“Used to be a classy place” and MORE

Rick PItino Dean Dome
February25/ 2017

“Used to be a classy place”

More “fodder manna from Heaven” for yours truly this week courtesy of Rick Pitino and a still unidentified UNC “adult fan”. If you fog a mirror you have heard about this one.

Louisville’s Pitino was verbally accosted in Dean’s Dome this week while leaving the court at halftime. Pitino later identified the verbal assailant as “an adult” and “a coward”. What the fan said is unclear. If it was simply “Pitino, you suck!” why did Pitino’s posse have to restrain him from charging into the stands? Surely “Tricky Ricky” has heard MUCH MUCH worse at Rupp Arena and numerous other hostile venues ???

Rick Pitino is, to be kind, a controversial coach about whom 99.9% of even casual college BB fans have an opinion. Unless you are a Louisville Rick PItino2fan, that opinion is probably negative. In his long, high-profile career Pitino has accumulated enough “baggage” to provide umpteen leather-lunged fans plenty of insult-fodder.

The various stereotypes of Dean Dome fans does NOT include “creative insulting” of visiting players / coaches. Pitino prefaced his post-game (his team lost by double digits) comments that:

I have always thought this (UNC / Dean Dome) was a classy place. Now I guess it’s just like everywhere else….” OUCH!

Hark The Sound of St Dean spinning in his crypt…. assuming he (Dean) did not roll the stone away and leave said crypt “on the 3rd day”.

Nothing irritates a UNC fan more harshly than having it’s “we are simply better than everywhere else… because we say we are” reputation called into question. Over the past 8-9 years, various aspects of The Vaunted Carolina Way have been nuked into oblivion to say the least. Has this one leather-lunged fan “nuked” yet another of the sacred premises?

Roy did offer a personal apology to his coaching peer in, for Roy, an incredibly coherent fashion. No reference to HB2… or “being treated like a mushroom”.  Roy’s “treated like a mushroom” comment would come two days later.



Out of 30 NBA teams ….NBA

There are 30 NBA teams. I went to the NBA website and counted them. Off the top of my head, I cannot name a single player on 25 of those 30 teams.  After  considerable thought I can probably guess another 2-3…. maybe. I can only name three current NBA coaches. I’m only good on about half of the current ACC MBBHCs.

I can only name ONE current NHL player – Sidney Crosby who, I think, plays for Pittsburgh who, I think are “the Penguins”. I cannot name a single hometown “Hurricane” or the current coach of the Hurricanes.

I can only name ONE current professional boxer – Floyd Mayweather…. Two female tennis players – The Williams sisters. Two (and a half) male tennis players – Federer and Nadal and a “Djovic” or similar.

I’m good on maybe 4-5 current NASCAR drivers. One less with Carl Edwards’ retirement. Carl was the only driver I have “followed” the past five years.

My current sports knowledge is NOT intended as a benchmark for measuring ANYTHING such as the de-evolution of American culture et al. It’s more a measure of where, at this point in my life, I choose to focus my personal interest for a variety of reasons.

How many of the above sports / leagues are you up-to-speed on?



“98% of WNBA players are …..”

Perhaps you saw (or maybe you didn’t) this week a recently retired WNBA player – Candice Wiggins – did an interview with a San Diego paper in which she described her negative experience in the WNBA.

She says she suffered on-going “bullying” from other players “because I am straight”…. Further noting that “98% of The WNBAWNBA players are lesbians”. OH BOY!

She later admitted the “98%” was simply intended to accentuate that “a very high % of WNBA players are lesbians”. She had no statistical data to back-up her assertion.

Other WNBA players and league officials were quick to “call foul” on the bullying but were strangely quiet on addressing the “…. 98% are lesbian” issue. They neither confirmed nor denied nor even acknowledged the charge.

I recently asked a veteran medical professional – “At what point in one’s sexual experimentation does one officially become “gay” or “a lesbian”?  Why is “gay” an adjective and “lesbian” a noun?   Is there a magic number of incidents one must participate in to earn his/her gender merit badge?” …. He was not aware of any such process. In 40+ years of practice he had never been asked that question. If I called the National HQ of LGBTQ, would they have an answer? Does LGBTQ have a national HQ?

The WNBA has, from Day One, been heavily subsidized (i.e, kept afloat) by the NBA. Attendance leveled off in the 5-7,000/game range for the more successful teams. Bet you didn’t know that The WNBA has been in existence for 21 years.

It is 2017. America is embroiled in an ever-intensified national debate on individual gender preference. “Race” is still #1 in terms of socio-cultural debate; but “gender” is fast-gaining on it.   Should the % of lesbians in The WNBA be a subject of discussion? Why? Should the sexual lives of athletes be “an issue”? Why?

For many years The LPGA was referred to as “dykes in spikes”. It was not meant as a positive marketing term. FWIW… the LPGA has fallen completely off the sports page as far as any significant coverage. So has NASCAR but “gender issues” has never been noted as a reason.

Would / Should The WNBA consider “a large number of our players ARE indeed practicing lesbians” to be a positive, a negative, or irrelevant? Do/ Should potential fans of The WNBA consider it a factor in attending a game? Would / Should a father with young daughters hesitate to take his family to a game where a high % of fans “seem to be” lesbians? I wonder what CNN’s Chris Cuomo would say about that …. OK, I don’t wonder; I’m pretty sure what he would say.

Are those popular assumptions a factor in the WNBA’s lack of box-office success?

I admit to on-going confusion over “Nature vs Nurture” in The Great What Gender R U Debate. Does “playing competitive sports” factor into a girl/woman’s gender evolution? Is “gender evolution” even a term?


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