Now What ???

Crossing THe Rubicon2
September15/ 2016

OK… The vaunted and much denigrated NCAA has done what we all knew they would do – punish The State of North Carolina by removing all its championship games from North Carolina venues. Take THAT all you deplorably eeevil “..ists” and “..ophobes” in North Carolina.

Little Johnny Swofford’s ACC immediately did its “we too” – that we all knew they would do too – further punishing The State of North Carolina by removing all its championship games from in-state venues. Yeah… “whatever the NCAA said, we say that too…. All you deplorably eeeevil “..ists” and “..ophobes” many of whom are Fat Cats and fans of our member institutions.”Cross The Rubicon

The NCAA and ACC have now Crossed The Rubicon …. declaring themselves to be politically-partisan social-activists who will employ their “muscle” in bullying their member institutions to advance controversial causes.  Yeeeee Ha!  Hang On Sloopy!  The LGBT Gang now have dog collars on the NCAA and ACC and everyone knows it…. and, of course, ESPN & John Skipper (UNC’75).


So now what?

I DID wake up to a different world today (Thursday) from the one I woke up to the day before (on Wednesday).  Because we were at “da beach” for several days, returning Wednesday. Ergo, I woke up Thursday back at BLSays World HQ.  The first Thursday EVER with no NCAA or ACC championships scheduled for my home state. Not quite how I felt on Sept 12, 2001…. “with no World Trade Center.”

Brief Aside: This was our first experience with the much ballyhooed New Goldsboro By-pass of Hwy 70 which I have officially nicknamed “The Available By-pass”. A billboard company has erected A WHOLE LOT of new outdoor advertising structures along that 20-mile corridor all currently saying AVAILABLE with a phone # to call to purchase any/all those billboards to advertise your product, service or political candidacy one can assume. This corridor begins (if one is going from Raleigh to da beach) around Princeton and comes out around LaGrange. Good-by Wilbers, McCall and Shorty’s Army-Navy store in LaGrange.

The time saving for what was a three-hour trip now with ZERO stoplights versus the umpteGoldsboro Bypassen stoplights on the old Goldsboro by-pass is approximately 10-12 minutes depending on your luck with those umpteen lights. I am not sure yet what I am going to do with those 10-12 saved minutes. Your suggestions will be appreciated.

NCDOT’s Master Plan for “Super 70” includes similar outer loop by-passes around Kinston and Havelock over the next 10-15 years.  I don’t know if a bullet-train was ever considered as an option between Raleigh and “da beach” rather than more and more by-passes.

If I am still fogging mirrors in 15 years, I assume my total time-savings will be in the 30-45 minutes range. The mind reels as I consider what I can do with all those saved minutes….


As of this posting around noonish on Thursday the North Carolina General Assembly (NCGA) has NOT called a special session to revoke HB2…. hopefully thereby restoring some semblance of order to a state in full discombobulation from losing all those afore-mentioned championships. Reports of how many hysterical board monkeys’ heads have exploded over the past 48 hours are incomplete. Early estimates are in the dozens.


This is the “lair” of The NC General Assembly for those of you who have no clue about it other than that “the media” despises it.  It is on Jones Street in Downtown Raleigh.

The “pajama boys” with area and national sports media, as reported earlier, are comparing events of the past 48 hours to Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Johnstown post-flood. Members of The NCGA (at least those NOT of the radical left-wing faction) are being villified, defiled and called all manner of obscene names by all manner of obscene name-callers… spurred on by said “pajama boys” and vapid “info babes”.

A report that WRAL’s Jim Goodmon – a/k/a “The Triangle #1 Limo Liberal” – held a Swofford press conference Watch Party / Celebration at his ITB mansion are unconfirmed.  Jim was seen dancing a jig on his front lawn however.

Comparisons to other historic state-wide tragedies such as “the death of Andy Griffith” and “closing the racetrack at North Wilkesboro” are sporadic.

Let me state, restate and re-restate that I am NOT a universal fan of all things Republican NCGA. Far fTim Moorerom it. Yes, I do have friends among that much-maligned assemblage. There are also those I loathe and wish many bad tidings upon. House Speaker “Tiny Tim” Moore and his spoonfull of quite nefarious inner-circle cronies are prominent among the latter.

