopefully, October should be a respite from “a real world” that can get tedious and unforgiving.

There is a lot of “stuff” going on these days in America and throughout the world that can get you down regardless of your politics… of your religion… of your life style.

Baseball, for us Cardinals Baseball, can let you escape that for 2.5 to 3 hours. Do it…

When the FSMW cameras pan the 40,000+ red-bedecked crowd at Busch III, I love to watch the little Cardinal Kids.

You can never tell who is winning or losing by their expressions… they are ALWAYS as happy as they can be by the whole sensory overload of “a Cardinals game @ Busch Stadium”.

Be a Cardinals Kid… be happy watching Baseball.

If you are All About Winning or Losing you are setting yourself up for unnecessary misery. If living vicariously thru the on-field success of “your team” is all you’ve got left in an otherwise miserable existence, please don’t sit next to me.


Is that your way of “enjoying Cardinals Baseball”? I bet you buy your shoes three sizes too small to enjoy the pain and discomfort. It is called masochism. No thank you. I’ll pass.

There is sooo much to enjoy about being in a major league baseball park. As all those happy kids “know”… it can be a full sensory overload experience. If you let it.

18 of the 700 best baseball players on Earth going head-to-head in a beautiful stadium… all in the shadow of The Arch!

Oh gets his slider too far over the plate and it ends up in Big Mac Land, so what? Carp’s blast is caught on the warning track… Phooey!

Cardinals Nation prides itself on being “better than other fan bases”. We stand and cheer David Freese’s return as a Pirate. Same Cardinals fanswith Daniel Descalso and other former Cardinals. Hopefully one day “Albert” will return to Busch. Oh Boy!

We show up 40,000+ strong darn near 81 times/year. We schedule our TV watching by Cardinals’ game times. I’m on the East Coast. Those West Coast trips are “rough” on me.

A lot of yadda yadda to get to my point…

The boo birds and human hairballs that infest the Internet with their know-nothing negativity and constant whining have “issues” far beyond the Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat.

They could never “climb the rope” in high school PE. They never had a prom date. They are stuck in go-nowhere jobs. The Cardinals will win some and lose some… those sad souls never win.

“They” are the ones that turned off their TVs cussing in disgust in the 7th inning of Game Six in October 2011. Don’t be them.


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3 years ago

After ’42 and ’64 I never give up. Ten down to a great Dodger team with Pete, Ducky, Mickey, and Billy Herman in ’42 seemed all over, then eight down with ten to play trailing three teams above. Both times magic happened. Both years beat great Yankee teams to win championships. . This year reminds me of the ’56 NL pennant race. Cards knocked a great Milwaukee team out of pennant by taking two of three in St Louis. The Dodgers won their final pennant in Brooklyn. A great Cincinnati team came in two games out. This NL Central could… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  BobLee

Now, BL be nice. Mr. Musial. taught the stance to me because I had trouble batting left with a mirrored stance from the RH side, only problem for me was a ball in on my hands at the belt. He was correct in his assessment. “Country”was the only one in the park who knew he was coming all the way home. I was fourteen at the time. We were sitting on the third base side of the dugout on the rail with the 1926 Champions who had beaten the Ruth/GehrigYankees. Twenty years. Someone yelled, when they saw the look in… Read more »

3 years ago

“The great man is he who does not lose his child’s heart.” —Mencius, Confucian philosopher— . Another absolutely bulls eye column. . “The boo birds and human hairballs that infest the internet with their know-nothing negativity and constant whining. . . What we have is someone expecting perfection which is non-attainable over the long haul. “Work toward perfection and possibly, just possibly, you may reach excellence. Something the boo birds have never attained. . Whether it is the water or whatever, the City of Brotherly Love was known for being the only fans to boo Stan Musial every game. Brooklyn… Read more »

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