Fodder Fodder… Sooo Much Fodder

Dam Overflow
March17/ 2017

Fodder, Fodder…. Sooo Much Fodder

Am I even at 90%? No. but duty calls. The Column Fodder Dam is reaching critical mass. If I don’t start releasing some of this crap, we’ll have a huge mess on our hands.

That latest “Roy Blurt” about Trump is already a week old. Later today (Friday) another live mic will be within biting distance so who knows what he might say? He certainly has no idea. Angry Ry Williams

It has nothing to do with his dislike of Donald Trump.  This Peter Millar-bedecked rabid squirrel is just as likely to slam Santa Claus  or St Patrick.  He opens his gaping pie hole and absolutely no one especially Roy has a clue what will spill out.

Roy Williams is a 67 y/o constipated Bart Simpson without Bart’s boyish charm; with his very own version of Tourette’s Syndrome.

All Roy Williams knows about Donald Trump can be put into one 140 character Tweet with enough characters left over to spell Krzyzewski six times.

I still have Roy as one of the top five active college basketball coaches in America. Good thing. Other than that noteworthy accolade he is the equivalent of an 8 y/o boy with acute ADD whose mamma keeps forgetting to give him his daily ritalin mega-dose. That coupled with that unique form of Tourette’s Syndrome makes him quite the loose cannon forever careening across a rolling deck. The fact that, IMO, he has lied from Day One about The Greatest Eligibility Scam in NCAA History adds to his quite colorful body of work. The further UNC advances in the coming weeks, the more likely Roy will further embarrass himself and his employer. Roy is Bubba’s problem. To me he is just amusingly predictable column fodder.


I’m not able to follow all the sports websites I used to. So I don’t claim to be cutting edge on Frau Yow’s Hunt for NCSU’s Next Hoops Messiah. The UNC-W guy is now “fair game” but the firing of Tom Crean at Indiana may have repercussions in The Case Center. Whatever advantage there was in lame ducking Gott, if there ever was any, seems negligible. IF the UNC-W guy is mature enough to handle the pressure of unrealistic expectations and can he hold his own with deep-pocketed Fat Cats then he seems like a likely “short lister”.

I have no clue what Frau’s priorities are…. What she looks for in a candidate. Who she has helping her evaluate candidates. How “difficult” she really is to work for. If I had to guess I would guess she ends up with another semi-anonymous journeyman like Gott. Someone in his mid-late 40s with modest achievements at 2-3 stops along the coaching trail. I don’t see a Home Run but – hey – what do I know? For my sane adult Wolfpack friends, I hope I’m wrong.


More than you ever wanted to know about Detached Retinas…. 

Think of your retina as wallpaper across the back of your eye. When the wallpaper starts to peel off that is “detaching”. A blow to the head can cause it as in boxing or, in my case, acute near-sightedness. There are probably other causes such as “it just happens”. “Eating carrots” and taking certain vitamins has no effect. When my right retina detached in March 1988 (three weeks before Kid was born… YIKES) I was told there was a likelihood of another at some point. 29 years later was that point.

Retina surgery has advanced considerably in 29 years and Duke Eye Center is among 3-4 facilities “at the tip of the spear”. My right eye was correctable to 20/60. Hopefully this latest surgery will produce even greater vision recovery for my left eye. For now my left eye is filled with “gas” to hold the wallpaper in place as it heals from the five points of detachment. They used lasers which is about as much detail as I cared to ask. It will be 4-6 weeks for the gas to dissipate and get an idea of my vision. Duke also has a department that specializes in all sorts of corrective lens, bifocals and magnifiers to maximize a patient’s best possible vision. I am in the very best hands imaginable.

Those “very best hands” include Blondie. She has alternated between Mother Teresa and Nurse Ratchet as my attitude in the moment required. The High Anxiety / O’ Woe Is Me moments are all gone now.

All of your kind comments and emails had a LOT to do with getting thru that dark tunnel. Blondie and I both sincerely thank you.

Knowing my “attitude” was going to be critical in getting thru this…. The morning after surgery I took steps to remove all “bad vibes” from my daily life. No badder vibe going than the Political War ongoing in America. Blondie is a a political analyst for several VIP clients. She has to wade thru “the swamp” and “the sausage factory” every day. I don’t. We set up a system.

Every morning around 10 AM after she has checked all her sources for “overnights” I walk into her office in the SaidWhatMedia complex and ask….. “Do those miserable lunatics running the American Left hate Trump and ‘people like us” as much today as they did yesterday?” …. She replies “Yes, every bit as much and possibly more so…”. And THAT is my political update of the day. I go back to my audiobook or watching a Hallmark movie. The stress release is so refreshing I may continue it regardless of how my vision turns out.

One other positive to emerge from all this is I am no longer yoked 24/7 to my I-Phone 7 Plus. I can’t enlarge the type enough to read email, twitter, Facebook, et al. GUESS WHAT? I live without it !!!! Who knew ? YIPPPPEE.


Thought For March Madness: How do teams like Gonzaga and Villanova and others continue to he high seeds year after year WITHOUT rosters full of 4-5 stars, without pimped out locker rooms, without all sorts of stoopid recruiting bling? How do dey do dat ???


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