BLS: UNCCH Pays $795,000 – to a Walk-On!

Kenan Stadium
June22/ 2016

UNC Old WellRemember the UNCCH Football “Walk-On” who had the crap beaten out of him by a gang of his teammates two years ago? Will it help if we add “at the Aloft Hotel”. OK, now you remember.

Well…. Keeping with recent UNCCH tradition that nothing is ever quite what it seems to be…. that curious incident just got curiouser – and considerably more EXPENSIVE – for the UNC System member institution located over yonder in Orange County.

Said institution has agreed to pay $795,000 to Jackson Boyer a/k/a “the walk-on” for the injuries he sustained in what has now been determined “met The University’s Moneydefinition of “hazing”.   And most real-world definitions of “a gang-style mugging”.

That’s right – $795,000.   

FWIW:  That’s more than either Bubba or the Vice Chancellor of Spin & Obfuscation makes.  But less than Gene Chizik makes.

Area sports historians believe that figure – $795,000 – is the most money EVER paid to “a walk-on” in Triangle-area sports history and possibly a record for all Power Five football programs. Whether it merits “a banner” has not been determined.  If so, I’m sure “my buddy” Art Chansky will let us know.  Art is my Go-To Guy for “banners”.

At the time, “what happened” was thought to have involved “a girl”.  Uh Oh!  Possibly “Walk-on” Boyer’s speaking to “a girl” that was involved with one of the perps.

The perps ??? – a group (gang?) of UNC student-athletes who call themselves “The Rude Boys” – came to Boyer’s hotel room to discuss the matter. Words were exchanged.  Boyer ended up on the floor where he was viciously pummeled by said “Rude Boys” to the point of a possible concussion.  “Concussions” are a current matter of concern in Football but usually don’t involve a gang of “Rude Boys” kicking the crap out of “a walk-on” in a hotel room.Boyer

For those of you keeping track and don’t we all.   “The walk-on” is a white kid. The “Rude Boys” are black kids”.  Apparently no one involved was (1) Muslim…. or (2) Gay or Trany or Bi …. (3) nor was a semi-automatic weapon involved.

Another FWIW:  “This one” goes under on Larry’s Watch…. not The Butcher’s.

This took place two years ago so it is safe to assume Donald Trump was NOT a factor. Whether The Rude Boys were wearing do-rags or hoodies was not noted. There was no mention of whether “the walk-on” listens to Talk Radio. Since Boyer was from Chapel Hill, if he does “listen to Talk Radio” it would have to be of the extreme left-wing variety which is all that is allowed “over there”.Pretty Spellings

Any attempt to somehow link much-maligned UNC President Margaret Spellings to this incident is not noted. Since Ms Spellings had never set foot in Chapel Hill two years ago her involvement is  unlikely but might be suggested any way simply “because it is Chapel Hill” and normal rules of sanity don’t apply “over there”.

Soooo….. the university is out $795,000 which will presumably be paid out of the ever-mysterious “secret cash stash” UNCCH uses for such clandestine purposes. A announcement from Chancellor Chihuahua later today that this unbudgeted expense will NOT adversely affect the institution’s on-going efforts towards Diversity, Gender Manipulation, and/or “Going Green.

WRAL-TV5’s Jim Goodmon IS reportedly launching his own investigation into a possible link of “all this” to HB2 and the eeeeevil Repubs in NCGA.  Film at 11.

“The World’s Richest Walk-On” is now “a walk-on” at USC – the one in Los Angeles, not the one in Columbia SC.

In conclusion….

• UNCCH looses ¾ of a million dollars.
• The “walk-on” might have a concussion as well as the ¾ of a mill.
• What about “The Rude Boys”? …. Three of them had to sit out the Liberty game.   OH MY!

Two of The Rude Boys were also involved in yet another physical altercation outside a Fraternity house at 3 in the morning a year or so ago. Said Rude Boys are considered key members of Gene Chizik’s vaunted revamped UNC defense. …. Not that that is relevant, but lets note it anyway.

I was asked on Twitter last night if The Aloft Hotel is owned/managed by notorious UNC Fat Cat “BOTBob” Winston. To my knowledge it is NOT.   I believe it is owned by slightly less notorious UNC Fat Cat / Trustee Roger Perry.

Before Former UNC Trustee Barbara Rosser-Hyde asks “will this hurt recruiting?”…. early indication is Not At All.   In fact, Coach Fedora is receiving numerous e-mails from potential “walk-ons” willing to be human pinatas in exchange for $795,000.




UNC agrees to $795,000 settlement in Jackson Boyer hazing case

Nearly two years after former North Carolina football player Jackson Boyer suffered an alleged concussion during an off-campus hazing incident that involved at least four of his teammates, the university has reached a $795,000 settlement with Boyer and his family.

According to the settlement, a copy of which The News & Observer obtained on Tuesday, the $795,000 that Boyer will receive from UNC “covers all of Jackson Boyer’s actual or potential personal injury claims, including but not limited to, any claim for damages, attorneys’ fees and litigation expenses.”

Boyer was a non-scholarship wide receiver at UNC when on Aug. 4, 2014, he was involved in an altercation at the Aloft Hotel in Chapel Hill, where the football team stays during its weeks long preseason camp. The altercation didn’t become public until weeks later, when Yahoo! Sports reported that Boyer had suffered a concussion during a hazing incident.

Since then it had been unclear whether UNC agreed that the altercation met its official definition of hazing. The university’s settlement with Boyer provides clarity, though.

In addition to the $795,000 payment, which is going into a trust for Boyer, UNC also agreed to pay for all of a mediator’s fees and expenses, and to “continue its good faith, best efforts towards developing healthy team cultures, taking into account the recommendations of the university’s current working group tasked with addressing student issues involving hazing and bullying.”



GUESS WHAT ???   Art Chansky has an opinion on this latest mess ….. LINK

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