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Opposable Thumbs
October12/ 2016



Before proffering my thoughts on What Donald Trump Said!  I will Vote Trumpbe casting my vote AGAINST Hillary Clinton in the only meaningful way possible – FOR Donald Trump. 

If the Repub nominee were any of the 17 original nomination seekers, I would be voting AGAINST Hillary Clinton via my vote for that individual.  I voted for Ted Cruz in our primary.

Would I likely vote for Donald Trump in any sort of “normal” times?  Probably not, but America went Humpty Dumpty on “normal” back in 2008…. never to be “put back together again”.

My total disgust with the GOPe (a/k/a GOP “Elites”) knows no limits. I LOATHE those sorry, low-down no-account SOBs personified by John “I was a POW” McCain.

I no longer answer to “Republican” or “Conservative” or “Neo-Con”??? or “Religious Right” or “Tea Partier” or “Silent Majority” or even “crazy right-winger”.

I am an Army of One as a dedicated 24/7 arch enemy of all-things-liberal. …. and any/all whom I consider of that ilk.

For members of the loathsome liberal mainstream media…. I amp up my despising to whatever the maximum allowable limit is. Is there an international clearinghouse for measuring ideological animus?

I vehemently oppose liberals with every fibre of my being. I will do so beyond November 8 regardless of that outcome…. and to my dying day which actuaries predict will be within twenty years.

I have nothing in common with “liberals” but a pair opposable thumbs.

I have some among my acquaintances; but I don’t accord them the title of “friend”.  How they view me is their business. My station in Life does not require me to associate with anyone I would rather not…. either socially or professionally. Your circumstance may not permit you that flexibility.

Is “being liberal” a Nature versus Nuture quandry like “being gay”?  I don’t know nor care.   To me “liberal” is not like “being a Cubs fan” or “liking country/western music”. It is WHAT a person is.  I do not choose to be around such people.

“What Donald Trump said” while regretable does not change my intent to vote for him. The sins of The Clintons soooo outweigh any/all of Donald Trump’s sins. It is not even close.

Hillary Clinton is the single most despicable political figure of our time…. more so than Barack Hussein Obama.  More so than her in-our-faces philandering horn-dog husband.

I appreciate those who find supporting Donald Trump impossible to support. He is THE single most provocative polarizing candidate EVER. Don’t vote…. Stay home and be able to proclaim “Don’t Blame Me” as “America” drops the last few remaining inches into the utter depths of Hell.Thelma Louise

Neither Trump or Clinton will likely stay America’s self-destructive Thelma & Louise fate. But to vote FOR Hillary Clinton is, IMO, akin to eating one’s own feces. I apologize for that graphic metaphor.

“America” deserves whichever ominous fate waits us.  Fifty years of “Bread & Circus” has brought us here.

As regards Trump’s private comments as a private citizen ten + years ago…. From my extensive on-line perusaling of national, regional, local news/opinion sites, I do believe EVERY SINGLE cliché has been over-used to a farethewell as opinionators scramble to eviserate or, in a handful of cases, defend Trump.

As I read Trump’s coarse remarks from 2005 and got to the most disgusting parts… I thought I had stumbled onto liberals trashing Governor Sarah Palin in 2008 and even today. ThSarah Paline same raging hypocrites now so APPALLED at what Trump said…. as a private citizen in a private conversation.

Let’s repeat that:

… I thought I had stumbled onto liberals trashing Governor Sarah Palin (and her daughter) in 2008 and even today. The same raging hypocrites now so APPALLED at what Trump said….

A private citizen in a private conversation is suddenly held to a higher moral standard than a Governor of Arkansas or a sitting U.S. President ????

Had I a nickel for every public use of the “c word” (rhymes with “bunt”) relative to Governor Palin I would have a very large collection of nickels. “The liberal media” was a most enthusiastic participant in the long-running obscene eviserating of Sarah Palin in case you have forgotten.

A liberal attempting to occupy The Moral High Ground is akin to a one-armed blind man attempting to thread a needle …. totally impossible but great fun to watch him try.

Permit me my own overused cliches. As an adult male for the past 50 years, I have “heard it all” as far as “locker room talk” and “boys being boys” and “men objectifying women”.   I have not been a fly on the wall at a bridal shower or similar female assemblage but my she-spies tell me those gatherings get a tad “ribald” and “salty” as far as women objectifying men. OH NO!

Did I actually see where NBA Mysogynists For Hillary are saying their “locker rooms” do not have such talk…. bwahahahaha!  Even their multiple “baby mammas” are laughing hysterically over THAT.

Pornography is far and away the single most popular (and non-partisan) category on the Internet. It is so universally popular that it is quite likely someone on your pew on Sunday has “visited a porn site”…. Maybe even recently!

Surely you’ve noticed “adult book/video stores” around your town. They are usually cinderblock buildings with some Adult Videoversion of ADULT XXX signage out front. Two points…. (1) they never seem to go out of business…. (2) whenever you drive by, there are one or more cars out front. What does that tell you?

