No, Really. Somebody DOES Care.

January21/ 2017

Somebody Does Care.  You don’t.  I don’t.  But somebodies actually do.

I’d like to have a nickel for every time, in the past three months, I’ve seen the phrase:

Nobody cares… what Meryl, Michael, Madonna et al say.

…now add Ashley Judd to the pile!

The phrase is muttered, with mocking derision, by ardent supporters of President Trump about someone who really really really is consumed by his/her/it’s hatred of President Trump and of anyone who voted for him.  The sayer/thinker who thought/said whatever it was that “nobody cares about” is always someone in the very very very broad category of “celebrity”.

With the advent of social media, it may be time to make “celebrity” it’s own species or phylum. Instead of debating “is tomato a fruit or a vegetable?” we can argue “was Dan Blocker or Andy Devine more famous?”

NOTE: BobLee’s Buddy “Albert” is ecstatic right now because he remembers both Dan and Andy.

“Famous people (?)” spewing their toxic hatred of President Trump and of us Trump voters really got revved up after November 8th. FWIW… January 20th does NOT signify any lessening of their toxic spewing. Not at all.

Prior to Nov 8th, those “famous people” were smugly confident that they were indeed the ideological model for what all “smart people” thought about pretty much everything.  Around about 10 PM on Nov 8th that smugness got nuked BIG TIME.

What they greatly underestimated, of course, was the vast numbers of “not like them at all” people (i.e. “bitter clingers” and “deplorables”) in fly-over country and in places NOT named California and New York.

By sunrise on Nov 9th, the “famous people’s” colons had turned to concrete. From Malibu to The Hamptons (and NOWHERE in-between) they all gave up Pilates in favor of spewing toxic hate at President Trump and at most people who might read this.

OK… you know all about these “famous celebrities”. That’s famous with a little “f” and celebrity with a little “c”. Did you know that more millennials can name a Kardashian spouse than can name either of their US Senators? In the case of millennials living in California, a Kardashian spouse might be a preferable choice as a US Senator.

George TakeiThree years ago could anyone imagine that Donald Trump would win over 300 electoral votes…. OR that any comment George Takei would make about politics in America would “trend” on Twitter.

George Takei is the quintessential poster boy for “famous celebrity / political expounder”. He is 79 y/o and qualifies as a celebrity opinionator because he played “Sulu” on Star Trek. George is also several of the genders in LGBTQ. By whatever measure you use, George Takei is nuttier than a freakin’ fruitcake. Scotty shoulda beamed Crazy George Up a long time ago.

There are a lot of websites with A LOT of followers that post everything George Takei says about “politics”. Those websites also post everything spewed by Michael Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, Joy Behar and dozens of other “famous celebrities” so obscure that when you google them it simply says “famous for something but no one really knows what or why”.

When your entire Wikipedia page can be copied into a 140-character tweet are you really “a famous celebrity”?

That said…. When you smugly think NOBODY CARES WHAT THEY THINK you are wrong. I can’t say what % of America’s 300,000,000 “cares what famous celebrities say” but lining them all up end to end would stretch a whole lot farther than you think.

Underestimating how many of them there are could be as shocking as “famous celebrities” learning on Nov 8th how many of “us” there are. Think about that.

If you are out and about in high volume public places like a mall or sporting event or airport, you can bet that you are around “some people who do care what famous celebrities think about …..”.  More than “just one or two” people you know “do care what famous celebrities think”.

That said.  Anyone who seeks political advice from “a famous actor” would probably seek:

…. medical advice from an NBA power forward…. or

…. investment advice from a Cirque Soleil acrobat…. or

…. any kind of advice from Joe Biden.Michelle Obama

Folks, there are thousands of humans out there who actually consider Michelle Obama a fashion maven. YIKES! Really! I bet George Takei is one of’em.


Liberalism a/k/a HateTrump-ism is a Religion to its goggle-eyed disciples. Every religion needs one or more deities real or imagined.

Liberals worship more deities du jour than the Romans, Greeks, and Hindus combined. All it takes to qualify is (1) a minimum of three episodes on a reality show…. or (2) “didn’t you play the nosy neighbor on ALF?”


MORE AgentPierce – CLICK

Q:  How/Why did Hillary get more popular votes?

A: Because God is still pissed at us over Eve eating the apple.

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