MORE … You’ve Got Mail! – Part 3

Angry Alex
December17/ 2016

Yes…. there is MORE … “You’ve Got Mail” – Part 3

Come on folks.  You knew this one was going into extra-innings with more sequels than Rocky and Star Wars.   Angry Alex – the quintessential very constipated Cali-liberal Hollyweird – is, of course, still quite agitated.   Yours truly is as busy as a one-armed paperhanger trying to either (1) talk her off the ledge …. or (2) push her over the ledge.  Take your pick. …. Meanwhile The Fate of The World remains imperiled.

If you are new to “all this” you HAVE to start at Part 1 and progress your way to here to enjoy the full rich flavor of this ground-breaking dialogue. ….. CLICK HERE….

OK…. now you are all set for MORE.

Angry Alex

FROM: Alex … Thurs 12/15 

There really is only one question that’s important to me, and you answered everything but.

I’m not interested in talking books or anything else in the midst of a world crisis. Especially now that it’s clear that an indescribably dangerous totalitarian power interfered in our election.

This is what I want to hear explained by a rational person.

You voted for a clear racist, misogynist, bully, and xenophobe. Apparently not deal breakers for you. It’s depressing as hell, but I see that kind of thinking in action all the time, so it doesn’t come as a shock.

What I really, REALLY don’t understand is how any kind of thinking person could vote for a mentally unstable malignant narcissist. Evil DT2None of the top 100 newspapers in the country endorsed him. Many of them wrote extensively about what a threat he is to our country and the world. That must mean something to a well-read person.

So – why?

Was it really Pence and his agenda you were voting for?

Was it voting to weaken the Presidency so that a Republican Congress could run rampant?

Were you just looking to throw a bomb into Washington, as so many voters claim they were were?

Or do you really somehow think a narcissistic billionaire is interested in doing ANYTHING – policy-wise or any other wise – for you, or anyone at all but himself?



FROM: BobLee….. Sat 12/17BobLee

This could be a brief reply. That you could even consider me “a rational person” indicates we have come quite a ways this week. Do you extend that option to very many outside a rather tight circle of like-minds?    I’ll give it another shot but doubt my “rationale” will meet your definition.

Out of 320,000,000 Americans, legal and otherwise, the best we could jointly come up with in 2016 were Donald The Monster (DTM) and The Wicked Witch of Chappaqua. Nothing either warring faction should take pride in. …. sigh, sob, sniff.

Assuming DTM is even half the nightmarish ghoul you see him as…. and The Wicked Witch with more damaged baggage than the dumpster at Samsonite, the odds of domestic harmony post-November 8th never existed from Day One..

I loathe politicians of every ilk. I consider Washington DC to be as toxic as Chernobyl. All that is between Repub politicians and Hell’s basement are your even more despicable ones. No, I’m not an off-the-grid survivalist but it is tempting.Star Wars Cantina

Hopefully DTM can keep The Supreme Court from becoming a Star Wars Cantina full of ideological detritus and yucky things that go bump in the night. Beyond that…. Who knows.

I won’t feed you raw meat “debating the evils” of our respective choices; nor will I compare DTM’s immorality to Slick Willie. Spare me the salty talking points on that one.

I am familiar with acute post-election depression. I prefer muttering The Serenity Prayer several times a day and getting on with my life. Wild histrionics and teeth gnashing seems unproductive and quite silly.

We are each products of our individual life experiences. Let’s assume you and I have NOT had too many tangential experiences. What do we have in common other than opposable thumbs and my recently reading three of your books? Not much for either of us to work with.

Sorry to hear that you can’t think about a book in your current agitated state. I have no Dr BobLee remedy for you.

I do insist on one “author question”….


I am thru the first three Moon books. The world of human trafficking and the seediest side of the sex trade is about as dark and depressing as any issue I can imagine researching much less creatively writing about.

I am taking a hiatus from the dark world of Roarke and Cara to read a lively upbeat (!!) Mossad Assassin tale – one of several Daniel Silva “Gabreil Allon’s” I have in my queue. I’ll get back to Alex’s World at some point.

My question is: when you are writing in that dark millieu, can you flip a switch to get into and out of that world? Do you stay “in character” while completing a book …. Can you push away from the keyboard after your daily 2,000 words and revert to the warm, fun-loving, devil-may-care, girl-on-a-swing your family and friends love to be around?

I would imagine that is an issue for someone in your specialty to learn to cope with. Or maybe not….

(Kind of surprised you haven’t called DTM “a gorilla pimp”…. yet.)

You mentioned earlier I had “insulted you”. I apologize if that was the case. Political discourse circa 2016 is an incivil barbaric exercise. I’ve been called so many obscene names over the years by “your side” I look forward to new ones to add to the long list.

Again, I’ve never cared what your wacky Cali-liberal worldview is.   I was only curious why you flaunted it so aggressively in the social media marketplace. You explained your perspective. I assume your publishers’ are also on-board with that POV.

Any time you want a perspective outside your bubble, drop me a note.

Hang in there…
“Occasionally Rational” BobLee

PS: If you are not familiar with The Serenity Prayer, let me know. I’ll send you a copy. Don’t let the “prayer” part frighten you. Think of it as a “mantra”.


HOLY COW …. in a world full of raping Golden Gophers and WakeyLeaks and goodness knows what else …. here we are wasting time on this crap.  Aaaaaiiieeeee….



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