There’s this Important Thing and….

St Louis
November09/ 2016

So we’ve had this sort of important thing coming up for six months.  But there was this other thing just a few days before the important thing and Blondie and I were worried that first thing might put a damper on the important thing.   Soooo I made some calls, called in a few favors, pulled a few strings and that other thing was resolved very satisfactorily INDEED.   Come Wednesday AM everything was Hunky-Dory.   So many things we worry about are silly.  I digress….

After umpteen years of doing this silliness, even I – your favorite Internet Legend – get into mind games with myself.  A week or so has gone by and what the heck have I done ??? Since we last ruminated upon Life’s assorted vagarities, various and sundry happenings have happened…. as often happens.

Whether I write about’em or not, they happened. Then something else…. And before you know a whole bunch of stuff has happened and my procrastination has accumulated a gianormous pile of “gotta write about” stuff.   Time & Tides wait for no man nor Legend as I am so often reminded.

And, of course, there was this Important Thing coming up….Cubs Win

Just a week ago said “pile o’ stuff” just had one item – CUBS WIN. Every 100 years or so that one pops up demanding a few pithy comments. I waited a day or so for reasons long since forgotten. By then EVERYTHING needing saying about that had been said… Time & Tides….

And, of course, there was this Important Thing coming up….

Then there was another HUGE WEEKEND IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Whatever would you do without me telling you what to think about THAT? Well, whatever DID you do?

Dave Who From Where further confounded his friends and foes by ALMOST thumping another Juggernaut. Alas and alack “almost thumpings” don’t count for all that much in the Official Record. No doubt Frau’s in-box accumulated a few 100 more toxic suggestions from concerned WolfpackNation family members. Bless their concerned little hearts.

I’m betting Dave Who dodges this year’s bullet IF (1) he avoids a total butt kicking in The Carrier Dome AND (2) escapes Kenan without totally embarrassing every single living NCSU alumni.  It being Ryan “Choo Choo II” Switzer’s final game, ya never know!

And, of course, there was this Important Thing coming up….

Speaking of “coming up” have I mentioned I got food poisoning Saturday AM at my local diner.   “Coming up” or actually “coming back up” occurred three times followed by three days of hiccups.  I survived but barely.

The Fedorians are on-track for yet another boring 10 W season …. Yawn. Will LF move up any “short list”? Could be ….

And, of course, there was this Important Thing coming up….

Then the HUGE NEWS about the “permanent painting” of the UNC / Duke Victory Bell. WELLLLL that was about the most controversial BREAKING NEWS since UNC Victory Belladded that argyle stripe to their FB unis. Everybody has an opinion on it. Of course I knew about it two weeks earlier since I am a Legend you know. It made total sense to me and I gave it my blessing. “Making total sense to me” means naturally it created TOTAL BEDLAM among the board monkeys. Board monkeys and BEDLAM …. A combination from Hell!

A UNC Rams Clubber of renown wanted me to “do a column” on the Victory Bell Controversy. I argued that I didn’t write about CUBS WIN and he thinks I should do a Victory Bell column ????

And, of course, there was this Important Thing coming up….

At this point, Bre’r Kennel – a/k/a our resident left-wing loonie Democ – is getting really really nervous. He is afraid I’m gonna coldcock him with “What Happened Tuesday” if ya know what I mean and I’m sure ya do. When the entire Milky Way Galaxy goes TILT it does seems column-worthy.

Heck no…. that’s what my buddy AgentPierce is here for. AP posted his WhattaYaKnow…. Donald Did It column earlier today.….. CLICK.

And, of course, there was this Important Thing coming up….

All of the above events are of significant significance to assorted factions for sure. But in our little world here at SaidWhatMedia / BobLee World HQ we have our own priorities and…. This Saturday:

Memo Presby
Our Kid and her Danny are Getting Married

…. across from Marlin Perkins’ zoo…. next to Holden Thorp’s campus at Wash U…. in the shadow of The Arch…. on the banks of The Mighty Mississippi.

What began as a small intimate ceremony with just a few friends and family, somehow has ended up on a historical short list with “Princess Di & Charles” ….. and “Jennifer Aniston & Brad”…. and “JFK & Jackie”. Like Topsy it just grew and grew.   Fortunately with the Rams leaving St Louis, Their domed stadium was available at a decent rental.

Your monthly subscription rate for BLSays might need to be adjusted upwards a tad (kinda like Obamacare premiums!) to cover costs. Who knew how much it costs to have a drone filming the ceremony ???

When I suggested three Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders dressed as “the daughters from Petticoat Junction” as flower girls I thought everyone knew I was just kidding. Nope. We even have Rockettes as “back-ups”.

The CUBS win every 100 years but yours truly only does this Father-of-the-Bride gig once…. Gotta get it right. ….. “Her mother & me”…. “Her Mother & I” …. “Me & Her do” …. “She & I”.  Aw Rats….  This weekend should oughta produce some column fodder…. YA THINK!

Now ya’ll go over and check out AgentPierce’s piece – DONALD DID IT.

Name Danny

See You in St Louie… Louie.


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