Take A Break… Get A (Pretend) Life!

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November16/ 2016


Take a Break …. & GET A PRETEND LIFE!

• Donald Trump IS America’s President-Elect.  YIKES!
• Barack Obama will NOT be on Mount Rushmore.  YIPPEE!
• DING DONG… The Wicked Witch of Chappaqua is Kaput.  YIPPEE!
• The mainstream media despises “you & me” even more than they did before.  YAWN
• Liberals heads are exploding across America at a record rate.   YIPPEE!

So with all that…. what the heck are “normal” God-fearin’ Americans suppose to do? If you consider yourself “normal” (and don’t we all) I’m talking to YOU.

You are normal…. You possess oodles of common sense and a healthy sense of humor. You know Right from Wrong and you “Do Right” because you were “Raised Right”. If everyone else had been “raised right” and subsequently “did right” then everything would be OK.  Right?Matt Dillon

Deep in your subconscious you still believe you can Leave It To Beaver because Father Knows Best and Matt Dillon will give the bad guys their comeuppance.  America’s current socio-cutural decline officially began when John Wayne died?  Didn’t it?

Despite every indication from every source to the contrary you still fall back on a resolute belief that America will survive “because it always has” for your entire life. We whupped the Nazis and the Japs…. not so much Viet Nam.   We made the Russkies blink in The Cold War without Dr Strangelove pulling the nuclear trigger.

We have smartphones and bazillions of TV channels and social media and cancer and the common cold and Betty White is still alive.  Isn’t she?

It’s 2016 and we have more genders than we used to have TV channels.  More genders and TV channels are being added every day.

Washington DCPoliticians are still crooked selfish weasels EXCEPT for the ones you voted for.  Washington is still full of impressive monuments and quite unimpressive bureaucrats, lobbyists, career politicians and expensive call girls.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary you are still convinced your alma mater is still providing the pristine rite of passage experience you enjoyed 40-50 years ago. All the other colleges in America are in complete meltdown …. but “yours” is still OK because thinking that is a warm fuzzy you aren’t willing to let go of.

If most/all of the above seems to fit you albeit somewhat uncomfortably…. then read on McDuff.

“McDuff”? It’s a saying my mother used to say. No clue who “McDuff” was. My mother was the quintessential yellow dog Democrat. I don’t think she ever met a real live Republican, but didn’t like’em regardless. When I became one it never seemed the appropriate time/place to tell her.  The last 25 years of her life we totally avoided “politics”.  Lots of repetitive conversations about weather and goofy relatives…. sigh.

Where was I?

I want you to consider taking a break from the 24/7 political combat. Back off of Facebook and Twitter. Set a personal fasting goal of a week. I’m not saying turn off your computer because that’s impractical but chill on the social media slugfests.

Lay down your sword and shield for a few weeks. Holster your keyboard Glock. Beat your sword back into a plowshare. Just for a week…. Then maybe “thru Christmas”…. Any longer than that gets into New Years Resolution and we all know how those end up …..

While you “take a break” Donald Trump will name another 5-6 appointees and 50% of America will go totally BAT**** over each one. It is who they are…. it’s what they do.

Liberals are in a permanent state of BAT**** Crazy. They are more predictable than any swallow at Capistrano.  “We” have our share on BAT**** Crazies but they have us beat in both quality and quantity.

I’m going to strongly recommend totally avoiding whatever mainstream media you are addicted to. I’ve told you that soooo many times before but most of you can’t bring yourself to do it.  Obituaries and Coupons…. yeah yeah.   It is all News Porn. It rots your mind and has negative effects on your digestion but you keep doing it. Sigh.

THE single best alternative I can recommend are Hallmark Movies.

Their Holiday series has already begun. They are “sappy” and everyone is pretty much like all the rest and they are all WONDERFUL. All the actors are very pretty and very handsome with perfect teeth and perfect hair. All their dilemmas are of the “broken shoelaces” and “sour milk” level of intensity. They ALL end Happily Ever After.

If you can watch a Hallmark Movie and not feel better for having done it… then you are a lost soul. I prefer to think none of you are “lost” but I know that is unrealistic.

Go to The Hallmark Channel. They are running pretty much 24/7 these days. Watch a minimum of three just because AgentPierce asked you to. Just three and see if you don’t feel better.

Hallmark Channel

BobLee and I will still be here doing what we do in the Everlasting War Against The Liberal Menace.  We never sleep…. so you can.


MORE of AgentPierce …. CLICK

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