AgentPierce: The Economic Impact Myth

July12/ 2016

If you are “a bettor”, push all your chips to the middle of the table that The NBA All-Star Game will NOT be held in Charlotte this coming season.

That the game WILL be held in Charlotte as scheduled is less likely than Bev “Dumplin” Purdue being Roger Ailes’ next Fox & Friends hostess. WHOA…. Sorry to sneak that one in on you. Take a deep cleansing breath and you’ll be fine.

That NBA All-Star Game for Charlotte was toast the moment the LGBT gender terrorists launched their Global War on HB2 and on “folks likeLGBT Protest me & you” and on everyone in the NCGA with an R behind their name. That was back in early April in case you can’t remember a time without HB2 in the daily headlines.

Hey, you want to have some fun?  Go stand out in front of your local “gay bar” and ask ten people what “HB” stands for in HB2.  If even two of the ten know it’s House Bill, I’ll give you a Vote For Kay Hagen bumpersticker.

At the risk of being clichéd…. I could care less about The All-Star Game or The NBA or The Hornets or Panthers or…. or…. or. If NASCAR threatens to take away Bruton Smith’s races at CMS…. I’m OK with that too. Will The PGA / USGA say no more golf tournaments in North Carolina? I’m OK there too.

Tell me again- What is a Demi Lovato?  …. and are all those Vermont state employees still boycotting us?  I swear I saw “Ben & Jerry” at Char-Grill last week.

I hope this unprecedented “morality extortion” DOES stop short of White Hetero Christians forbidden to go to ‘da beach” unless HB2 is repealed…. and we have LGBT armed militia doing genitalia inspections at shopping malls. If yours (genitals) are what you were born with, you can’t shop there…. Oh My!

OK… if I had written all that back in February (pre Mayor Jennifer Roberts’ Seven vote / pre HB2) you would have said “how absurd”. Doesn’t sound all that absurd now, does it? That is how quickly the LGBT gender terrorists have intimidated and taken full control of “the media”. And you’re still making jokes about checking for Adam’s Apples before you pee at a urinal….

Actually the gender terrorists had already taken control over your local print & electronic media long before last March, but you didn’t notice.  Too busy living your daily life to notice?  Crazy Ol’ Jim Goodmon standing out in front of WRAL studios on Western Blvd throwing rocks at cars should have been a clue.

Lets get to The Great Economic Impact Myth. I know more about this than you do unless you also spent 18 years in the Tourism bizness promoting that myth. I did.

There IS an economic impact to Tourism. Shutdown The Bonner Bridge to OBX…. or announce a hurricane coming and see what that does to the economy of Morehead or Wrightsville Beach. The influx of spending by tourists can be significant to economies primarily dependent on come&go visitors. Charlotte is not such a economy.

When NBA Commissioner Adam Silver (a Duke grad and a very strange-looking human) does pull The All-Star Game – and he will –Adam Silver it will NOT have a “close the Bonner Bridge or “a hurricane is coming” effect on The Great State of Mecklenburg. But the LGBT gender terrorists want you to think so.  Many of you will (think so).

NOTE:  Adam Silver is soooo strange-looking he HAD to be a hard-core Liberal.  He never really had an option.  I guess he could be some sort of Vice-Chancellor at UNCCH.  They are all quite strange space alien-esque too.

It will NOT be No Mardi Gras for New Orleans. It will NOT be No Spring Break for Panama City. Hellfire, it won’t even be No Hollerin Contest for Spivey’s Corner which, I read, is no longer going to happen. Imagine THAT Economic Impact on Spivey’s Corner.

Did they do away with The Hollerin’ Contest because transsexuals don’t holler?

The primary on-the-ground “impact” of No All-Star Game for Charlotte will be to the event planners in the area. Very few if any “regular fans” will attend. The tickets are incredibly expensive and go to Adam Silver’s pals on Madison Avenue and The Rap Music Industry. 20,000 hotel rooms will NOT go empty…. Up-scale restaurants catering to expense-accounters will be as busy as ever.   The Billy Graham Museum will still have a full parking lot.  Even the notorious Charlotte Strip Club industry will still be laundering $$$ for the drug cartels or whatever strip clubs do.Strip Club

MAYBE…. The strippers will miss out on a few VIP parties as, apparently, millionaire rappers like to “make it rain” tossing handfuls of “Benjamins” in the air. I am not an expert on the income streams of strip clubs and escort services. Is Charlotte really THAT dependent on that niche economy? I bet Patrick Cannon could tell us. What is visiting day at Patrick’s Club Fed?

OK…. The RitzCarlton won’t get to institute their notorious “special drink prices for black folks” made famous during the CIAA…. another Economic Impact Scam that Charlotte voters fell for.

But AgentPierce…. what about the “little people” that operate concessions at The Arena.  They will miss a night’s work.  ???  I’ll ask David Chadwick and that guy – Steve – with the other MegaChurch to add those “little people who sell popcorn” to their benevolence list next Sunday.  Next question.

As an insider of the Economic Impact Scam Game let me let you in on a little secret. 96% of Economic Impact is pure B***S***.  Specifically designed to scare voters to vote for totally unnecessary bond issues to build stadiums / arenas for needy (?) billionaires. When “tourism officials” come up with Economic Impact figures they follow Two Cardinal Rules:

…. (1) Make it – the “Impact” – A HELLUVA LOT (of money) but NOT so much that even the ever-so-gullible public will know you are BSing them. Leave enough leeway that you can simply add a few more zeroes if the first incredibly inflated “impact figure” doesn’t scare the bejebbers out of’em.

…. (2) Tell “them” (gullible public) that all that “new money” from The Whatever will go to “cure cancer” ….. save The Children ….. save the environment …. fund more abortions ….. or, if all else fails…. Reduce Rush Hour Traffic. That last one usually gets to everyone.

ALL that #2 stuff is pure BS of course but by the time everyone realizes that, The Whatever is long past (except for the very expensive “clean-up” no one budgeted for) and the same scam artists are pitching the next Big Thing.

When Very Strange Adam Silver drops the hammer on Charlotte’s Big Game…. expect The Charlotte Observer to immediately predict all sorts of plagues and catastrophes to begin “any day now” as a direct result of NO ALL-STAR GAME.

Maybe that virus down in Rio…. maybe “killer bees” …. maybe George Shinn will date your daughter?…. All because the “hated” NCGA would not repeal HB2.

Save this column for the usual “AgentPierce Said So” plaudits, which is about the best we can expect with this latest steaming pile o’ crap.


If you came here from BobLee’s column re: DEVASTATION …. then you need to go back there.  Click LINK and you will

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