The Kardashians are the idols of millions of young girls (and their brothers and fathers).

America 2016 is a very carnal society. Approaching Sodom & Gomorrah in that regard. “Why” is a multi-column subject. If you claim SHOCK at what Trump said, methinks you protest too much.

I’ve never been an active contributor in such… for the same reason I don’t play poker… visit “strip clubs” or scuba dive. Not “my thing” but of the first 75-100 “guys I know” I would say most/all have been around such conversations on various occasions.  Does the appeal lessen as one ages?  The term “dirty old men” likelNFL Cheerleadersy has a basis in truth.

How many “city-fathers” and pillars of your community “oogle” cheerleaders, especially the sideline T&A shows in theNFL. Does “oogling” NFL cheerleaders disqualify one from running from POTUS

Did “what Trump said” hurt his election chances? Certainly. Was the Clinton campaign’s revealing “what Trump said” thru their mainstream media stooges “ethical”? …. We are engaged in a WAR for the Future of America. In a WAR of this magnitude there is no Geneva Convention of “off limits”.

I wish it had not come out. I also wish Donal Trump would do something about his hair. I wish Donal Trump would publicly call-out the despicable moderators on-air during the debates.  “Trump’s people” are not consulting me as they should be.

Would Donald Trump and I “be friends” if circumstances allowed. I doubt it. But I still hope there is some way he can win this thing…..

Because:…. Hillary Clinton is the single most loathsomely disgusting political figure of our time…. Yes, even more so than Barack Hussein Obama or her husband.

I leave you today with this line I found on Facebook….

Obama / Hillary Clinton is not “the problem”.

“The Problem” are the millions of people who vote for them.

People with whom I have nothing in common but opposable thumbs.


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3 years ago

As the childish GOP establishment licks their self inflicted wounded egos, blindly dreaming of a return of the politics as usual, the Democratic failists tragically and blissfully march forward, united towards eventual oblivion. Sigh.

Agent Pierce
Agent Pierce
3 years ago
Reply to  Radio_Smuggles

That pretty much sums it up ….

3 years ago

Well said, AP Voting against HRC is the single most important focus of this election year. By default, that also means voting for Patty and Dicky….with all their “MSM” pointed out warts. If you google “Sarah Palin” Sexist remarks, you do NOT get the Laundry List of liberal commentators, both MSM, Cable or Late Night folks making crude remarks. Funny, Google can’f FIND them. BUT, one of the most striking DID show up… “That’s not change. That’s just calling something the same thing something different. You know you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig…” ~… Read more »

3 years ago

AP, as usual, your POV matches mine almost verbatim-except yours is written much better. The only slight difference is that I believe that there may be a small chance our Great USA can survive this election IF, and only IF, Trump somehow pulls it out. And I, like you, had DT as my 17th favorite candidate in the primaries. But even then our future is not a sure thing. IMO, we cannot continue to flaunt God at every turn and expect to exist as we always have. That practice hasn,t ever worked for other great nations and is not likely… Read more »

Agent Pierce
Agent Pierce
3 years ago
Reply to  GrahamPacker

All the great civilizations thru history have had their “day” but all eventually decay from within – Egypt, Babylon, Rome, Persia, etc. Compared to them our 250 years is an eyeblink, but results the same. That America “will survive because it always has” is such a ridiculous insult to history. That so many are ignorant of any historical perspective is of course a great help to that downfall.

3 years ago

AP, You’re right. It didn’t all start with Trump. Our great nation has been on the decline for at least a half century. Remember the hippies who occupied the Franklin Street wall in the 60s and 70s? So many times they were heard to say , “Never trust a word you hear from anyone over 30.” Well, maybe things will start to improve when those folks are no longer the tenured professors at our colleges and universities.

The REAL Donald

Agent Pierce
Agent Pierce
3 years ago
Reply to  REAL.Donald

“We” will likely have “moved on” by then Real Donald. 🙂

3 years ago

1. Liberalism is actually a psychological disorder. It would be nice if there were a cure. 2. The liberal hysteria over sexual remarks is just sad. These are the folks that glorify sexual promiscuity at every turn. And yes, the females do it too but maybe to a slightly lesser extent. 3. None of what has come out about Trump is anything new. We know he is an egomaniac and has enriched himself. Hitlary on the other hand has enriched herself on the backs of private citizens who all put the public trust in her. Nothing that comes out on… Read more »

Agent Pierce
Agent Pierce
3 years ago
Reply to  Doug

But of course little / nothing WILL “come out on her” thanks to her media sycophants. THAT may be the greatest crime of all… how she is protected at all costs.

3 years ago

Thank you for the Sarah Palin reminder. How she was treated by high-profile liberals as well as their media redefined disgusting. …. liberals trying to claim “the moral high ground” is a pathetic sight to see.

Agent Pierce
Agent Pierce
3 years ago
Reply to  Pat75

Liberals are pathetic in whatever they do; but yes when they try to “get all moral” is their most pitifully pathetic.

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