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August20/ 2016

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…. You will NEVER hear a Liberal say….

… If THAT is what it takes to win….  I’d rather lose the election.

Liberal Democrat politicians, and their staffs and constituents are SERIOUS about Doing whatever it takes to WIN an election.  Politics is their Religion.

Liberals / Democrats view their politicial demagogues at any given point in time as messiahs to be trusted and followed without question regardless.   It is “religious” with them.   Any negatives pertaining to their messiahs …. either they simply don’t know about, or they totally dismiss “because”.

They follow blindly.  Enjoying a level of blissful ignorance that is incomprehensible to “us”.

Repubs start thinking about an election a few months out. Stick a yard sign by their mailbox. Send a few candidates checks for $25 …. and make sure they have someone to blame when our side gets beat. …. Plenty to choose from this time around. Huh?

Yes, “the media” openly shills for Democrats.  Yes, Democrats have turned Voter Fraud into an art form.  Yes, they have enslaved The Black Vote on The Entitlement Plantation…. etc etc etc…. So – So – So?  How long have Republicans pissed and moaned about these fundamental realities?   Nothing has changed.

Winners tell jokes (and appoint “Supremes” for LIFE) ….. Losers cry Foul.

That statement: If THAT is what it takes to win ……….. I would rather lose. is uttered by prospective and active Republican / Conservative candidates and voters all the time.

Repub/Conserv #1 Weakness is faux-Integrity.

“Our side” doesn’t realize that Politics in The New Millennium is A BLOOD SPORT. It is not for the faint-hearted or anyone over-burdened with a conscience.  That is why Liberals are so “good” at it.  If you are not willing to “do whatever it takes” – You will Lose.  Once your enemy learns “the level you won’t go to”, they go there…. knowing you won’t stop them.

Your opponent is not playing under the same rules you impose upon yourself.   Ask any combat veteran about how the Nazis and Japanese and Viet Cong felt about The Geneva Convention.

“Too much integrity” is not as universally true as it used to be.  There are some Repub politicians these days who try to be as ruthless as Lib/Dems.   But they are amateurs by comparison.  There are depths they “won’t go to”.



I have a favorite historical analogy that best illustrates this point:

There was almost no American Revolution against King George / England in 1776. Because England came very very close to being run-out of America during The French & Indian War 1754 – 1763. Also called The Seven Years’ War.

France and England were in direct competition to colonize North America. France from the North – Canada …. And the South – Louisiana / Mexico. English colonies began on the Eastern Seaboard – Carolinas, Virginia, New England. It was inevitable that the two world powers would eventually collide in “the new world”.

The French had allied themselves with the Indian (“Native American”) tribes along the Canadian border / New York State area. So French & Indian War is confusing. It was The French & The Indians VERSUS The English.Last Mohicans

The best historical perspective on those times is James Fenimore Cooper’s Leatherstocking Tales the best-known of which is Last Of The Mohicans – The adventures of Hawkeye (Deerslayer) and his Mohican sidekick Chinachgook.

In the early years of the conflict, the French (& Indians) had the upper hand. It was not going well at all for the British. Despite the fact that England supposedly had the best army of those days.

The British army “style” was to wear colorful red uiforms…. march in straight line formations and engage their enemies across wide-open fields. Two armies assemble on opposing sides of the field and “march into battle” meeting in the middle for brutal hand-to-hand / small arms combat. Superior numbers usually prevailed with both sides suffering heavy losses. Assuring your opponent had the sun in his eyes was “strategy”. Despite the resultant bloody carnage, it was considered the gentlemanly way to wage war.

That had been the way the Romans did it as well as the various Anglo-Saxon tribes that settled England. The movie Braveheart showed that form of combat.

So, back to North America in the late 1750s…. and the French and their Indian allies were mincemeating the British army.

But Wait More




There was a young officer in the British army who had a special flair for military strategy. He noticed how the French/Indian waged war…. and how, in the dense forests of North America, it gave them an enormous advantage against the British doing it “The British Way”..

The Indians had taught the French how to fight (and win) in the environment of this particular War. A pretty simple strategy really.

…. (1) Wear dark colors that conceal you in the forest i.e. camaflogue. Discard the bright uniforms the French wore in Europe.
…. (2) Hide behind trees where the enemy can’t see you. Sneak up on them.
…. (3) When the British march by in formation, wearing their red uniforms…. Kill’em.
…. (4) Sneak up on your enemy under the dark of night and cut their throats.  (The Indians added “and take their scalps as trophies”.  The French never went quite that far).

The aforementioned young British officer took his observations to his commanding officer…. With suggestions how the British could adapt that strategy themselves and perhaps doing so…. win the War…. So America could defeat them twenty years later. He left out that last part for a reason I will explain in just a minute.

Initially his idea was rejected. “It’s not how we British do it. It is crude and lacks honor. We will not stoop to such cowardly acts.” …. Sound familiar?

So the British continued to lose…. and lose…. and lose. Eventually the English General called the young officer back…. Reconsidered his plan…. Adopted it. Ergo…. The British won The French & Indian War.

But Wait More




…. Twenty years later the British army was defeated in The American Revolution.

Raise your hand if you know whats coming next. Yep.George WashingtonX

That young officer who convinced the British to change their tactics in order to WIN was none other than

George Washington.

The same George Washington that “Little Washington” in Beaufort County is named for. …. The one who “could not tell a lie” and “threw a dollar across The Potomac (which WAS a lie) as was the story about the cherry tree and sleeping in all those beds…. He did however have wooden teeth.

Unlike your run-of-the-mill Repub/Conserv politician these days…. George realized that “losing with honor” is LOSING. He adapted his strategy to best capitalize on his opponents’ weaknesses and exploit them.

WAR, be it “military” or “political”, is about WINNING.

To Quote George Patton:

The Purpose of War is NOT to die for your cause. …. It is to make the son-of-a-bitch on the other side die for his cause.

Say what you will about Donald Trump’s quirky personality and very unorthodox style of campaigning. Whine about “some quirky comment” that tweaked your inflated sense of propiety….. believe the mainstream media propaganda crap.  “….while in school at Wharton, Trump might have practiced cannibalism and he probably still does.”  …. Do you really wish the GOP was running a “traditional candidate” like Bob Dole – John McCain – Mitt Romeny…. Aaaaiieeeeee!

Guess what.  Those “liberal friends of yours” you persist in debating also wish the nominee was just another empty suit.

Or…. dress up in camoflague, hide behind a tree and cut the throat of every lousey liberal that marches by…. FIGURETIVELY SPEAKING OF COURSE.


If you are following the latest controversy re: Dana Perino’s comments…. I totally agree with her.  We will discuss “that” in depth in the days to come.

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