DON’T DO IT ECU…. and More

But Wait...
January24/ 2017

But Wait… There’s More

I find myself in the dilemma of the starving man staring at an All-U-Can-Buffet and being paralyzed by so many choices. I can’t write because there is too much to write about…

To say “there nothing worth offering insightful insights about” is certainly not the case. I have several sure-to-be-classics in varying stages of preparation. But which to polish and post… Oh Me! Oh My!

My dilemma is nothing compared to AgentPierce’s. Lordy, he truly is “that Okefenookee swamp boy who fell into the barrel of molasses and prayed the Good Lord would give him a mouth to fit the occasion…”. “Whatever All That Silliness Was” on Saturday could keep AP busy for a month of Sundays. “Millions of liberals’ heads exploding” is “the smell of napalm in the morning” to Pierce.

Since AP and I are both merchants in Chaos and Human Foolishness, our respective markets are bountifully over-flowing. Ya think?

But I gotta post something because…. well just because. So lets go with a potpourri column. You guys always like those.

Becoming A Minimal Zealot…

Recall that recent column about “decrapitization of our attic”? While bathing in the rejuvenating after-glow of that cleansing experience, I decided to Minmalismlearn more about “minimizing” by reading (listening to) one of many (who knew?) books about “the Minimalist Lifestyle”. …. I am now in the early stages of minimal zealotry. If you know any vegans, cross-fitters, AmWayers or Scientologists… you know how scary “zealots” can be.

Kid/Emily is also a minimalist convert. But Blondie must less so. Since Kid is in far-away MadWiscy and Blondie is “here”, I must practice my new all-consuming passion carefully a/k/a “keep my hands off HER stuff”. …..More later… or should I say “More about Less later”?

The World’s Shortest G.O.A.T.

Was Aaron Rodgers’ reign as Greatest QB of All Time the shortest ever? William McKinley was POTUS longer than Rodgers was the G.O.A.T.

If Matt Ryan leads Atlanta to a win will TO’B be the first college HC to have developed Two Super Bowl Winning QBs – Ryan and Russell?

Last week GB v Dallas game was “one for the ages” but these last two were “snoozers” so now all the pundits are debating “how to improve the NFL ASAP?” One suggestion I would make is remove Lady GaGa as the halftime act at The Super Bowl. This celebrity-skank has been asked not to do a Trump-rant but she most certainly will and by so doing drive away what’s left of the 50% of America that started leaving The NFL after Kaepernick’s antics.

If New England wins will Everyone Least Favorite Pro Sports Commissioner – Roger Goodell even appear on stage with Bob Kraft and Tom Brady?

Another Dominican Ballplayer Death

I’ve never been to the Dominican Republic but it surely leads the Caribbean in number of MLB players killed in car accidents. The KC Royals pitcher – Ventura joins the Cardinals’ phenom – Taveras as off-season fatalities. No report yet if alcohol / drug-related. More often than not these things do have a drug / alcohol component. …. sigh.

As with any celebrity tragic death… it (tragic death) only happens with “wonderful human beings who were much loved by all who knew them”. Perhaps one cure for leveling the playing field in this increasingly maddening world is for a-holes and jackasses to start dying ??

State Beats Duke In Cameron…. AGAIN

I guess Gott cooled his seat off last night, huh. Did you know that “a Jeff Capel-coached Duke team” has NEVER beaten NC State EVER in recorded history…. Not once. That losing streak is now at “one”. The last Duke coach to lose to NCSU at Cameron was Pete Gaudet.

Was this the first time EVER that NC State has (1) lost to Wake Forest at home; then (2) beaten Duke in Cameron within a 48-hour period? I’m beating it is.

What YOU See on Social Media

I had this Twitter discussion with a socio-political adversary earlier today… how many people across the political spectrum thinks everyone else sees the same Twitter / Facebook feed they see. They DON’T of course.…. Ergo since most folks follow/friend like-minds, they assume EVERYONE “out there” shares their opinion on stuff.

Pierce had a great commentary on Friday – Why Liberals Follow Celebrity Deities… but Not-Liberals are convinced NOBODY Cares what Meryl, Michael, Rosie, Ashley, Madonna Say …. If that were the case there are a LOT of Nobodies out there, aren’t there?

ECU… DO NOT Expand Dowdy-Ficklin … DON’T

My spies Downeast tell me the ECU Fat Cats & Friends are seriously considering expanding Dowdy-Ficklin Stadium including, of course, the usual “luxury suites”.  I’m going ON RECORD saying that is a REALLY REALLY BAD IDEA. ECU Stadium

My warning has nothing to do with the well-known enthusiastic PirateNation fanbase.  You have GREAT fans.  Nor does it have anything to do with an unproven Scottie Montgomery.  I would say DON’T if you had hired a Saban/Bilichek clone.

For all but a handful of Real Juggernaut programs – maybe a dozen across the country, adding seats to your football stadium is like going to Best Buy and buying up all their floppy disks and i-Phone-5s.  The Bigger and Bigger Stadium Era is OVER!

Wannaspend $$$… spend it to increase the comfort and “being there” experience for existing fans.   Renumber your seats, expanding the seat widths from 18″ to 24″ …. up your Wi-Fi capability …. you already have a fine tailgate environment PLUS those mighty fine coeds.  Concentrate on “fan comfort” features – restrooms, concessions (lower your prices!).  Hellfire… add  some Dabo-crap for recruits.  DO NOT EXPAND THE STADIUM.

Yeah, I know your ego demands “a Bigger Stadium”.  Did some semi-literate 17 y/o galoot from Beaulaville say “I wantsa to play in front of 70,000 fans” so now you do something stoopid? …. like fire Ruffin McNeil?  I digress.

Sure… you’ll probably do it any way…. and I’ll be here to say – I TOLD YOU SO.


Emerald Isle Converts

In addition to my afore-mentioned Minimalist zealotry, I may be developing an Emerald Isle (EI) zealotry too. I’ve been an Atlantic Beach / Morehead- Emerald Islekinda guy since forever; but we tried a long weekend at EI last weekend…. and have found ourselves a new “beach retreat”. Same island / same ocean but just the right amount of civilization for our tastes. We are already planning our next EI getaway.

Somewhat related… A friend with connections recently offered us a FREE Long Weekend at Bald Head Island… and we politely declined. Bald Head is just too remote for our tastes. We just hunker down in our oceanfront duplex/condo rental and “look at /listen to the ocean” while “saving humanity from itself one commentary at a time” but we like it….

OK…. Now back to polishing up the next BobLee Classic ….


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