His name is Pierce…. AgentPierce!

New Sheriff
October04/ 2016

A new sheriff?   Actually a New Agent here in BobLeeSays Town. …. AgentPierce.agentpierce1

THE AgentPierce has moved lock, stock and archives to this little corner of CyberSpace effective “from now on”.

Hang on Sloopy…. and all your questions will be answered.

… (1) Why? …. Why has AgentPierce moved in here?  As BobLee has been noting for quite some time…. ESPN under CEO John Skipper (UNC’75) has been morphing The Worldwide Leader into MSNBC of Sports on Steroids.  That transformation is pretty much solidly in place now.  Every ESPN talk-jock and jock-ette is a hot-bloodied radical left-wing Tickle Me Elmo doll.  Pull his/her string and he/she spews the latest Liberal Bilge and corresponding “conservative” snarky putdowns.  ESPN is now MSNBC / CNN / ABC / NBC / CBS 24/7 “We Love Us some Obama and some Hillary blah blah blah.” …. How one turns an explanation of the Infield Fly Rule or Roughing The Passer into hard-core left-wing prJim Goodmonopaganda takes a lot of behind-the-scenes production.

On the local level, The Triangle’s #1 Limo Liberal WRAL’s Jim Goodmon has amped up his “mission” to smear all things Republican / Conservative / Not Liberal.  In addition to his dumpster-diving news duo of Laura Leslie and “Binky” he has ordered his sports talkers Adam/Joe/Dave to become full-time liberal “pajama boys” spewing Goodmon’s perverted ideology via their little bully pulpit microphones.  Squeeze in bits & pieces of sports crap now and then but keep pounding the left-wing bilge….

Neither Pierce nor I “have a problem” with either ESPN and Capital Broadcasting going balls-to-the-walls liberal B***S***.  Unlike “them” we are not into squelching opposing opinions.  Let’em spew…. spew, spew, spew….. We just figured it was High Time for BobLee & AP to switch from “manual” to at least semi-auto… if ya get my drift.

So AP, my SaidWhatMedia partner-in-snappy-commentary, has moved over from his own website – AgentPierceSaid to HERE.  All his archives are here now and all his future Hard Rights To The Liberal Chin will come from HERE.  Well, not exactly HERE but we’ll get to that in a minute.

… (2) Has anyone told (warned) Kennel? …. No, we thought the odds of his head exploding were better if he simply reads it here like reFred Sanfordgular people are.  That image of Fred Sanford staggering around… “Elizabeth, I think this is The Big One” comes to mind.  Actually we have put in a series of stop-gaps we are calling BK Barriers that everyone of Bob’s oh-so-sensitive ilk will have to purposefully scale to ever reach AgentPierce.  We are not QUITE as ruthless as we probably should be….

Will this shorten any of NCSU68 WhateverTheyAre’s?  Not a chance.

The BK Barriers:  Rarely if EVER will an AgentPierce column ever appear on this Home Page either in the IMax position or the left-hand list of recent columns.  Normal folks (and BK) can visit here and enjoy BobLee just as always and not catch one itty bitty AgentPierce Kootie.  Over yonder on the right column you see AP’s logo up at the top.  Click on that and you will be magically transported to Kennel’s Nightmare.… i.e. over 150 incredibly insightful AgentPierce commentaries with no-holds-barred / no quarter asked or given / take no prisoners.  If you’ve never experienced AP…. he is Rush-esque not that anyone can ever be near the pantheon of El-Rushbo.  Most definitely NOT “Michael Savage” AT ALL.

AgentPierce’s latest column will always be at the top of that page…. that YOU have to click on AP’s Logo over yonder to ever see it….  We will also offer a Link to AgentPierce at the bottom of BobLee’s AWESOME Columns…. but YOU have to hit the link to get there.  

We make NO APOLOGIES if anything AgentPierce says bruises anyone’s delicate sensitivities.   No “snowflake” will last more than about 10 seconds around Pierce.  Kennel might last 30 seconds IF he closes one eye and only reads every other word.  We know AP ain’t everyone’s cuppa tea.

… (3) What about BobLee now?  What about BobLee indeed… Pierce will be the primary “crazy right-wing voice” around here from now on.  That frees up The Legend HisOwnSelf to do what he does best …. ferret out and shine the BLSays mag-light on Pure Unadulterated Human Foolishness wherever it lurks.  Of course BL will continue to monitor TGU and Fabled Franklin Street Foolishness…. goofy goings-on on The Brickyard and Amedeo’s backroom…. the latest hysterical musings of “My Buddy Art” et al…  No one is guaranteeing that BL won’t occasionally go off in a sorta kinda political mini-rant but AP will bring the heavy artillery…. OH YEAH !!!!

Hey, we realize some of you’ans still think “Sports & Politics” are separate…. and should stay separate forever and always.  You also think Bonanza is coming back one day and Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty will get married…. bless your hearts.  You still use wooden shafted golf clubs and think “the designated hitter” is just a fad.  Alas…. It’s 2016 and Old Man Usta is toe-tagged and stored in a freezer in the basement of The Angus Barn.

Our squad of Super Techs have a couple of tweaks still to tweak but the Big Move is 99.44/100% DONE.

SOOOO…. Here is AgentPierce 1st Official Column HERE:

Cat-5 Firestorm Hits Dowdy Ficklin…



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