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July15/ 2016

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STOP BLAMING “THE MEDIA” ….. Listen up all of you bitter clinging God-Lovin’ Caucasian Americans who will read this. I have been giving out beau coups of rock-solid sage advice here for more than a few years. IF you had taken just 50% of that sage advice; and then passed on 50% of that 50% to at least five more “like-minds” then we (i.e. America) might not be….

…. hanging by a fingernail from falling into The Abyss with all those other Failed Civilizations thru out history. But you didn’t. So here we are are.

Until we – America – are totally consumed by the fires of Eternal Hell, I will keep on keeping on. The alternative – Quit – does have appeal; but you can’t spell Q-U-I-T without “U” and “I” so …..

You read that title up above and you’re all fired up to go ALL CAPS RAGE on me. Right?

Good, I have you right where I want you.

Yes. It is time “we” (U and I) stop simply Blaming “The Media” for totally misleading and blatantly lying to that sizable faction of America too brain-dead stoopid to realize they are being totally misled and lied to every day.

It is time to put Names and Faces on “The Media”.

Stop using a bland collective noun – “the media” – that means not much of anything…. and certainly does not expose the specific individuals doing the misleading and down-right lying every day.

Even when you refer to “the mainstream media” or, Rush’s term, – “The Drive-By Media” – you are not putting a name and a face on these journo-cockroaches…. these ink-stained weasels …. these blow-dried airhead twits.


How many times have you seen Capital Broadcasting’s / WRAL’s Jim Goodmon’s name and face on this website? One helluva lot of times and you will continue to see it here. Hopefully some of you now know about Jim Goodmon – The Triangle’s #1 Limo Liberal – North Carolina’sJim Goodmon George Soros…. A quite manically-obsessed Trust Fund codger, eat up with limo liberal guilt, who went out and hired a team of amoral dumpster-divers specifically to defame and denigrate Republicans, Conservatives, and anyone in NC “like you and I” that Ol’ Jim so despises.

“Goofy O’ Jim’s” zealotry is about to the point where he stands out front of WRAL’s studios on Western Blvd and throws rocks at any passing cars without a Hillary bumper sticker. Ol’ Jim needs stronger meds.

Goodmon’s dumpster-divers Laura Leslie and Mark Binker share Jim’s constipated hatred for “people like us”. That’s fine. They are all as entitled to their deep-seated bias as we are to ours. But lets put names and faces to their dirty work when they pose as “journalists”.


Same goes for McClatchy’s Gangs at The News & Observer and Charlotte Observer. How many of you didn’t know both failing newspapers are owned by the very very left-wing McClatchy Corp in Sacramento CA?

….. Even worse, how many of you still subscribe to either newspaper? I won’t ask for a show of hands, but SHAME ON YOU. You might as well send that $80/quarter straight to Hillary Clinton or Roy Cooper or Deborah Ross or that dimwitted Mayor of Charlotte – Jennifer Roberts – and her seven cronies who started the whole HB2 debacle.

Whatever excuse you use for still subscribing to either McClatchy paper…. is a flimsy excuse for which you should be ashamed. It takes, at most, one week to “break the habit” of “a morning paper with your cup of coffee”. I did it ten years ago. It only took me two days.

If just 20% of Conservatives who still subscribe (not to mention advertise??) to either paper would cancel those subscriptions…. neither paper could pay their light bills next month.   They barely can any way.

Simply making fun of either of those papers with trite clichés nicknames – “The News & Disturber” – “that fish-wrapper” – or whatever, does zilch. GET PERSONAL with those sorry no-account SOBs.

The longtime Publisher of The N&O – Orage Quarles – retired last month. He was basically “just a bag man” to send daily receipts to “the bosses” in Sacramento. His “retirement” (wink, wink) saved the very cash-poor newspaper in excess of $500,000/year. The naming of his successor will be delayed as long as possible for obvious rea$on$.

It was under Quarles’ watch that The N&O committed The Greatest Journalistic Embarrassment of The New Millenium – The Duke Lacrosse Scandal – and #2 – how it did NOT report The John Edwards’ Sex Scandal. Oddly, neither of those were mentioned in his gJohn Drescherlowing By By Orage testimonial.

The N&O’s #2 man is Exec Editor John Drescher.  I know John to be “a good decent fellow” whose primary job is to make weak excuses for his paper’s daily shortcomings both editorially and financially.  John’s “Teddy Ruxpin Recorded Message” is “as Editor I have nothing whatsoever to do with our Editorial Department.  We hardly even talk except to exchange pleasantries in the halls blah blah ….”

John Drescher’s version of “I did not have sex with that woman” and “Bengazi…. What difference does it make, really.”

Both The N&O’s and Observer’s Editorial and News Departments are now staffed by beady-eyed, wet-nosed radical left-wing Woodward&Bernstein wannabes with cheap haircuts.

FYI: Having down-sized most of their veteran reporters, what’s left are these no-talent junior millennials who “work cheap”. We know how much misguided millennials LOVE “not-for-profits”.   Any McClatchy newspaper is certainly a “not-for-profit” these days.

John’s news / reporting staff has been in “downsizing” mode for the past five years. They no longer call them “Black Friday” …. just “another Friday” as someone carries out his/her personal effects in a cardboard box. It has gotten so bad, the downsized have to supply their own cardboard boxes.

It is as bad or worse in Charlotte. Both McClatchy operations have sold their office buildings in the past three months for “whatever they could get”. They will be relocating to more compact quarters since both have jettisoned well over 60% of their staffs the past five years.

After decades of insulting AT LEAST 50% of their subscriber market on a daily basis and instead cow-towing to a “diverse constituency” that would neither subscribe nor advertise with them –  They are reaping the disastrous results of their misguided business model. “Misguided” is a popular adjective around McClatchy newspapers.

When you read a blatant left-wing hit-piece screed in any newspaper – Call Out the reporter or editorial zealot whose name is on the article. Put a name to the journo-weasel.Jim Morrill

I gave The N&O’s “crackerjack newshound” Rob Christensen the nickname RobRielleWho about five years ago. It stuck to the supercilious prig. Someone come up with a nice derogatory name for Rob’s counter part Jim Morrill in Charlotte.

The same “name & face” approach ANYTIME you read / see / hear blatant lies and libelous crap from “the media”.

Those of you around The Triad, you know who the names / faces are at the also financially imperiled News & Record.  OUT THEM!

Whether it be local – regional – state-wide – or nationally. Do not let these weasels hide behind an anonymous curtain of “the media”.

Drag these arrogant weasels out kicking and screaming into the light of day.  Like all vampires…. they can’t stand exposure to The Light.


Speaking of misleading lies from “the media”….

If you missed our “Exploding The Economic Impact Myth” …. here:  LINK.

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