Where Did “Bully” Barber Hide The Box?

January11/ 2017

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Where Did Bully Barber Hide The Box?

Barber 2Hiddy-Ho Friends & Neighbors. It’s been awhile since we’ve visited.

Everywhere I go these days I get asked about that ol’ rascal – Reverend William “Bully” Barber a/k/a The Papal Grand Dragon of The NC Democratic Party. For some reason many of you think I am The Authority on Reverend “Hoot & Hate”. Other than bestowing on him that oh-so-perfect moniker “Bully”, I’m really not shadowing the scary scallywag.

The specific question I am asked lately is…. “Where does “Bully” keep the box?”

Huh? “the box” … What box? I forget we are always dealing with “newbees” here. Allow me…Tryon

Surely you all know about Ray/Roy – “Chicken” – Cooper – the latest in a long series of incredibly unimpressive Governors of North Carolina. I recently tweeted that the last “impressive” governor in NC was William Tryon back in 1772.  That’s the guy that built “The Palace” in New Bern that you keep meaning to visit some day.  Tryon was quite unimpressive too even by British Colonial standards but I digress.

Speaking of unimpressive NC Governors and New Bern, does anyone know if Bev “Baby Dumplin’” Perdue is still making her famous Rice Krispy Treats?

North Carolina Governors are like Clemson Basketball Coaches.  They are all in Witness Protection Programs or something.  ?????

Sooooo….Rev “Bully” Barber has Governor “Chicken” Cooper’s testicles “in a box”. Yes, it IS a very small box; about the size of a contact lens case. No one mistakes Cooper for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson if ya get my drift.

I saw a description of “Chicken” recently. “Roy Cooper looks like the Assistant Manager of a Dollar Store in Mebane”. I don’t know if there IS a Dollar Store in Mebane or what it’s assistant manager looks like but I loved the description, don’t you? …. I also like “Roy Cooper looks like “the second chair barber” at Floyd’s Barber Shop. OUCH!Roy Cooper

I told a little liberal lady recently that Ray/Roy was “an empty suit without Pat McCrory’s charisma…” She thought about that for a minute then noted “but Pat McCrory didn’t have charisma.” DUH! Can’t fool her.  Bless her heart.

Anyhoo… “Chicken” Cooper is NC’s duly-inaugurated Governor for the next four years or until we can catch him doing something impeachable, whichever comes first. “Catching him” is one thing. Getting his little weasely pal – New Attorney General Josh “The Annointed One” Stein to prosecute him is another matter. And if THAT would happen, getting The N&O to mention it is certainly never going to happen.

“The Box” AgentPierce… what about “The Box”? How did “Bully” get Cooper’s testicles “in a box” and where did “Bully” hide the box?

Remember those 90,000 votes that somehow magically appeared at a Durham Election HQ on November 8 at around 11 PM. Surely you remember that. It was “Bully’s” gang that produced those magic votes 97% of which were for Cooper. What are the odds of that ?

That is known in the Election Fraud Biz as The St Louis Midnight Shuffle. St Louis politics has long been under the iron-fist of the local union thugs who are 120% Democrat. Former Congressman Richard “Little Dickie” Gephart was owned by the union thugs.  They had “Little Dickie’s” testicles in a box.

Every state/federal election in which results were going to be close, unmarked vans would arrive at local St Louis Election HQ between 11:00 PM and midnight. A gang of “guys named Mo” would start unloading crates of “hey, we just found these 1,000s of uncounted ballots”. Miraculously all of which were for whichever Democ candidate was trailing at that 11th hour.

Chicago has its “Graveyard Voters”. St Louis has The Arch – Stan Musial – and “The Midnight Shuffle”.  Amaze your friends with that story. …. And that is what “Bully” Barber’s gang of “scary NFL linebacker-types” delivered for Ray/Roy Cooper on Nov 8th to put Ray/Roy in the Governor’s Mansion…. And to put Ray/Roy’s little testicles in “Bully” little box. If “Bully” Barber makes you … then “Bully” Barber can break you… and Ray/Roy knows that every hour of evCooperery day.

For the next four years any time Rev “Bully” Barber says “JUMP”, Governor Ray/Roy Cooper will say “How high, sir?” on the way up.  The Bully Man owns Governor Cooper lock, stock and testicles.

But where does “Bully” keep the box?

There are two schools of thought: (1) on his large person maybe on a gold chain around his neck or in one of many pockets in his papal robes… (2) he has buried that box of testicles somewhere. It would need to be nearby for quick retrival.

My best guess – it is “a guess” – is that “Bully” Barber has buried the little box of Governor Ray/Roy “Chicken” Cooper’s testicles…

In The Azalea Garden behind WRAL Studio on Western Blvd.

WRAL Azalea

Think about it. The Triangle’s #1 Limo Liberal Goofy Ol’ Jim Goodmon has been bankrolling “Bully” shenanigans for years. Jimmy G launders the Bully Buck$ thru his A.J. Fletcher Foundation. And, of course, it was Goodmon’s toadie Peter Anlyan that made “Bully” nationally infamous with his “at least 80,000, maybe more” faux press release when “maybe 5,000” of “Bully’s” brain-dead disciples marched down Raleigh’s Fayetteville Street 5-6 years ago.

If, again it is “if”, the little box w/ Cooper’s testicles is indeed buried in WRAL’s Azalea Garden and you want to go over there and dig around for it, feel free to do so.  No clue what Ray/Roy’s testicles might bring on eBay.

If Jim Goodmon or one of his goons should question you, tell’em you are a transsexual just looking for a pretty place to pee.

Later Friends & Neighbors….


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