Daily Haymaker: “Can He Say THAT?”

Daily Haymaker
July10/ 2016

Yours truly has been known to pop a cyber cap on various public officials; elected and/or self-ordained…. but when it comes to “r’ar back and swing from his heels”

My pal The Daily Haymaker is as “Can he actually say THAT?” as it gets.   Yes, he CAN and DOES Say THAT…. and as a result does not get invites to many NCGA socials from either “side of the aisle”.

NOBODY exposes the rascals, scallywags and oily weasels wherever they crawl like DailyHaymaker.  Haymaker has been “banned” more than Lady Chatterly’s Lover and Catcher In The Rye combined.AgentPierce

Catch Daily Haymaker’s latest RIGHT HERE… LINK



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