Lieutenant Dan’s Marvelous Plan

Dan Forest
February11/ 2017


Lieutenant Dan’s Marvelous Plan

I am an unabashed in-yo-face Fan Boy for NC Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest. I have been a Dan Forest Fan since he arrived on the political sceneDan Forest five years ago.

“Lieutenant Dan” received more votes from North Carolinians this past November 8th than anyone on the ballot including Donald Trump. Dan Forest, in his reelection to a second term as NC Lt Governor received more votes than Donald, more than the frumpy crone in the pantsuit, more than Ray/Roy, more than ANYONE on the ballot. Obviously I am not Dan’s only fan from Murphy To Manteo.

The moniker “Lt Dan” is an oblique reference to the Gary Sinese character in Forrest Gump. “Lt Dan’s” campaign slogan “Run Forest Run” is likewise an oblique reference to one of the catch phrases’s from the same movie classic.

Unlike current NC Governor Ray/Roy “Chicken” Cooper who has been described as “looks like an assistant manager at a Dollar Store”; Dan Forest looks like a 50s Hollywood casting selection for President.   Dan Forest IS Jimmy Stewart’s “Mr Smith”.   Who knows what Dan Forest’s political future holds? We need men like Dan Forest leading America and leading North Carolina.

Last week Dan Forest proposed a bill – Restore Free Speech on Public College Campuses.   A no-brainer? Why would anyone in their right mind oppose “Free Speech on College Campuses”. No one “in their right mind” would. Alas, few, if any current college administrators are “in their right mind”. Those of you reading this already know that of course.

Surely you read / hear what happened at UC-Berkeley last week when provocative Conservative Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak. Berkeley RiotsOrganized gangs of militant left-wing activists opposed to Yiannopoulos’s point-of-view RIOTED on the campus, setting fire to campus property and requiring law enforcement “riot squads” to quell the angry mob and cancel the appearance.

Similar occurrences across America’s college campuses are so numerous that even a media totally sympathetic to the left-wing activist gangs cannot NOT report them.

Fear of simply hearing a contrarian opinion so terrifies “the American Left” that they will resort to violence to shut down those opinions. It has become a cliché that “the American Left” believes in The First Amendment – “Freedom of Speech” – only so long as it is speech they agree with. That Absurdity has simply become “that’s how it is” on American college campuses. NOT if Lt Dan’s Marvelous Plan is ratified.

Confront a hard-core left-wing nutjob on this question and he/she/it becomes so agitated all they can do is hurl an obscenity (or in some cases “a brick” or a Molotov Cocktail) at you and quote something Donald Trump might have said in private to Billy Bush back in 2005.

Lt Dan’s Marvelous Plan would simply make it “a law” that individuals would be allowed to speak on any public campus regardless of how terrified “the Left” might be that such opinions could influence easily influenced “young skulls full of mush”.

Left-wing radicals touting all manner of socio-cultural-political anarchy have always been welcomed with open-arms on every campus since their profane ideologies coincide with that of the campus administrations in most cases.

I LOVE Lt Dan’s Marvelous Plan,  It will require college chancellors and their citizen Boards of Trustees to publicly admit they are scared to death of “Freedom of Speech” on their sacred campuses. The admins and their sycophant trustees will have to reveal their partisan bias and total lack of personal and professional integrity. Who doesn’t look forward to that?

“The media”, in lock-step agreement with the radical left, is likewise scared spitless of contrarian points of view so they will go to great lengths to not report Lt Dan’s Marvelous Plan.

To be more specific… in the case of notorious left-wing gasbag – Gene Nichol – over at UNC Law School. I have ridiculed Gene The Gasbag for years for his Gene Nicholhair-on-fire rhetoric but I have NEVER suggested Gene Nichol be silenced and certainly not fired for his endless self-promoting bu****it. Gene The Gasbag Nichol also has an open invitation to use The News & Observer as his personal bully pulpit whenever he has an itch, which is often. No contrarian to Gene The Gasbag has such an open invitation and never will.

Gene The Gasbag Nichol absolutely should be allowed to spew his fiery crap to anyone who is unfortunate enough to get within range of his oral blowtorch. …. And so should UNC-W’s Criminology Professor – Mike Adams.

Every college in America should have BOTH a Gene The Gasbag Nichol AND a Professor Mike Adams on it’s faculty.

Unlike Gene The Gasbag, Mike Adams has to keep going to court (and winning EVERY time) to preserve HIS Freedom of Speech on a public college campus. Have I mentioned that Mike Adams is, like me, Very Not-Liberal.  He views America from a 180 POV from Gene The Gasbag… or The N&O. Mike Adams UNC-W

Install me – AgentPierce – as a College Chancellor and I’ll let BOTH Gene The Gasbag and Mike Adams have equal opportunity to influence the young minds who have come to my campus to learn how to evaluate choices and decide for themselves what they believe about all the socio-cultural-political options available to them…. as patently ridiculous and flawed as some option might be.

Imagine a campus that invites the full spectrum of socio-political thought to speak freely to their students… in a controlled environment (an auditorium with proper security) and NOT simply standing in a Quad screaming into a PA system. If students are curious about a provocative topic, they can come and learn about it… or not.

Chancellor AgentPierce would invite the full spectrum of “controversial speakers” to come and make their case …. Larry Flynt – Milo Yiannopoulos – “Bully” Barber – Rush – a radical Iman – A BLM activist – Ashley Judd – Jerry Falwell Jr. – Elizabeth Warren – Satanists – Pentacostals – Ted Cruz – Mark Emmert – Sierra Club – Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsberg – Solar Loonies – Ducks Unlimited – Greenpeace – Oil Tycoons – Tucker Carlson – Bill Maher …. proponents and opponents of EVERY socio-cultural issue under the sun welcomed on college campuses. OMG! …. Thats almost as radical as requiring student-athletes to be “real students”.

Do they debate or each have his/her own stage on a given night? Either or both formats.

Imagine how intellectually stimulating such a wide variety of thoughts would be! …. Or “frightening” to those who know their whacked-out opinions cannot withstand a contrarian challenge.

Lieutenant Dan has a Marvelous Plan. Watch who opposes it…. And WHY they do so.


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