BREAKING NEWS!!! Re: Chihuahua… Randy… & ACC/HB2

April21/ 2017

BREAKING NEWS: How Chancellors “Chihuahua “& Randy Voted on ACC / HB2 Boycott Decision !!! …..  WELL WHATTAYAKNOW !!!!

UNCCH’s Chancellor Carol “Chihuahua” Folt and NCSU’s Chancellor Randy Woodson BOTH DID NOT  VOTE “FOR”  moving ACC Events out of NC in protest of HB2.  Whether both state employees voted NO or “abstained” is unclear but neither voted FOR the economic boycott.

We are talking about the Original Decision last September to punish the citizens of North Carolina via an econmic boycott. … NOT the recent repeal of that decision.

THE LINK:   How Chihuahua & Randy Voted on ACC/HB2 Economic Boycott… SHOCKING

REMINDER:  I have always maintained that HB2 was a knee-jerk over-reaching response to an even more outrageously ABSURD (and ILLEGAL) Charlotte Ordinance.  There are No Heroes in this “Manufactured Chaos” orchestrated by the LGBT/HRC gender terrorists.

It has been known for some time that te original ACC decision to punish the citizens of NC was led by Georgia Tech Prez “Bud” Peterson. Paul Chesser’s finding also show that former Duke Prez Richard Broadhead voted TO punish the citizens of NC.

Point of Fact:  Of the 14 members of The ACC…. only UNCCH and NCSU are publc universities suported by the citizens who were directly effected by the ACC Boycott.   Both Duke and Wake Forest are private schools

Both UNCCH and NCSU have tried in vain to NOT REVEAL how their Chancellors voted… leading to all manner of speculation “WHY””.

Why would Folt and Woodson go against their ideological lunatic ilk by NOT supporting the bycott?

Why did both their in-house Info Office NOT want you to know how they voted?

Zombie Mob

Did Carol & Randy fear incuring The Wrath of the “gender terrorists” and their own  notorious Radical Liberal Nutjob constituents? …. Will Chihuahua and Randy suffer that vengeful wrath with this new reveal?  Probably.

Yours truly has followed the six-months efforts of my longtime good friend Paul Chesser to get this “Public Right To Know” Information.   Do I “trust” Paul Chesser’s findings? Absolutely…. Paul is not a sports partisan at all… simply an intrepid “Seeker of Truth”.

HellFire…. I think Paul Chesser deserves an Order of The Longleaf Pine plaque for his efforts.  All in favor say AYE! ,… Of course that would leave ME as one of a small handful of human beings on the planet WITHOUT one of those silly plaques.  Me and Reille Hunter and Mikey Nifong.

I “assumed” from the get-go that both Chancellors voted in lockstep WITH the majority of ACC member representatives to penalize the good citizens of North Carolina. I was wrong …. Apparently.

Does this new information really “matter” at tihs point?    The Truth ALWAYS Matters.

Official BobLee KUDOS to both Chihuahua and Randy !!!

PS: Wonder if “Chihuahua” consulted her notorious Mens Basketball Coach prior to casting her vote?


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