IF “Tiny Tim” is somehow reelected as House Speaker my overall opinion of any of those who vote for him will be strongly negative.

Unlike some (who often post comments here… wink, wink), I do NOT Worship ANY politicians. I consider politics and politicians and “government” to be necessary evils to keep society at least one small step from total anarchy. As a group I rank Republican politicians only one thin level from “the worst”. The worst, IMO, being Democratic politicians. You are free, as always, to disagree.

In Retrospect i.e. “Hindsight”…. “Retrospect” by the way, is a wonderful place to dwell. It makes Lake Woebegone look like South Central LA by comparison. The sun always shines in Retrospect. All the women are lovely and all the children way above average. …. In Retrospect, HB2 coulda / shoulda / oughta been much much tighter and Totally Specific to the Quite Unconstitutional Aspects of The Charlotte Ordinance.

Had HB2 only addressed the unconstitutional aspects of The Charlotte Ordinance, and not wandered off into all sorts of  “lets really nail those Sodomites, Lesbians and whatever the heck a TransWhozit is” would North Carolina now be dealing with what we are now dealing with?  Yes…. and No.

Yes… I know those “pajama boys” and “info babes” have not mentioned the Unconstitutionality of The Charlotte Ordinance because they only know and report that which fits their agenda. Anyhooo….

A quite over-zealous Legislature, under a perceived time crunch back in late March, went “froggy” as legislatures often do.   How the NCGA might “unfroggy” itself from HB2 is a Gordian Knot conundrum I am unqualified to answer.

If Pat McCrory and the NCGA doesn’t even try to put the HB2 toothpaste back in the tube, what’s the next Take That “plague” that will befall “us”?…. engineered by the quite ruthless LGBT Gender Terrorists?

NOTE:  If you think for a nano-second that this latest NCAA / ACC stuff was The LGBT Gender Terrorists’ End-Game…. Boy, are you soooo mistaken. Their ultimate objective is soooo much more destructive. “They” have a strategy and the financial wherewithall that Civil Rights activists and Eco-Terrorists never dreamed of. We ain’t seen NOTHING yet and it has nothing to do with appendages and orifices and the creative and recreational uses there of….

At this point does anyone really care if Little Johnny Swofford calls Two Guys & A Truck and moves The ACC HQ to either ACC HQRock Hill SC or Roanoke VA…. Or maybe Applachicola FL or wherever? Some leasing agent at Grandover gets a new listing and the “We Hate Republicans” media will claim GAZILLIONS of dollars lost for Greensboro, but that’s about all.


I am so hoping UNCCH’s “Chihuahua and Bubba” will make all Kenan Stadium and Dean’s Dome rest rooms Gender Neutral. Don’t you? They “talk the talk” about being soooo “Inclusive”. Lets see if they “walk the walk”. …. And surely Coach K has the muscle to do likewise with rest rooms at Cameron Indoor and The Wally. …. All of The Above can be done immediately. Wonder if the local “outraged pajama boys” will take up that project ???  “Not” is the safe bet.

Personally, I am no more embarrassed by All This HB2 Hoopla than I am by Bill Barber’s Hoot & Hate Sideshows …. Or Jesse Helms …. Or NASCAR …. Or Mayberry …. Or McClatchy’s failing newspapers …. Or UNCCH’s TGU and daily absurdum …. Or Duke Lacrosse Scandal …. Or John Edwards & Rielle …. Or Gene Nichol …. Or Bev “Dumping” Perdue …. Or Spivey’s Corner’s Hollerin’ Contest …. Or WIDESPREAD PANIC at any reports of “snow” …. OR, well, you get the idea.

If Any / All of the Above “embarrass” you to any gut-wrenching degree; then Delta Is Ready When You Are. If those too embarrassed to stay in NC do leave (they won’t), I might save another five minutes on future trips to “da beach”.

This is NOT our last word on all this.  But you probably figured that out already.


Oh…. I have confirmed that the UNC FB “rape suspect” is by all accounts – “a good kid”. Which does not mean he didn’t “do it” at all. But he is NOT “just another thug-alete” as many of you might assume or hope. …. I see YET ANOTHER Six-figure Plus civil suit pay-out coming for The University of The People.




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