80,000 Lies… Maybe More!

November02/ 2016



NOTE: This title – “80,000 LIES… maybe more” – is a play on the infamous media scam collaboration between WRAL-TV5’s Jim Goodmon and Rev. William “Bully” Barber’s Hoot ’n Hate mini-mobs in February 2014. Barber’s Moral Monday mini-mobs were financed by “a Foundation” (remember that term) owned / operated by Capital Broadcasting Corp / WRAL-TV5 media mogul Jim Goodmon. In addition to financing Barber, Goodmon also loaned Barber one of his “toadies” (Peter Anlyan) as “a logistical expert”.rev-barber

As “logistical expert” “Toadie” Anlyan issued the formal announcement that there were “at least 80,000… maybe more” participating in Barber’s Hoot ‘n Hate in February 2014.   YIKES!…. That certainly is a LOT of people hooting & hating….. or is it?

That “80,000” was, of course, picked up immediately by cooperatively gullible national media outlets. Barber gained over-night celebrity credibility within the racist agitator community. That 80,000 figure is always quoted whenever Barber says or does anything including speaking at the DNC Convention. …. Quite Impressive AND a COMPLETE LIE!

Raleigh law enforcement officials who supervise all such public demonstations, parades, celebrations et al estimated the “crowd” at “maybe 10,000 tops… closer to 7goodmons,500”. Participants in the demonstrations were even more conservative…. “5-7,000”. But it is Jim Goodmon’s toadie – Peter Anlyan’s blatant bald-faced lie that lives on.  80,000 versus 10,000 is not “slightly exaggerated”.  It is a Bald-Faced LIE!

Reverend William “Bully” Barber’s entire reputation is built on a bald-faced LIE created by and promoted by the owner of WRAL-TV5 – Jim Goodmon.

Without Jim Goodmon, “Bully” Barber is just a clownish, over-weight street-preacher in Goldsboro.


And now The World is learning that Hillary Clinton’s political career and her Presidential Campaign is – like Bully Barber’s reputation – built on a Foundation of LIES on top of LIES on top of LIES….. “80,000…. maybe more”.

The deeper one digs into those lies the more it is apparent that Hillary Clinton’s Lies go all the way back to her political beginning in college – in Arkansas – during her Hillaryhusband’s infamous administration and in her own diabolical scheming and manuvering to put herself in position to be the Leader of The Free World ….. all based on LIES!

Her most devoted disciples have never heard of Saul Alinsky…. Or George Soros…. Or Vince Foster…. or even “Huma” until this week.

A Foundation of LIES made possible by a fawningly cooperative media.  Instead of a regional mini-mogul like Jim Goodmon…. Hillary had the Titans of media in her pocket…. Publishers of Washington Post, NY Times, LA Times, USA Today…. CEOs of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, et al …. as well as numerous failing newspaper chains such as McClatchy Corp that own what’s left of NC’s Charlotte Observer / News & Observer.

Their willingness to “grab their ankles and cover-up Hillary’s Trail of Lies on Top of Lies on Top of …… “ has her on the brink of The White House…. Where more and more lies will be needed to keep her going…. Lies to cover lies to cover lies.

Sure, Donald Trump is no one’s version of The Ideal American President. He is brash… he can (alas) be crude and profane… he has funny hair and makes funny faces… his business career is in the perilous highrolling world of BIG TIME Real Estate Development where “they take the rubber tips off their arrows”. He is who/what he is.

You know Trump’s pluses and you know his minuses…. Especially his minuses because Hillary’s media cohorts tout Trump’s minuses 24/7 ….. while hiding her’s.

Exposing Donald Trump’s “minuses” is fine. While I certainly wish he had not done/said some of what he has done/said…. America deserves to know about it.

America also deserves to know all of Hillary Clinton minuses – liabilities – personal and professional flaws – and her long shadowy history of lies and backroom corruption.

Trump voters are voting for him well aware of, and in spite of, his flaws.

Hillary Clinton supporters (a/k/a Kool-Aid drinking Zombies) vote for her with no knowledge of her long history of lies and corruption.

Hillary Zombies

How long would Hillary Clinton last under the same media microscope that Donald Trump has been under 24/7 for the past 18 months?

Will those “80,000 LIES…. Maybe more” be revealed in above-the-fold headlines before November 8?

If not…. we know who is responsible. Don’t we?


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