Random Thoughts About Basketball ….

Final Four
March27/ 2017

Random Thoughts About Basketball …..

Am I the only one who thinks Luke Maye looks like “Ryan” the son-in-law on Last Man Standing?

To “the average UNCCH fan” is UNC being “in” as enjoyable as Duke – Kansas – Kentucky being “out”?Bing Crosby

Gonzaga’s two “most famous alumni” are John Stockton and “some guy named  Bing Crosby”. 96% of ESPN viewers have never heard of “some guy named Bing Crosby”.

IF South Carolina would defeat UNC in The Finals would some Dean Dome nitwits call for Roy’s head on a platter?

Archie Miller goes to Indiana. Is there now an official We Hate Archie club at NC State?

When Kentucky was roaring back with 3:00 minutes to go, I came up with Roy’s opening line in his post-game presser – “We won the popular vote.” ….. Thankfully for all concerned that was not necessary.

My thoughts on Roy on/off the court are a matter of record. I do find the current players very easy to like. The Crime & Punishment Due for TGU notwithstanding, there is no reason to assume these current players are guilty of anything. But “hated rivals” won’t see it that way.Ashley Judd

Am I the only one wondering if the TV cameras would find Ashley Judd in the arena? Am I the only one glad they did not?

Duke’s Jason Tatum is One&Done. I had not even thought about that… I will NEVER like that. Assuming Justin Jackson is “gone”; does Joel Berry stay?

I’m not a believer in referee conspiracies but apparently “many viewers” think “they” were against Kentucky in the first half. I’m guessing Ashley Judd thinks the refs should be “impeached” or “assassinated”.

Mark Few always comes across as a really good guy. He wins without 5-stars and giant hot tubs in the locker room. I like that.

Given a choice of watching (1) NIT Basketball …. (2) NCAA Women’s Tournament …. (3) the obnoxious father of the UCLA player …. Or (4) an all-day marathon of Swamp People – I vote for Troy and his Bayou buddies versus the gators.

Will the national media “pimp” Roy to say something dopey this week? They won’t need to… he will anyway.

That all four Finals’ teams are built around upperclassmen a repudiation of One & Done Recruiting? That’s a nice thought, but no.

Is Bill Self or John Calipari catching more fan wrath? I would say Self but both will survive just fine.

Clemson won the FB National Championship.  Now USC has a shot at the BB Championship. Is South Carolina the State of Champions?

A recent Damn Dan Kane article says UNCCH has spent $16,000,000 so far fighting the NCAA over TGU. Is that a little or a lot and where did it come from ???

Is there a formal name for the AfAm hairstyle favored by Joel Berry and many others?

I still despise that ATT commercial with the obnoxious Karaoke guy. The ones with Charles, Spike and Samuel L are funny the first 30 times.

Various cable channels were counter programming for non-basketball fanFredos. I DVRed Godfather II. Even more so than Godfather I, every time I watch it I pick up something I missed in earlier watching. It still does not end well for “Fredo”. Fredo sleeps with the fishes in Lake Tahoe.


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