Is NCAA’s Decision DEPLORABLE ??

Chaos Monkey
September13/ 2016

Are The NCAA and Hillary Clinton in a Vast Conspiracy to detract attention from ECU’s most recent butt-whuppin’ of an ACC opponent? …. Think about it.  How much OMG BREAKING NEWS has there been since 3:00 PM last Saturday?  A Whole Bunch!

…. (1) ECU in Scottie Montgomery’s 2nd game as a Head Football Coach ekes out a narrow victory over Dave Doeren’s ‘Pack in an offensive battle in Dowdy-Ficklin…. Dooming every Wolfpacker, especially those living east of I-95, to a year of “deplorable” misery.Mad

That a directional school in a whozit conference has won as many ACC games as Dave Doeren over the same period has loyal Wolfpackers screaming Aaaarrgghhh!

The team bus had not crossed over I-95 headed heads down back to Raleigh before Wuff board monkeys were calling for now beleaguered Dave Doeren’s head to be cleaved from his shoulders ASAP. The question, in their discombobulated little minds, is not IF Doeren should be fired, but whether – Now – Tomorrow or The Next Day. Tough business. Nick, Urban and Belichek are, of course, on The Short List.

…. (2) Hillary Clinton delighted a room full of razor-totin’ mega-rich Sisters of Sappho elitists in NYC with her “…… Basket of Deplorables” routine. In case you are the one organism on the planet who hasn’t heard THAT one, she was referring to us “Bitter Clingers” as Barack Obama labeled “us” eight years ago when addressing a room full of mega-rich Knob Hill elitists in San Francisco. “Bitterly clinging” to our guns and religion. …. We are now a Basket of Bitterly Clinging Deplorables…. a supposedly motley collections of “ists” and “ophobics”. Who knew!

None of you need worry that Mrs Clinton’s latest insults insulted me. Heck no. I’m one Deplorable Bitter Clinger that would be “insulted” if I wasn’t being insulted 24/7 by Mrs Clinton, Mr Obama and their scurillous ilk. I have especially strong negative feelings about “them” and “theirs” too. Welcome to 2016 in America.

…. (3) Then that same Mrs Clinton suffers some sort of mysterious malady on a NYC sidewalk that, unfortunately for Mrs Clinton got caught on video and circled the globe before she could be squestered in Chelsea’s $10,000,000 “apartment”.  She is either “Typhoid Hillary” – Patient Zero for the latest strain of Ebola Virus – or she “just got a little dizzy”…. depending upon one’s ideological persuasion. Democrats claim they are not worried but meanwhile DNC officials are frantically trying to teach Joe Biden how to pronounce “ISIS”.

It’s 2016 – EVERYTHING depends upon one’s ideological persuasion. ….. except what happened early Saturday afternoon in Dowdy-Ficklin. THAT, alas, was non-partisan.





…. (4) As if all the above was not overflowing every cup…. America’s Most Universally Despised “Association” a/k/a NCAA announces it’s full support for Transgenders, Pedophiles and anyone who has ever wanted to walk into a girl’s restroom or dressing room just because…. By yanking all seven of its championships currently scheduled to be held in North Carolina.  …….OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!

Supporters of transgenders, pedophiles and the “just curious”…. and sworn enemies of all things Republican are comparing the horrendous impact of This Latest HB2 CATASTOPHE to Hurricanes Hugo AND Hazel and the deaths of Aunt Bea AND Floyd “The Barber” Lawson. …… OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!

This typically hyperbolic comparison, of course, is coming from McClatchy newspapers “pajama boAndrew Carterys” Andrew Carter and Luke DeCock.  Luke and Andrew are two of the handful of sports reporters that have not been canned YET. Both are hoping to catch on with ESPN if they can convince John Skipper they are radically left-wing enough. This might seal the deal. …. Luckily this news broke while Andrew and Luke were NOT on furlough when they cannot work for McClatchy in ANY WAY.

Luke and Andrew are going absolutely bats*** on social media chortling uncontrollably with their fellow misinformed millennials. Normally their zeal might qualify for bonuses from their McClatchy bosses. But just keeping their jobs another week is the best they can hope for.

Yes…. McClatchy’s two financially distressed NC newspapers – N&O and Charlotte Observer – that knew (but would not reveal) that the primary promoter of Charlotte’s Illegal Rest Room Ordinance was a convicted pedophile. Whether Luke and Andrew knew we don’t know…. but their editors knew…. and refused to tell their ever-dwindling subscriber base.

NOTE: Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts and her Seven Cronies who ramrodded the Illegal Rest Room Ordinance by the citizens of Charlotte WITHOUT A PUBLIC REFERENDUM knew about the convicted pedophile too. Yes… the same Mayor Roberts who is a close political crony of Democratic Gubernatorial wannabee Roy Cooper. Just coincidences… probably??

WRAL’s “Adam & Joe” (who also hate us Deplorables as much as their boss Jim Goodmon tells them to) will be interviewing an orphan whose kidney transplant will have to be cancelled…. ALL BECAUSE OF HB2.

B-roll of starving children and homeless seniors eating dogfood as a result of the Womens Field Hockey Championships being moved out of Cary will be shown on WRAL any moment now.

Apparently The NCAA now plans to relocate these seven events to states where all rest rooms / dressing rooms are “free-range” whereby transgendered, pedophiles and the “just curious” can come / go as they please. That eliminates at least eleven other states that either have or are considering legislation similar to the infamous HB2…. UNLESS The NCAA wants to be even more hypocritical than it already is. Which is a standard of hypocrisy vitually impossible to achieve.

IMO the best line so far is from a NCGOP official….

… apparently The NCAA cares more about where transgenders can pee than they do about rape victims at Baylor…. OUCH!

A representative of the LGBT Gender-Terrorists that successfully intimidated the spineless NCAA admins to do what they did…. Have already announced they will demand more and more and will continue their slash / burn / and slander tactics until “they” totally control Big Time College Sports.

Meanwhile Luke, Andrew, Adam & Joe are setting their sights squarely on John Swofford. Uh Oh! The ACC John SwoffordCommish has hemmed and hawed since the HB2 Brouhaha went viral saying he wanted to wait until The NCAA decided what they will do. Now whattachagonna do Johnny?

The Gender Terrorists and their We Think All Republicans Are Deplorable Too allies expect Swofford to move The ACC Football Championship a/k/a The Swofford Bowl out of Charlotte as well as any other events… and move The ACC Office out of Greensboro too. Hey… maybe to Worcester MASS (to take advantage of “that Boston TV market” (giggle, giggle).

Johnny is scared to death of the LGBT Gender Terrorists too so expect him to come apart like a cardboard suitcase in the rain within a week or so. If the LGBT Goon Squad demands that Swofford ride a donkey backwards from MuTim Moorerphy To Manteo wearing a pink tutu he will.

While proudly “a Deplorable” …. I am NOT a fan of the leadership of the NC House. Current Speaker “Tiny” Tim Moore, in particular, is incomptent enough to qualify to be Chancellor of a UNC System institution… or editor of a McClatchy newspaper or Mayor of Charlotte. Yes… Tim Moore is THAT incompetent.

The NCGA’s Too Rapid Response back in late March to The Illegal Charlotte Ordinance was ill-managed to a fare thee well. The Illegal Charlotte Ordinance was absolutely illegal; but HB2 used a bazooka when a sledgehammer would have done the job just fine. …. Oh well.

For us Merchants of Chaos it is shaping up as a pretty busy week!


PS:  UNC’s convincing victory in Champaign-Urbana laid waste the theories of Larry’s beard and “a white QB”.  Any subsequent defeats will require new excuses.




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