Betsy DeVos
February07/ 2017

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Now that Betsy “The AmWay Lady” DeVos has been confirmed as yet another member of the ever-growing Gang de Trump as Secty of Education; she needs to hit the ground running full speed.  Times awasting…

An AttaBoy Shout-out to Mike The Veep for ramrodding Betsy thru the Senate swamp. AttaBoy Mike! Am I the only one who thinks Mike Pence looks like “Doc Savage”?

Simple… I want VOUCHERS declared a full 50-state MUST IMPLEMENT IMMEDIATELY or else. Every single sleazy liberal K-12 indoctrination center from sea to shining sea will lose 50% of its students (and funding) within the first 48 hours. And 90% of its COMPETENT teachers within 72 hours.

Good teachers / good administrators will get better pay and much much much better working conditions in a “school choice” system. Just like “kids who want to learn” …. “teachers who want to teach” will run, not walk, out of the suffocating prison that has become public education under Lib/Dem control.

OK… I know I’m being a bit overly optimistic with my immediate implementation schedule… but we need VOUCHERS in place ASAP. ….. Here’s Why… Pay attention because you haven’t thought of what I’m going to explain. It’s freakin’ Genius if I do say so myself.

The quicker VOUCHERS are in-place and EVERY student in America can choose whether to continue wasting his/her time in “public indoctrination education” or really learn marketable life skills in a combination of private / charter schools; the more AfAm mammas and daddies will see that Repubs / POTUS Donald is showing them the path off The Welfare Plantation. I know that was a long sentence. Read it again. AfAm Family

Show them the difference in the quality of education their children are receiving via VOUCHERS and some – not all – will break free of the shackles of empty Lib/Dem promises. I want as much of the next four years to show’em results as possible. Stereotypes aside, there ARE nuclear AfAm families out there and there ARE hard-working, loving single moms that want a better future for their sons & daughters. VOUCHERS are the ticket off the gerbil wheel of sub-standard education the Lib/Dems have been force-feeding them for 50+ years since the CRA.

Keep’em dumb, keep’em at subsistence level dependent on entitlements; and keep’em buying our empty promises every four years has been the Lib/Dem Way for 50 years. We have a unique opportunity in 2017 to reverse that direction.

Teachers Union

The Teachers’ Union Thugs are as mouth-foaming rabid like we’ve never seen them. GREAT! They know how devastating “school choice” will be to their strangle-hold on America’s youth who, under their system, grow up to be “snowflakes”, unemployed and otherwise empty-headed dimwits. Only a vacuous dimwit would keep buying the Lib/Dem BS year after year. … I mean REALLY – Nancy Pelosi – Elizabeth Warren – Maxine Waters – Sheila Jackson-Lee – Chuckie Shumer and Whats-her-name in the frumpy pantsuits. What was “her” name?

I put VOUCHERS / School Choice as high / higher priority than “The Wall”. We have to stop the mind-destroying insidiousness of Lib-controlled public indoctrination RIGHT NOW.

Yes… I know much of this is state-controlled. Fortunately, “the good guys” control most of the state legislatures and Gov mansions. Implement VOUCHERS /School Choices ASAP in as many states as possible. Let the results convince the other states. Except of course for California and who in their right mind gives a rip about The Land of Fruits & Nuts & Angry Alex any way. ….. Angry Alex ???

Angry Alex

NOTE: Remember Very Angry Alex The Author that BobLee went round & round with a few weeks ago. BL and I follow her on Twitter.   She is bleeding from every orifice and firing off XXX-rated tweets every hour. Her language would make a lesbian sailor blush. That is the foul-mouthish human I’ve ever run across. POTUS Donald is living rent-free in that sad soul’s head 24/7. She has not had a bowel movement since the night of Nov 8th.

I’ll give “The AmWay Lady” the rest of this week to settle in – then fire 30% minimum of the Dept of Educ senior staff. Line’em up in a straight line – have’em count off by 3’s – fire all the 2’s. Next week do it again.

In every public Jr / Sr High in America I want retired Gunnery Sergeants installed as “peace-keepers”. That can be done by when …. by March 1. Can two useless “Asst Principals” (cough, cough) and let the Gunnery Sergeant have one of their offices to hang his hat.

I’ve got a complete Action Plan; but lets get this done RIGHT NOW.

Wait’ll you see my plan for public colleges. Bwahahahahaa….


PS: As soon as Betsy was confirmed at noon, the Lib/Dem Mega Crazies started accusing her of “killing children”. Huh? The party whose #1 Tout is WE LOVE ABORTIONS accusing Betsy DeVos of “killing children”???   The Libiots were not specific HOW she was doing it but we bet it does not involve a vacumn and a pair of forceps.


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