Strategy For The New Era of Trump

Crystal Ball
November21/ 2016


My friends, in this New Era of Trump I decided I was going to generate more incredible columns than before, but they would be shorter / more concise… 500-600 words rather than 800-1,000. I would NOT try to Save Humanity From Itself with each commentary. Tempting as that might be.

I was (still am) going to shoot for two concise commentaries each week. That will keep you all well nourished and well-armed with enough hard-hitting zingers to decimate amy liberal nitwits you encounter in your daily abouts socially and professionally.

Why ANYONE would associate with liberals “socially” is beyond me, but I suppose it does happen. “Professionally” I appreciate that it can happen within business situations; but still should be kept to a bare minimum.

My quandry is whether to bother with every whiney liberal whine. The “Hamilton thingy” being the latest example. That happened over the weekend and EVERY non-liberal twitterer on Earth felt compelled to tell every other non-liberal twitterer about it. And every Facebooker had to tell every other Facebooker about it…. I suppose Instagrammers did too but I don’t instagram.

Think about that. Before Mike Pence was safely in his limo headed to wherever he was staying (Trump Tower?) the entire world’s population knew about “it”. People who had never heard about “Hamilton The Musical” were being inundated with “what those pinheads did”. We’re talking a Tsunami of repetitious recounting. Aaaaiiieeee.

Good salt-of-the-earth God-fearing Conservs in remotest Idaho who have not ever thought about ever seeing a Broadway show were signing on-line petitions to Boycott Hamilton. Chill my friends.Elizabeth Warren

In a similar vein…. That flaming constipated nitwit – Elizabeth “Loonie Liz” Warren – IS going to issue at least one flamingly insane comment every day for the next four years.  “Loonie Liz” dreams of being the Democs next “Hillary of Arc” but with ankles I assume.

As soon as “Loonie Liz” issues her daily screed, “Screaming Howie” Dean and “Horrid Harry” Reid are going to have their own insane comment writers come up with ones for them every day. Occasionally a few other insane clowns in the Lib asylum will chime in …. For sure Sheila Jackson-Lee and “Mad Maxine” Waters can be counted on for giggles and grins.

His Royal Highness Lord Obama and Queen Widebottom will be chiming in pretty much every day. Yes, doing so IS very unprofessional but that has never stopped BHO and Queen Widebottom before.

And lets not forget every B, C & D-list waiter/actor in both NYC and LA. If they hold a SAG card and ever auditioned for a non-speaking role in a straight-to-video slasher movie…. They are going to entrall us with their keen political acumen. Both the never-will-bees as well as the used-to-bees will be expounding. If they refer to themselves as either “actor” or “rapper” or “former Grammy nominee” they really really Hate Donald Trump and you and I need to know that…. NOT!

I’m sorry folks. I am NOT going to give these pinheaded no-loads exposure on this website. God invented Twitter and Facebook to promote these human hairballs. I hold to a higher purpose.

Have you noticed that every liberal nitwit who steadfastly REFUSED to EVER believe anything negative about Obama or about either Clinton is now believing ANYTHING negative about Donald Trump and/or anyone he nominates, considers nominating, or has ever talked to. Think about THAT when one of your liberal acquainti remind you how oh so intelligent they consider themselves. …. as you reconsider WHY you keep them as acquainti ???


You are all aware of my long-running One Agent Campaign to Expose WRAL’s Jim Goodmon as a quite deranged old Limo Liberal. Guess what Jim Goodmongoofy ol’ Jimbo is doing NOW?

Jim Goodmon is buying heavy blocks of advertising on the Triangle’s Rush affiliate – 106.1 FM – during Rush’s show – to try and lure God-fearin’ Americans back to his radical left-wing TV/radio outlets. My “campaign” has been successful !!! WRAL’s ratings are in the tank along with The NFL and ESPN (another radical left-wing media outet).  YOU did it my friends!

But I shall not rest until Jimmy G cans Laura Leslie and Mark “Binky” Binker – his two primary dumpster-diving journo-weasels. Actually I won’t even stop then.

Remember that Jim Goodmon is Rev “Bully” Barber’s primary $$$$-source. Goodmon’s level of radical left-wing media corruption is both Deep AND Wide …. Deep and Wide.

So, I’ll be back at you in a day or so but NOT with the same repetitive crap you see a million times on Twitter and Facebook. I’ll have different crap for you.

Here’s a fun game to play.  Go to your local Mall and carry a clipboard.  Approach dead-eyed young millennials.  Try to find three that had ever even HEARD OF the Electoral College before Nov 9.  Bet you can’t do it.

Later my friends….


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