Camille Paglia: A Very Smart, Very Funny Woman

Camille Paglia
June13/ 2016

Camille Paglia is THE Smartest Funniest “Lesbian Liberal” Columnist on Earth. Camille Paglia

NOBODY bashes and trashes Hillary like Camille Paglia.  If you don’t follow Camille Paglia…. you oughta…. and you can from now on RIGHT HERE.   You probably won’t go to Salon to catch her columns… so check’em out here at AgentPierceSaid.

FWIW:  Camille and Rush are “friendly enemies”, actually more “friends” than “enemies”. Both enjoy a really good cigar.



Follow Camille Paglia RIGHT HERE …. LINK.

Here are some of Camille’s recent ones….



June 2…. Zombie Time at Campaign Hillary



May 10…. PC Feminists Misfire AGAIN….


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