When Backyard Dreams Come True… OH MY!

Clemson Wins
January10/ 2017

Boys DreamsEvery kid’s Backyard Dreams include winning “the big game” for “all the marbles” on “the Big Stage”.  For Dabo, Deshaun, Hunter and Death Valley Nation…. Dreams Do Come True and we all got to watch.

Among all the crap & chaos, and Lord knows there’s no shortage of crap & chaos these days; there has been, of late, some pretty darn incredible….

High Drama On The Big Stage:

Villanova v UNC …. Twin Buzzer-beaters
Cubs v Indians – 7th Game / Extra Innings
… and last night in Tampa. Oh Boy… Oh Boy… Oh Boy!

Last Night WAS EPIC.   Move over Texas vs USC in 2005.

Did You Know:  Pete Carroll’s USC staff in 2005 included a guy named Steve Sarkisian?  YIKES!

For the Record:  No Clemson receivers were on a yacht in South Beach last week.  No Alabama players either that I know of.


It’s A Dabo World…. We just got to watch it. In the backroom of The Esso Club, all those Bring Back Danny Ford signs…. Trash’em. The goofy goober with the funny name is King of College Football.

The Nick-haters – and there are a lot of’em today – are crawling out from under their rocks to gloat and demean. Long Live The Bear and His Six Rings (did they do “rings” in Bear’s Era?). Don’t be a Nick-hater …. Be an appreciator of a mighty darn fine football game.

It was a vintage Clair Bee story and Deshaun Watson was “Chip Hilton”…. rallying his team for the final drive.  It was The Perfect Time / Place for every over-used trite sports cliche.   We got’em so might as well use’em.

Blondie spent last night watching some subtitled Netflix series about Yugoslavia after WWI ??? When I screamed “OH MY, The Fighting Dabos Won”, she calmly asked the question she usually asks in such situations…. “Is that who you wanted to win?”   I didn’t have a “wanted to win” in this one. I’m not a Nick-hater or a Clemson-hater. Heck, I’m not even a Meryl Streep-hater.  OK, lets not go there…. yet.

Watching high drama sports on TV when you don’t have a “my team” is a “no-lose” experience.  Just appreciate athletes rising to the moment to Make the BIG Play….. To Live The Backyard Dream of every kid who’s ever dreamed the dream. Alas, as Jim McKay taught us, for every Thrill of Victory there must be an Agony of Defeat.  There is no joy in Tuscaloosa….

How many Dabo-wannabes across Big Time College Football are telling their ADs and Fat Cats today …. “I GOT TO HAVE a miniature golf course and beach volleyball court and “a nap room” if Sleeping Giant A&M is going to compete at the highest level.” ?? And bragging rights-obsessed Fat Cats are reaching into their deep pockets for the $$$$$.
Finebaum Callers

Sure… there were the inevitable back stories of Lane Kiffin et al that the Nick-haters and second-guessing cynics will scream to a fare-the-well. Lordy, today on Paul Finebaum’s Show the caller carnage will be like The Little Big Horn the day after. But let us leave those wretched souls to marinate in their own toxic bile. They seem happiest (??) doing so. Don’t deny them their masochism joy in poking needles in their eyes

In that last drive did you think of David Tyree with those “circus catches” by Williams and Leggett? I did. If you don’t know about David Tyree then you have a limited reservoir of great sports TV moments.Renfrow

“The Hunter Renfrow kid” a/k/a “The Ryan Switzer” a/k/a “The Wes Welker” …. Does Central Casting now stock up on the undersized gutsy little white boy receiver who has always been told he was too small and too slow?  Does each recruiting coordinator now have “one of those” on his “go get” list?

Goofy Ol’ Dabo and Deshaun Watson both mentioned “God” more than enough times in their post-game interviews to give a migraine to every Godless college professor who happened to be watching…. assuming any were. For the record…. “God” was mentioned a WHOLE LOT more last night in Tampa than He was the night before at The Golden Globes.

Ya know what Meryl, Barack and Hillary say….  All that us “deplorable bitter clingers” got are (1) our guns… (2) our God… and (3) Backyard Dreams …. that can come true.  For the record Meryl.  I don’t watch MMA.



Uh Oh!

AgentPierce is Baaaack… Breathing Fire & Taking Names


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