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September19/ 2016

Can a But Wait…. There’s More collection get me around having to write about how Sports is the latest breeding ground for the Socio-Political Cancer that is rapidly devouring the pleasures of daily life in America. Lets try it…..

….. With Jacoby Brissett set to be The Patriots latest Brady-fill in QB, should we start referring to NC State as “QB U”?

Going back to Roman Gabriel and Eric Kramer plus PR, Russell, Glennon how many other schools can count as many NFL QBs among their alums? I’m sure there are others, but NC State does have A LOT. …… Of course, that has a dark side to it. With so many outstanding QBs, is it any wonder that NC State has so many ACC Championships …. not to mention National Championships. Ooops!

Maybe we ought just leave it at there have been a number of Wolfpack QBs who have started NFL games with several being legitimate “stars” PERIOD.





I’ve found a new Really Really Good Action / Adventure book series…. typatterson

Ty Patterson’s Warrior Series featuring Zeb Carter. Think Mitch Rapp on Steroids. In the modern literary genre of rogue SpecOps operatives who take on mega-baddies and prevail….. the late Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp is high on most afficianados lists. Brad Thor’s Scot Harvath…. Lee Childs’ Jack Reacher…. Ted Bell’s Alex Hawke…. Marc Dawson’s John Milton…. Stephen Hunter’s YouKnowWho…. Etc. I enjoy these and 5-6 others. Just discovered Ty Patterson’s Zeb Carter.

Zeb and his select team of eccentric specialists operate, of course, “outside the system”. Zeb is as laconic as the others listed and has no hesitation when it comes to ensuring that the mega-bad guys get their fatal comeuppances. Does Patterson follow a formula? Sure…. They all do. Check’em out!



I assume you’ans are all aware that The N&O is

….. re-running “Damn Dan” Kane’s History of UNCCH’s Great Unpleasantness…. A four-part series sure to re-gin up strong emotions on both sides. Dan Kane UNC

I’m not sure Why? Other than to boost sales in West Raleigh and wherever two or more ABCers gather to mutter UNCheats between gnashed teeth…. And conversely to reconvince TruBlues that it truly is TruBlues Against The World…. “they hate us because we’re so gosh-darn wonderful….”

Conspiracy theorists are coming up with some “real doozies” as to why NOW with this highly promoted re-hash of TGU. Is it tied to Hillary’s health… Obama’s birth certificate… HB2… Trump’s something…. or The LGBT Gang’s plot to takeover America this week, then The World next? …. Or simply a financially imperiled N&O hoping a revenue spike will pay this month’s light bill ???





What gasoline crisis ??? …..

If you are not aware of the Gasoline Crisis caused by the Alabama pipeline leak…. You better get up-to-speed. IT’S FOR REAL. It will only be for a week or so…. but long enough to remind us of that Twilight Zone episode – The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.





Louisville and “Bad Bobby” Patrino dealt a fatal blow to Larry Fedora’s strategy to add “a significant W” to his resume…. Bobby Patrino

The nationally-seen dismemberment of Jimbo’s Noles lessens the significance of Larry’s upcoming visit to Tallahassee. Larry still needs it or simply settle for another 9-10 W season and a nice / but not “a big” bowl. That UNC might have “to settle for” another 9-10 W season is a phrase not often muttered over the past 75 years.

Walloping James Madison is no more LOOK LOOK LOOK than NCSU walloping ODU but “doing what you’re supposed to do” is an often overlooked achievement. Larry’s “system” seems to be transitioning nicely to a new QB putting up Star Wars numbers.

Duke, despite a multi-million $$$$ upfit of The Wally, seems to be slipping back to “not as bad as they once were, but not really good either”. 50% of The New Wally was empty last week versus Wake. There are 18-20,000 Duke FB fans – That’s It regardless of anything anyone does.

So much for “that valuable Boston TV market”. BC may never win another ACC game in anything ever.

The Aluminum-watchers at Kenan will be paying close attention this Sat versus Pitt. Pitt is a legitimate opponent. Will 50,000 TruBlues care enough to show up?

Is Wake Forest’s sleeping giant (??) awakening? Scoring double digits two weeks in a row is a first for Dave WhatsHisName over there.

I don’t “like” Louisville. I never have in either FB or MBB. That they embrace “Bad Bobby” and “Tricky Rick” bothers me. Obviously they are very good team and certanly capable of running the table…. I just don’t like anything about their programs. They personify what I’ve always find “yucky” about Big Time College Sports. They are not alone in that of course.





In the Texas / Cal game another “idjit”

….casually dropped the ball as he crossed the goal line on a break-away. A Clemson guy did it a few weeks ago. What’s with that? Is that the latest contrived race-related insult to some perceived wrong in America?




Cam Hat

CAM wore another funny hat yesterday in his post-game interview. 

I’m still not a CAM fan but his wearing funny hats doesn’t “bother me” in the slightest. It enhaces his “brand” and I have no problem with that at all.





“My Cardinals” took two from SanFran over the weekend in their all-important Wild Card series.

Their 9th inning come-from-behind W late Saturday night was a HUMDINGER…. I yelled at 1:30 AM and woke up Blondie. Every game is “big” from here on out as the Cards, Giants and Mets fight over the two wild cards. I do enjoy my “birds on the bat” but I’m not counting on “the post season” yet.

If Kennel’s Dodgers TCB with The Giants this week it would be nice.





My general apathy towards The NFL continues…. Now into Year Three.

I’m not boycotting for any “pick a reason why”; I just have better things to do with my Sunday afternoons. I will keep up with the major happenings so I can tell you all “what to think about it”; but as far as sitting down and giving a hoot…. I won’t / don’t.

This time of year “a 5-mile walk in the woods” with a good audible book is my preference.





Ray Donovan fans almost saw Ray smile in last night Final Episode. Ray Donovan

As Ray watched his incredibly disfunctional family celebrating, he kinda smiled. That was after Mickey, Bunchy, Avi, and Lena had blown away a coupla dozen Russian mobsters…. Hector didn’t take a dive in the 6th…. and Ray reached into his trunk one last time for the baseball bat. As we know…. when Ray pulls out his bat, bad guy brains & blood will soon be flowing on a floor. He did…. They did.

Ray Donovan did for baseball bats what Buford Pusser did for ax handles.





Those of you expecting a noticeable public backlash to recent NCAA / ACC doings…. Temper those expectations.

If we as a society are now soidly in a “Bread & Circus” mentality (and I believe we are), giving up our “Circus” i.e. “entertainment” is not happening without extreme reluctance. HB2 is too controversial with too many confusing angles to have a wholesale backlash / boycott.

That the NCAA / ACC did, most certainly, Cross The Rubicon to become partisan political activists is VERY SIGNIFICANT. That very very slippery slope could easily have “a Thelma & Louise” result and sooner rather than later.


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