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August17/ 2016

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Imagine a World without the ALLCAPS key !!!  I’ve been Thinking too much. I need to stop Thinking and just post stuff.

My SaidWhatMedia mentor and Internet Legend comrade-in-arms – BobLee – says:

“When I finally realized I probably can not Save Western Civilization; I dialed back my expectations to:  just help “good folks” get thru each day. … AND cause as many Lib/Dem heads to explode as possible while doing so. “

The definition of “good folks” can get a little murky.  There are “some” Conserv/Repubs out there who are kinda scary.  OK, really scary.

If you glean anything here that might improve your ranking as a board-certified Facebook / Twitter Authority on Everything, feel free to pilfer. Lord knows, Social Media sure needs more Authorities on Everything……!


Have you noticed: The Latest sub-Category to attract Social Media Know-It-Alls is Registered Republicans telling you 101 Reasons Why they will NOT vote for Donald Trump AND…..

Not content to simply “not vote for Trump” themselves (I totally get that), they feel compelled to depress that ALLCAPS key and DEMAND that you and I don’t vote for Donald Trump either. Do Not invite these people to your Saturday tailgate. Trust me. Don’t do it.

If all those Wizards of Smarts on social media who “know what Trump is all about” applied their awesome brainpower to medical science – Cancer, Alzheimers and Hiccups would all be cured by Friday.

Compare these traitorous bastards to the Vichy French. When Hitler’s Army invaded France the Vichy meekly surrended to Hitler and kissed his Nazi butt hoping for favors from their conquerors. When The Allies defeated Hitler and were restoring order to France, those among the French who had NOT surrendered made certain to point out the Vichy for their just desserts.

I WILL be voting for Donald Trump (under The Lesser of Two Evils amendment) and I will remember these “traitors” who must be hoping President Hillary will appoint them as low-level functionaries in her Let’s Destroy America regime.

But Wait More




NEVER confuse a millennial’s “ability to connect to the Cloud” with basic intelligence. Computer tech-savvy is to general intelligence – as – a donkey is to a thoroughbred.

Anyone 30 and under who went thru public education is a LOT less “smart” than he/she/(insert gender de jour) thinks they are… or were told they are by “school officials”.   Public education in America began going to hell in a hurry twenty years ago and bears no similarity to any “schooling” that any baby boomer experienced.

Never choose a millennial as your partner in Team Jeopardy unless the categories are The Kardashians – Genderbending – Boy Bands of the 90s and Cooking w/ Tofu

But Wait More




Is “It” All Over? Assuming “it” means the 2016 Presidential Race. No, “it” is not over…. there are 8 weeks to go and all sorts of bizarre crap could, and probably will, happen.

If you are hearing / reading “it” is over then you are reading / listening to “The Mainstream Media”. If you are still doing that then you deserve all the accompanying digestive disorders associated with doing that.

The Mainstream Media is NOT “partisan” or “biased”. That implies they are independent of the two warring factions, but are favoring one over the other while pretending otherwise.  Hello! They stopped “pretending” eight years ago.

The Mainstream Media is as much an integral part of The Liberal War Machine as The Luftwaffe was a part of The Nazi War Machine or The Viet Cong was a part of the NVA. ….. as much a dedicated wing of Liberalism as The Unions …. Black Lives Matter ….. The LGBT Gender Terrorists …. et al.

If you subscribe to a McClatchy newspaper (Raleigh / Charlotte) you are contributing to Hillary Clinton’s war chest with your check. Rationalize however you wish, but that IS what you are doing. Are Obituaries THAT important to you?

But Wait More




I dare you…. Find any Human Resource Manager of any Fortune 1000 company who would ever hire “a snowflake” to do anything. You don’t know what “a snowflake” is ??

Go stand in the middle of any Liberal Arts College’s “quad” and play 30-second of Rush Limbaugh’s bumper music. Everyone whose head explodes was a “snowflake”.

Hike the volume up loud enough and you can wipe out dozens of these pitiful little pretend people.

But Wait More




Who is “the enemy”? To Liberals, You & I & Folks like us are The #1 Enemy. #1 over ISIS…. #1 over North Korea…. #1 over The ChiComms…. #1 over Putin’s Russkies…. and CERTAINLY #1 over Black Lives Matter a/k/a Obama’s Personal Urban Militia.

You & I & Us are Liberals’ #1 Most Despised Enemy.  They hate us so much there isn’t enough “hate” left over in them for any of those other threats to Western Civilization.

White Heterosexual Christian Americans are the #1 Threat to Liberals’ concept of World Domination. Keep that in mind as you insist on maintaining your “friendships” with any Liberals.

But Wait More




Simply registering as a (D) does NOT automatically raise one’s IQ 50 points… despite what CNN, WRAL or any McClatchy newspaper might tell you. Rumor has it The DNC will start awarding MENSA keys to any (D) that can pick “D” out of the alphabet. …. You get as many guesses as it takes.  AfAms and “illegals” get 26 guesses.

But Wait More




I spoke recently with a long-time regional media executive. He says…. EVERYONE still employed at The News & Observer “has resumes on the street”. The total employees is about half what it was a year ago. Those desperate to leave before they are “downsized” describe it as “a horrible working environment”.

The N&O Ad Dept has stopped even trying to sell ads for their shrinking print edition. The total emphasis is on ads for their web site…. With ever-limited success. …. The “pay-wall” concept has been a total failure.  They passed DESPERATE about three months ago.

If that is the case in Raleigh… it is also the case in Charlotte. If 500 non-liberals cancelled subscriptions today, their lights might go out by Thanksgiving.


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