Art re: “…. bigoted backwoods” North Carolina

Backwoods NC
July21/ 2016

The subject HB2 v NBA screams CONTROVERSIAL so you just know yours truly would weigh in…. and that “my buddy” over at WCHL would too. Indeed Mother Chansky’s peripitetic son – Arthur – did.

A slight difference being I write to a somewhat broader audience.  Art, on the other hand, has an audience maybe best described as akin to Ivory soap ….. “99 and 44/100% pure” stereotyped hard-core goggle-eyed, spittle-spewing, faux-intellectual, NCGA-despisin’ “mainstream moderates”.

NOTE: “mainstream moderate” being the way every hard-core, spittle-spewing, faux-intellectual left-wing radical describes him/herself.  Using the confines of Chapel Hill as one’s universe – and that IS Art’s universe – that description is accurate.

….. it certainly helps that Art is as 99 and 44/100% ideologically lock-step as any Prius-driving, bitter clinger-hating, Obama/Hillary lovin’, multi bumper-sticker bedecked humanoid “over yonder”.

There is a reason that the first advice every Chapel Hill realtor gives a new resident is “whatever you do, never stray off the Interstate…. trust us, just don’t.”

So it should not surprise anyone that Art took to his WCHL microphone and Chapelboro column to refer to North Carolina as regards to HB2, asDeliverance

“…bigoted, back-woods”

Art is certainly not the first Chapel Hillian, nor be the last, to “go there”.   To Art’s credit he left out the usual references to NASCAR and Mayberry …. and a cheapshot at anyone / anything connected to NC State University.

As one who has written umpteen coffee-table books extolling Dean Smith as the 4th member of The Holy Trinity; Art has a rather narrow and unflattering opinion of that Raleigh-based institution and everyone connected to it.   Also the prevailing view of Art’s fellow Franklin Streeters of course.

Having worked for three years as Art’s partner on WCHL’s The Good Sports pre-game show, I can assure you that varying from a bitter-clinger-hating mindset to that audience WILL indeed bring the wrath of 50,000 “mainstream moderates” down upon one. I got more “get rid of that a**-***e” fan letters in just three years than all the on-air personalities in WCHL’s history. I use that “honor” as a resume enhancer. ….. Be assured Art’s extreme “mainstream moderate” POV is quite genuine.

So anyway…. Here is Art’s totally predictable take on HB2 / NBA.   FWIW…. if Art proffered any other opinion he would quickly become “whatever happened to Art Chansky?”.

It did occur to me that Art and our own Bre’r Kennel are in 110% agreement on this one. Bre’r being equally “mainstream moderate” for sure. Maybe I will suggest to Art that he invite BK over to WCHL ….. heheheheeee.



Art Chansky Re: HB2 / NBA and “….. bigoted, backwoods” NC

From 20,000 feet, North Carolina looks as bad as it can get.

The NBA pulling its All-Star Game from Charlotte is one of those stories that make North Carolina look like a bigoted, back-woods state. This morning, millions of people around the country are hearing it on ESPN and seeing the 72-point headlines, and drawing yet another conclusion that a leader of industry, entertainment and corporate business is, at its core, just part of the racist South.

To them House Bill 2 is an old story, a tagline for Colbert, Kimmel and Fallon. Most people don’t even know what the law means – just something about the LBGT community – whatever that is – making public bathrooms dangerous for our kids. They’ve stopped reading the details months ago. All they know is that it’s bad enough that Bruce Springsteen cancelled his concert in Greensboro, the NBA is pulling out and other states are banning THEIR corporate business from meeting in North Carolina.


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