Sports, Presidents, DEATH PENALTIES…. and Good Books

Wallace Loh
April19/ 2017

Re: Sports / Presidents / Death Penalties … and some really good books

My apology for being absent the past ten days. I’m still in recovery mode from my retina detachment surgery and creating BLSays columns is just enough of a hassle to “put off until tomorrow”. Alas…. “stuff happens” regardless and you get abandoned to your own opinions on said stuff’s relative Good / Bad / Ugly. That is unfair for those of you who use my opinion as the benchmark for Right / Wrong / just STOOPID.

FWIW…. My vision recovery is “on schedule” which has always been 8-10 weeks. My team of world-class Duke Eye Docs keep making positive sounds when they look thru those eye-machines. Not being able to drive or read menus are the two biggest hassles. “Optical Optimism” is the order of the day. ….. meanwhile:


That Univ of Maryland President said …..
It’s not that UNCCHers needed ANOTHER President to hate with the misguided passion of 1,000 suns. President Trump continues to be filling that role very well for the terminally constipated Franklin Street crowd. But move over Donald and make room for Univ Maryland Prez Wallace Loh.   Wallace Loh

Surely you saw/read/heard what Prez Wallace Loh said last week about The Great Unpleasantness a/k/a TGU. “My buddy” Art Chansky certainly did and Art’s venom-dripping “HOW DARE HE…..” editorial on WCHL no doubt was red meat for the rabid feral Chapel Hill bunch – Art’s WCHL audience.

But BobLee…. Prez Loh appears to be of “Pacific Rim Heritage”.   Isn’t UNCCH all in on “diversity”? ….. Normally yes, but when it comes to being called out for their outrageous Eligibility Scam all that diversity crap gets discarded really quickly.   Hypocrisy is never in short supplu “over there”.

But BobLee…. If Wallace Loh was “a trany” would they cut he/she a break?    Probably, who knows but we are getting off-topic here.

No one really knows why Wallace Loh chose to say what he said; but aren’t we all delighted that he did.   OK…. maybe not everyone, but I certainly am.

Prez Loh thinks UNC’s well-documented lengthy litany of world-class academic/athletic transgressions merits THE DEATH PENALTY. He is hardly alone in that assessment but he is/was the first “President” to publicly say so.

NOTE: I am still undecided on a proper punishment for “The Most Blatant Example of Lack of Institutional Control in NCAA History”. I stop short of THE DEATH PENALTY…. but not by much. But, of course, I am not “President” of anything so Joel Curran doesn’t care what I think, nor should he since I don’t care what he thinks either.

One cannot consider Prez Loh’s “He Said WHAT” without including the oh-so-predictable immediate response from Joel Curran – UNCCH’s notorious $400,000/year Vice Chancellor of Humiliating Scandal Cover-upl Joel Curran& Hiring Fancy NYC PR Firms to Advise UNCCH on Scandal Damage Control. Vice Chancellor Curran says Maryland Prez Loh has no right to express his opinion “because ……..”.

Joel’s harrumphing “because” sounded like “Three Ring Roy” explaining why bumblebees can’t fly. Wonder what a $200,000/year Vice Chancellor of Humiliating Scandals might have said?

So Prez Loh said…. and Vice Chanc Joel said….. and Art said…. and now I’ve said…. so TGU will go back into hibernation until someone else says something OUTRAGEOUS…. And we will all queue up to comment on that.

Oh… Oh …. Oh …. Did I mention that UNC Coach Roy “Gomer” Williams called Maryland President Loh “a double idiot”. If anyone should know “idiots” it’s Ol’ Roy.Sheriff Peppers

Q: BobLee, did you ever imagine that the actor who played “Sheriff Pepper” in two James Bond movies would die before TGU would be resolved?  ….. A:  NO ONE could have imagined THAT.



Meanwhile…. “that other President” is hosting the New England Patriots today at The White House.

Former NE Tight End (and convicted murderer) Aaron Hernandez will not attend. Aaron Hernandez hung himself in his prison cell last night. What a coincidence… huh?

As all of ESPN CEO John Skipper (UNC’75) staff of on-air sock puppets will be telling you today….. “Not attending the traditional White House ceremony honoring national sports champions because one is a brain-dead Trump-hater is a wonderful thing to do.”

John Skipper’s ESPN on-air sock puppets, of course, said otherwise when the previous regime was in-office. You knew that but it is always good to remind ourselves.

Rule Of Thumb = high profile athletes, coaches and other entertainers SHOULD be politically out-spoken …. So long as their political opinions agree with the political opinions of the ESPN on-air sock puppets…. Otherwise they should be ridiculed and insulted. Just ask Rory McElroy.

IMO:  Roy Williams is a terrific basketball xoach and a babbling jackass regardless of his opinions about anything.  Can you imagine the reaction in Chapel Hill if Roy The Babbling Jackass was Pro-Trump !!!!

BobLee Says: The White House Invitation to Championship Sports Teams “jumped the shark” about ten years ago. It belongs alongside the AMC Pacer, corfam shoes, Nehru jackets and any more Fast & Furious sequels….. ENOUGH ALREADY!


Remember right after my retina detachment when I reordered my daily regimen to exclude as much negative / unpleasant influences as possible? …. i.e. Blondie gives me a 2-minute political update at 8 AM and that’s IT for the day.

It is a wonderful concept and you don’t require a detached retina to implement it.

I almost included Cardinal games on my Exclude List as they “stumbled out of the gate”; but they are showing signs of Life so I remain ever-faithful…. For now.

One “influence” is my choice of audio-books. If one’s choice of reading / listening material is negative or otherwise depressing it drags one down. Why choose to be dragged down ???

So…. I looked for what I call Indiana Jones / Clive Cussler-type adventures.  Avid readers of action fiction know what a Clive Cussler-type story is. If I haven’t read/listened to every Dirk Pitt / Juan Cabrillo / Issac Bell story I haven’t missed more than 1-2.

I found a terrific series by David L. Golemon starring Colonel Jack Collins and his Event Group spec ops team. Yes, it is a “formula” series and predictably enjoyable much like Bond movies. …. And Indiana Jones / Lara Croft adventures. If you don’t care for those for whatever reasons, you won’t care for The Event Group either.

Google David L. Golemon you will find the 10+ book series. I strongly recommend reading them in chronological order. He develops the characters thru each new adventure.

Very similar to Cussler’s Dirk Pitt adventures, each adventure takes place in today’s time but relates back to some ancient historical event – Atlantis…. The Knights Templar… et al. The mega-villains are Bondian in their over-the-top almost cartoon “baddiness”.Event Group

Did you know….  a tribe of super Werewolves helped the Israelites escape from Egypt…. and Sasquatch helped the Romanoffs get out of Russia?   Col Jack Collins and Carl and Will and “Shoty Stuff” and Nils and Alice and “Matchstick” kick bad guy butt …..

I thoroughly enjoyed the intrepid “Colonel Jack Collins & The Event Group” adventures. Maybe you will too.


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