The State of North Carolina… DEVASTATED ??

July22/ 2016

The Greatest “Loss” to North Carolina since “The Colony” at Manteo.

…. as traumatic as Dean Smith’s death

…. as impossible to comprehend as Barney and Thelma Lou breaking up …..

Infamous North Carolina Democrat Dan Blue, rousing his easily-roused rabble, summed it up on Thursday:

“This is a DEVASTATING blow to our state. One that will take North Carolina years to recover from economically ….”


Whoa there Mr Blue…. you might want to switch to Decaf.

Snappy Lunch…. Has PETA outlawed hushpuppies?

…. Has Mt Airy’s Snappy Lunch served it’s last pork chop sandwich ? 

…. Is Bojangles going “sushi” ?

…. Is Cheerwine the latest cause of Global Warming ?

…. Have Yankees found a new route to Florida instead of I-95?

Nope. None of those TRULY DEVASTATING events.

Just very strange NBA Commissioner Adam Silver moving his mid-season NBA exhibition game away from Charlotte…  Oh! Is that all?

If that does not quite reach “DEVASTATED” on your scale, then congratulations.  You have a functioning brain.

A quick counter to Mr Blue’s economic illogic…. If not getting $$$ you never had is DEVASTATING to an economy, then the $$$ saved when we don’t have a Hurricane is a Windfall.   A regular hurricane might cause $200,000,000 damage Downeast,… so by NOT having one we “make that $$$” using Mr Blue’s math.  Ergo:  Not having a hurricane is twice as profitable as having an NBA All-Star Game.   VOILA!

My 1st Thought when I read Dan Blue hyperbolic lament was “Is Sheila Jackson-Lee writing Dan Blue’s material these days?” “Sheila” is a quite insane AfAm woman from Houston. Even the short list of Very Stoopid Crap Sheila Has Said would turn this column into War & Peace. If Sheila did not write that hyperbolic crap for Dan, she coulda.

My 2nd Thought was there actually are humanoids out there that WILL BELIEVE that hyperbolic crap. The same ones that actually vote for flim flammers the likes of Dan Blue and Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts (and her Seven Cronies)…. and some state senator clown named Jeff Jackson

Peter AnlyanMy 3rd Thought was “Gee, I wonder if Jim Goodmon’s stooge – Peter Anlyan – was involved in making up that $100,000,000 Economic Impact Flim Flam? It was Peter, of course, who authored the unforgettable “….. at least 80,000. Maybe more” for the turnout at one of Bill Barber’s Hoot ‘n Hates a few years ago.  The actual mob turnout was “around 5,000” !!  To Peter’s defense he was simply doing what Boss Goodmon told him to do.

The $100,000,000 Impact absurdum was obviously aimed at the same dim-witted constituency that believed Peter’s “at least 80,000”.   Both of McClatchy’s failing newspapers in Charlotte and Raleigh, and Jim Goodmon’s WRAL have turned their rabid dogs loose on this DEVASTATION.   Comparisons forthcoming no doubt  to Hurricanes Hazel, Hugo, Floyd and Katrina as well as eruptions of Mount St Helen’s, Vesuvius and Krakatoa and the DEVASTATING collapse of The Golden State Warriors in The NBA Finals.  ….. That anyone dumb enough to believe the $100,000,000 impact crap has ever heard of Vesuvius or Krakatoa is irrelevant.

Howsabout a snazzy bit of photo-journalism…. comparison of Charlotte’s fabled intersection of Trade & Tryon after “the DEVASTATING News” to Walking DeadNawlins’ Bourbon Street post-Katrina.   Maybe B-roll of attorneys, bankers and transgenders stumbling along like Walking Dead extras…. too stunned to fully comprehend the DEVASTATION. ….. jeeeezzzz.

I did notice that the lying weasels in “the media” did take pity on those goobers that truly believed the $100,000,000 pile o’ crap. They did not tell them the DEVASTATING impact of some whozit school in New York canceling a Field Hockey game w/ UNCCH this Fall. That, the Demi Lovato concert, and all those Vermont state employees not coming to NC might send too many folks into a lifetime of therapy.

FOLKS: If Eeeeevil Pat McCrory and the even Eeeeviler Republicans in the NCGA all conspired to Outlaw Summer ….. the combined economic impact of THAT on Wrightsville Beach, Topsail Beach, Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, Morehead City, and Duck would not equal $100,000,000.Adam Silver

Speaking of “Duck”… that NBA’s Adam Silver certainly is a very odd one.  You know he went to Duke.

I’m not going to get into the FACTS about HB2. By this time you have either (1) bought into the very well-funded LGBT Gender Terrorists’ Global War on HB2 …. Or (2) you actually read the bill.

NOTE:  Yes.  I saw where Coach K, Ol’ Roy, Gott and some whozit at Elon all did the quite expected “grab their ankles & pander to recruits” in expressing their displeasure with HB2.   Luckily for Roy he was NOT asked (1) if he has a clue what HB2 is…. or (2) if he knew who the Governor is…. or (3) what the GBT stands for in LGBT.

FYI:  I am NOT a big fan of Governor Pat McCrory and I have major issues with the so-called majority leadership of The NC House.  I am NOT defending anything they have done.  I AM an aggressive opponent of “liberals” and the “liberal media” in particular.

With the help of AgentPierce I am going to debunk the DEVASTATION Hysteria being spread by a lying media, by Dan Blue, Jeff Jackson and their ilk. Bet you didn’t know that Pierce spent 20 years doing quite bogus Economic Impact Projections.  Uh Oh! Last week Pierce offered up the following commentary on The Economic Impact Myth.

If you don’t have time to read Pierce’s outstanding piece…. The only business niche that MIGHT suffer from No NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte will be the local strip clubs and escort services. If that includes you…. you have my deepest sympathy.

If you think this Much Ado About Not Much is ridiculous…. just you wait until mid-October.  The same people touting this hysteria will be REALLY in high gear then.  You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!


The Great Economic Impact Myth .. LINK

AgentPierceSaid…. JULY 12 / 2016

If you are “a bettor”, push all your chips to the middle of the table that The NBA All-Star Game will NOT be held in Charlotte this coming season.

That the game WILL be held in Charlotte as scheduled is less likely than Bev “Dumplin” Purdue was once interviewed by Roger Ailes’ for Fox & Friends hostess. WHOA…. Sorry to sneak that one in on you. Take a deep cleansing breath and you’ll be fine.

That NBA All-Star Game for Charlotte was toast the moment the LGBT gender terrorists launched their Global War on HB2 and on “folks like me & maybe you” and on everyone in the NCGA with an R behind their name. That was back in early April in case you can’t remember a time without HB2 in the daily headlines.

Unless you own an interest in, or are employed by, a strip club or an escort service in Greater Charlotte, No NBA All-Star Game will NOT mean no Thanksgiving, Christmas or college for your kids….   READ MORE



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