Humdingers, Thrillas and MLB’s Final Four

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October14/ 2016

Now there are Four…. Two of Major League Baseball’s most storied franchises with large national fan bases…. one from Canada (that has won two World Championships since either of the “storied franchises” have) …. And the 4th one “from Cleveland”.

As you know, I watched over 150 MLB games since early April. 97% involved “my St Louis Cardinals” and whoever they were playing. MLB is the only pro sports league I much care about. I retain more trivia about “baseball” than all other sports combined. That said ….

Despite watching their three game “clean sweep” of the Red Sox, I cannot name one Cleveland Indian. Is Charlie “Wild Thing” Sheen still Wild Thingpitching for’em? Did you know that nice polite black guy that does those insurance commercials played “Pedro Cerrano” the voodoo outfielder in Major League? Where was I ?……..

Is Al “Flip” Rosen still an Indian? … Herb Score? … Bob Feller? … Rocky Colavito? And that catcher that Pete Rose ran over in an All-Star Game. OK, that’s all I got. …. Wait, they do have that UNCCH guy – Andrew Miller. He’s really good.

IF the Indians get past “the Canadian team” into The Fall Classic you just KNOW we’ll hear from …… “The Pissed-off Sons of Sitting Bull” or whoever that protest the use of “Native American team names / logos”…. the Anti-Redskins people. I’m not totally opposed to thNocAHomaeir cause, but I think we have a few 100s more pressing issues in America these days. Like our survival as a nation…. DUH!

Whatever happened to that Atlanta Braves mascot – Chief Noc-A-Homa? …. Aaahhh, the good ol’ days.

You either watched or you didn’t but there were some HUMDINGERs the past week or so in the Division Playoffs. As tense and as dramatic sports moments as one could ask for…. WHY I DO LOVE BASEBALL.

I watched most of these late-inning HUMDINGERs live which is the only way to really appreciate them. Seeing replays isn’t nearly the same.

The final two Cubs/Giants games and the entire Dodger/Nats series were THRILLAS. Former NCState kid now a Nats – Trea Turner – is now a bona-fide MLB “young star”.

I don’t “hate” or even “dislike” any sports teams especially any MLB teams. I do despise a certain species of fans but all teams have those vermin. Even being a Cardinals fan I don’t dislike the Cubs as most Cards fans do. My dear friend the late Clyde King was with the Yankees for years so no Yankee-hate by me.

ASIDE: Speaking of “hating teams”…. This week I had a very dear / good guy tell me he “hates NC State”. His passion got me curious so I delved into what he really meant. Turns out his “hate” is for the jackass fan faction (that all school have). I got him to sheepishly admit he does NOT “hate” Roman Gabriel, Lou Pucillo, Philip Rivers, Russell Wilson, Paul Coder, Jim Ritcher, Trea Turner, etc. He only knows Bob Kennel thru this website so we didn’t go there.

I had no “favorite” when the playoffs started and so none now. The TV ad sales guy are thrilled the Cubs / Dodgers are playing…. Not nearly as thrilled with Indians / “that Canadian team”. Cubs/ Dodgers will draw mucho viewers from casual fandom. The World Series will likely draw less viewers than the Cubs/Dodgers.

You just know the TV guys were hoping for Cubs vs Red Sox….

I get tired of the whole Cubs Curse blah blah schtick. I was tired of the Red Sox Curse thing before it ended. I like Joe Maddon and I’ve seen a lot of the Cubs as they played “my Cardinals” 19 times this season. That series was 10-9 Cubs. The Cubs seem like “good kids having fun playing baseball”. If they were Cardinals I would like them even better.

The Dodgers are fine. Kershaw seems like a good guy…. and Corey Seager. I know he is/was wonderful but I hope we don’t get memories of Vin Scully 24/7. On games from Dodger Stadium I do cringe at seeing that weasel Larry King sitting behind home plate for every game. Yuck!

“That Canadian team” a/k/a “The Blue Jays” is “potent”. I think 2, maybe 3, of them actually speak English – Tulo and Donalson with the ponytail. The rest are various Hispanic dialects. Does Bautista use black shoepolish on his beard?

In keeping with my tradition now in its 3rd year…. I don’t watch The NFL other than bits/pieces. It is not a difficult tradition to develop by the way. So I’ll be tuned to whichever MLB games are being played this weekend.


This Saturday the local “hated rivals” both head south. NCState to Tally, or Clemson or wherever; and The Fedorians to wherever Miami plays. No one really knows how good NCState might be. An NCState W would NOT shock me.

I’ve asked a number of UNCCH loyalists about Gene Chizik losing “his guru”. They all just grumble and shake their heads. An L versus Miami and this season goes “south” for The Fedorians and its “Shreveport Here We Come”.

Which Duke team will show up in L-ville? Probably doesn’t really matter.Peterson

In case you are still curious…. That ACC decision to move all the championships because of HB2 was ramrodded by the Prez of Georgia Tech…. who also ramrodded the NCAA decision. His name is G.P. “Bud” Peterson. G.P. “Bud” is very ambitious and wants to be NCAA Honcho.  I don’t know if G.P. “Bud” has any personal “gender issues”.

Neither Chancellor Randy nor “Chihuahua” have publicly revealed their votes. Wonder why not? Chihuahua is a very tiny empty suit “from Dartmouth” and who much cares what she thinks about anything. But why won’t Randy reveal his vote? Wonder if BK could get that info for us…. What say you BK?

Oh Oh Oh…. I had a secret rendevous with one of my UNC Admin “deep insiders” recently. I mentioned Chancellor “Chihuahua”. He spewed coffee all over his doughnut. He had not heard me use that. He said “it’s perfect” which of course I already knew. “The coffee / keybord spew” is the highest compliment for us smart alecks.


AgentPierce’s asks:  

Who is this guy “Ben Gazzi” and why did he delete Mrs Clinton’s e-mails?….. CLICK

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