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July22/ 2016

You finally figured out that other website format. Now We changed it!  Aaaiiee! No Fair! …. Chill BobLee Buddies and Babes. It’s all very good.

This new website format is more user-friendly than any website you will ever visit. All the features you want without any of the annoying crap that most sites are forcing on you these days.

…. (1) Over 50% of you visit this site via “mobile devices” i.e. smartphone or pad. That % will increase as mobile technology improves. This new Smartphonesformat is VERY user-friendly for mobile devices without sacrificing readability via desktops and laptops. Our new whizbang techies will keep us state-of-the-art in multi-platform compatibility.

.. We are now on super-duper secure servers immune to all but the most diabolical hackers in deepest darkest Yemen.

…. (2) We have combined the BL Featured Columns and QuirkyNews in ONE stream of columns. One Master Archive. You probably never knew or cared anyway. They are both BobLee’s incredibly insightful takes on whatever….. and well worth time spent enjoying them. ….. FWIW we are going to “try” and keep our essays under 1,000 words. No such promises for the length of NCState68’s mighty missives.

Our Eight Most Recent Postings will always be visible on The Home Page. The IMAX Frame – i.e. That Big Picture up top – will usually be The Latest BLS Essay. The Seven Posts below that are the seven other most recent posts in chronological order / most recent at top of the list.


.. Below those seven it’s says Click Here For More….. your doorway into an Archive of all 2,000+ BL columns since 1998. …. a wonderful way to while away a very long lay-over in Chicago, Atlanta, Thailand or wherever.

…. (3) See those (Google) Ads over there on the right? They are ever-rotating pictures that you can click on for product info, to buy or whatever. Those ads will NOT interfere in any way with “just reading the freakin’ columns”. There will NEVER be a dreaded “pop-up” on this site; or a hidden audio link that you can’t turn-off. I hate those!  These ads are Not Intrusive at all.  Oh, and Kennel, I don’t pick those ads.  Google does.

…. (4) There IS a direct link to our pal AgentPierce’s site but you have to want to go there to get there. AP’s POV is not everyone’s cuppa tea. But, if you are curious, a direct link is there for you.

. . . FYI:  Pierce’s Latest essay on the NBA AllStar Game Pile o’ Crap has gone Double Platinum – LINK !!

…. (5) We did away with Podcasts.  BabsFromDerm didn’t like’em plus …. they took time / attention from what we do best – write incredibly clever entertaining essays.

The twin purposes of this website are #1: to Entertain You …. and #2: provide BobLee a “bully pulpit” from which to say “I told you so” when his insightful predictions come true. On the rare occasion they don’t; well, we conveniently ignore those. ☺Computer

…. (6) Our ever-popular Reader Comments are the same. We are considering upgrading to DISCUS but I doubt we will. This current system allows you to stay anonymous and does not require a Facebook account. We think both of those features are important. We are fortunate not to “attract trolls”. Disagreeing with BobLee does NOT make you “a troll”. Being a jackass does. We always encourage civil debate here.

We encourage more of you to join in the commenting. Your privacy is always protected. That email requirement is only to keep out SPAM.

…. (7) My new whizbang techies asked me “What Audience” am I going after? My answer was “Everyone else on Earth that fits the same audience profile I already have….”. i.e. People Just Like You. This has always been a Baby Boomer-centric crowd. You know how I feel about “board monkeys”. THAT will never change.

Ernest TIf you think “the world before Michael Jordan hit the jumper in 1982” was a formless void you really should not be here. Same for anyone who doesn’t know Ernest T. Bass. Just go away.


OK…. Enough about WHAT’S NEW. There may be a bug or two to stomp on; but once in high gear this new website should puurrrr right along with minimal / no hassles. …. I say while “knocking on wood”.

If you have any questions or something isn’t working right for you…. or anything – let us know. Others may be having the same issue.  So…. now:



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