Well Whatta Ya Know!! Donald Did It!

God Bless America
November09/ 2016


I am NOT one of today’s “I told you so” guys. There are a bunch of them roaming social media touting how confident they were all along of a Trump victory. Not me. I really Trump Winsdid not think there was enough gumption left in “America” to stave off our final destruction. I was wrong. YIPPEEE!


Paraphrasing Robert Duvall in Apocalypse Now…. I do love the phrases – “one America” – “working together” – “healing the divide” – actually any phrase containing the word “cooperate” …. I know when I hear those words they come from a low-down lying liberal who just got his/her ass kicked Big Time in an election.  Ain’t it amazing how a butt-kicking inspires such interest in “working together”.  It is like a rattlesnake trying to cuddle up in your lap.  Liberals and rattlesnakes don’t “do cuddle” very well.

I am a mid-range Baby Boomer.  This was likely the last full-scale attempt to “nuke” The Great Experiment started 250 years ago that I will have to endure. I have about a decade plus of socio-cultural awareness left in me. President Trump (PDT) will fortify The Supreme Court with enough “good men (or women) & true” to ensure The Constitution will not be shredded by beady-eyed marxists anarchists.

I am confident he (PDT) will not go to the extreme of appointing extremists. The definition of “extremist” of course is open to the individual.

Ideally some (likely not all) of the pusillanimous weasels of The GOPe (a/k/a Republican / Conservative “Elite”) can be bitch-slapped and reformed into some sort of useful instruments. If not, then exile them to their Think Tanks to end their days “playing solitaire with decks of 51” and contemplating each other’s navels. Become “useful” or be gone.

George Will and Bill Kristol this means you. Stare into your bathroom mirror each morning…. tell yourself how self-important you are…. then realize no one gives a rat’s ass what you think.

Paul Ryan… if PDT asks my opinion; I’d give you ONE more chance to get with the new program. I do so reluctantly. ONE chance!

John McCain…. Here’s a ball of string…. Go off in a corner and play with yourself. Try not to make a mess.

Now I’m not going to get deep into the weeds of how to jerk a knot in America in spite of itself. Now is not the time or place, and frankly PDT and I still have a few “I’s” to do and T ‘s to cross. Give us a few weeks.

“Draining the swamp” of Federal bureaucracy and power-washing a teaspoon of common sense into public education (especially the septic mess of high academia) will be priorities.


When Rome finally conquered Hannibal’s Carthage after numerous Punic Wars over 120 years; at the advice of Cato The Elder, Roman legions “salted the fields” of Cathage so their empire could not reemerge. “Salting the fields” is a metaphor for ensuring one’s enemy does not regroup and become a threat down the road.    Likewise when France defeated the English in various 100 Year Wars they had an effective way of deterring reoccuring rebellions. They cut off the middle fingers of the English bowmen (their “trigger finges” for drawing back an arrow).

By “salting fields” and removing “trigger fingers” one effectively disables one’s enemies without wanton slaughter. Pretty clever, huh?


A PDT Administration has a chance to do “that” to an extent with the quite toxic “liberal mainstream media”.  I have no illusions relative to the bone-deep naïve stoopidity of the run-of-the-mill liberal loonie.  NEVER NEVER NEVER say “well even a liberal can see that ……..” because they can’t.

These sad souls live their lives in echo-chamber bubbles controlled by “their own (media)” telling them what they want to hear. There are still generations of these congenital nitwits unwilling to accept that Reagan won a landslide in 1980. We’ll be living on Mars & Venus before many of them accept last night. ….. Stoopidity is their security blanket. Naïve Ignorance is their suckling thumb.

BUT…. I would prefer to believe that among the non-liberal population there are no longer any questions about the toxic insidiousness of “the mainstream media”. They ripped off any camoflague of credibility in attempting, unsuccessfully, to destroy Donald Trump. PDT took their best shots and spit in their all-seeing-eye.

How earthlings get their information is changing by the hour. The days of a handful of electronic media and your “old reliable” morning newspaper on the driveway are OVER. You now have virtually unlimited information sources…. Many of which are more bogus than a three dollar bill. Between purely bogus and purposely partisan, there is “the Truth” and good luck finding it.

One place you now know “The Truth” IS NOT is with companies like Jim Goodmon’s Capital Broadcasting Corp / WRAL-TV5…. And McClatchy Co’s various failing Jim Goodmon
newspapers. Come on…. You knew I had to get a shot in on my two local area punchng bags. …. Beady-eyed, agenda-driven, lying journo-weasels. Donald Trump thumbed them in the eye and kicked ass last night. He lambasted “their girl” Hillary big time.

A year from now McClatchy newpapers – N&O and Charlotte Observer – will be down to a skeleton staff and having to weigh down their 4-5 pages with rocks to keep them from being blowing litter in the breeze.

Fewer and fewer viewers will watch “the networks” as cable and digital options continue to grow. Operations like Goodmon’s goon-squad will be playing to 100s, not 1000s.

The Era of Trust Us To Tell You What We What You To Know is just about over.

PDT will get his message to you without their manipulation. Despite his funny hair…. oft-frenetic outbursts…. and inability to suffer fools…. Donald Trump is simply a whole smarter than the beady-eyed journo-weasels…. and the weasels know it.  

SOOOOO much more to discuss in the days to come. Check in on a regular basis. We’ll get in to the North Carolina political situation in an upcoming post.

I can’t wait …..

NOTE:  BobLee’s “Kid” is getting hitched this weekend.  I got me a VIP invite.  It’s a dress-up affair.  I better buy a pair of socks.  It’ll be quite a Grand Affair don’t you know!

God Bless America… One More Time!


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