CONTROVERSY: Christian Day @ Busch Stadium

Busch Stadium
April17/ 2017

St. Louis Cardinals fans with no clue what the title above means, feel free to move to the latest FIRE EVERYBODY column. For those fans who are aware of “the controversy” or simply curious… this is NOT an advocacy piece for either point-of-view.

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The St. Louis Cardinals, owned by the DeWitt family, have announced their 30th ANNUAL Christian Day @ The Ballpark promotion at Busch Stadium set for July 30. Former Cardinal, and “Game Six” hero, Lance Berkman is set to be the keynote speaker.

Lance Berkman

Lance Berkman, a Texas native and resident has been “outspoken” on the subject of transgender rest rooms. He is strongly opposed to the concept. Texas has been considering a state lawrestricting rest room usage to, “the sex on one’s birth certificate.” It is VERY controversial.

I live in North Carolina where this issue BLEW UP two years ago labeled HB2 a.k.a “the bathroom bill.” I wrote over a dozen columns as the firestorm raged. HB2 stood for House Bill 2. It received A LOT of national attention. The NBA and NCAA moved events out of the state after considerable pressure from LGBTQ activists.

Missouri-based LGBTQ activists are pressuring the Cardinals not to allow Berkman to speak. That Berkman’s message likely would have nothing to do with “bathroom bills” is irrelevant.
His mere presence, apparently, indicates St. Louis Cardinals baseball supports his point-of-view on the bathroom controversy and other elements of the LGBTQ socio-political agenda.

A Cardinals spokesperson says the Cardinals are proceeding as planned with Christian Day.

LGBTQ has a long history of NOT “backing off” in these controversies. This is not over.

St. Louis is no stranger to socio-political firestorms. Can you say “Ferguson?” The Rams (remember them?) had players on-field demonstrating their support of the Black Lives Matter activists.

It is 2017. America is a bitterly divided country in every state and every city… in some cases in every cul-de-sac.

Those who grumble, “keep politics out of sports,” are probably still bitching about the designated hitter rule. Both those horses done left the barn, folks.

Wishin’ ain’t gonna see a return to “the old days.” No doubt many of you come to Busch Stadium to watch baseball specifically to get away from the derm and strang that is “the news.” Sorry.

Should the Cardinals have known better than to invite Lance Berkman? Did they realize he would be a lightning rod of controversy?

Should the Cardinals tell the complainers a polite version of “stick your opinion where the sun don’t shine?”

Should The DeWitts, John Mozeliak, Mike Matheny, Yadier Molina, Adam Wainwright etc., etc., stand with Berkman as he speaks?

How do you think the local media – Globe Democrat and KMOX – will treat this? Have they expressed a partisan opinion? Probably.

Damn, I did good suppressing my personal opinion, didn’t I? You don’t have to suppress yours. Will how this is resolved affect your support of Cardinals Baseball? What is YOUR OPINION?


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