BLS: Baylor Fires Art Briles. So ??

Art Briles
May27/ 2016

BrilesBaylor sorta kinda fired Head Football Coach Art Briles on Thursday at 3:00 PM…. for whatever his role was in a multi-year series of rapes and assaults by his student-athletes.

I apologize for the delay in telling you what to think about this.  This site has “been in the shop” for a powerwash with a fine-tooth comb by AveryTheSuperTech.

There are 12,875 other comments on the Internet about Art Briles’ Firing.  Rachael Ray probably opined on it while basting a Cornish hen.  Here Goes My $.02…..


Big Time College Football has NOT just experienced a Road To Damascus conversion and henceforth Good will be Rewarded ….. Evil will be Punished…. God Bless America and Aye ZiggaZoomba!   UNCCH basketball alumni are still NOT lining up to show their transcripts.

The next Big Time Power Five Coach to be “caught” will still go Sgt Schultz hoping to somehow weasel out of whatever disgusting “junk” he pretends he never knew about…. and his Fat Cats and board monkeys will believe him.   Schultz

What’s any coach’s alternative to “going Sgt Schultz”?  Admit he knew about it all along and looked the other way because “we really need that socio-pathetic thug” –  “If we hadn’t recruited that socio-pathic thug our hated rival would have signed him; plus it’s his word against hers anyway.”  – “You fat cats assured me you could make all this ‘junk’ go away if I won.  Well, I won.”

NEVER FORGET…. Every Power Five FB / MBB Program except ours of course probably has a few socio-pathic thugs.  “Except ours of course” being a key phrase.   75+ other Power Five fan bases said that in unison yesterday about the other 74 or so programs.

What is Art Briles’ multi-million $$$ buy-out a/k/a Walk-away Butch Bucks? …..   Art was making well in excess of $3-4 Million for the past few years.   Will Art walk away with as much $$$$ as Butch or Dickie or Deborah or Julius or Jan Boxill?  Crime sure “paid” for all them.

Should Art Briles, or any Big Time Coach, ever be held accountable for ANYTHING other than Winning especially winning over hated rivals? ….. There are those who actually ascribe to that notion.   That there are those who actually ascribe to that notion explains a LOT about a lot about our society.

For his part in this mess…. The Baylor President/Chancellor “That” Ken Starr has lost his President title…. but keeps his Chancellor title and adds Law School professor to his resume.  HUH?  Maybe if one of the girls had died Ken coulda gotten a statue of himself next to school founder Judge R.E.B. Baylor.   That only surprise you if you think High Academia ever punishes any of its own for anything.  Kinda like Democrats, huh?

Baylor’s AD has been put on Probation and may have to give up his prime parking spot for one on the 2nd row.   It is NOT Double Secret Probation.  If three or four more Baylor coeds are raped, it could elevate to Double Secret….

I have not read Art Briles’ weepy adios statement yet.   Wonder if Art will admit he “knows John Blake”?  I’m sure Art DOES “know John Blake” as Black Santa was quite notorious back in the day recruiting Texas for OU and Nebraska.  OK…. enough with the Blake jokes.

SHOCKER!!!  College “Jocks” have been raping and assaulting coeds long before The Gipper ever said Win one for me, Knute.  In fact Notre Dame has quite a history of such “boys will be boys” activity.  It is why The Pope put St. Mary’s girls school just across the street in South Bend.  I am confident that “Rudy” never did it though.

Do “jocks” assault coeds more often than drunk fraternity boys do?  …. The Elias Sports Bureau probably has that info.  They have all the world’s info even more than Google or Yahoo.

Are some assault charges “bogus”…. simply morning after regrets after a consensual assignation?  ….. Yes.   All the ones involving student-athletes “at our school” fit that category.   None of the ones at “hated rival” do.

The “Our Program v Hated Rival Program” Rule fits A LOT of this discussion.

Are all Power Five jock assaults on coeds committed by scary big black guys on white girls? ….. I’m pretty sure that is not the case.   “Male urges” and “boys will be boys” hi-jinks are not ethno-centric as far as I know.Mandingo

Is there some sort of Mandingo Warrior Thing involved? …. OH MY!  Even I’m not going “there”.  Look it up Albert.  All the Bad Boyz @ Baylor ARE of the AfAm persuasion but that is probably a coincidence.   As with most all Power Five schools, a very high % of male AfAm students on Baylor’s campus do happen to be there For Athletic Rather Than For Academic Purposes.   Another statistical coincidence that might / might not lead to faulty conclusions.

Were these youngsters predisposed to such antisocial behavior prior to signing with Baylor?  ….. At least one of’em had a “prior” at Boise State.

Can all the Baylor rapes and assaults be blamed on the North Carolina General Assembly passing HB2? ….. I’m pretty sure The N&O, Charlotte Observer, WRAL and Reverend Barber will all be saying that.

Can all the Baylor rapes and assaults be blamed on The UNC BOG hiring “That Bush Woman” Margaret Spellings? ….. I’m pretty sure The N&O, Charlotte Observer, WRAL and Reverend Barber will all be saying that too.  As will 6-7 pathetic little “snowflakes” holding misspelled signs and yelling obscenities.

Did “being in Waco” have anything to do with all this and with a very successful FB coach being fired becauseJenn Sterger of all this?   ….. Waco is not Tallahassee as far as being a target-rich environment.  Skanky wenches like Jen Sterger aren’t prowling the streets.   Florida State has several FB rapes /assaults every year.  Neither Bobby Bowden nor Jimbo have ever been close to being fired for it.   You do the math.

Are “rapes and assaults” more bad than 18+ years of eligibility schemes?  …..  The quick answer is Yes rapes are more bad.   Does that excuse 18+ years of eligibility schemes?  No, of course not.

Will The NCAA punish Baylor for those multi-year serial rapes?  …… No.  The NCAA only disciplines Division III schools and for: (1) using lead paint on their goalposts and (2) allowing double puddings for dessert at training tables.

Any/All incidents that involve “Academics OR Non-academics” is outside NCAA’s “purview”.

Any Power Five FB or MBB student-athlete who knows the meaning of “purview” does get extra pudding for dessert.Fixer Upper

How do Waco’s Most Famous Couple – Chip & Joanna Gaines of Fixer-Upper Fame – feel about this?  ….. Chip is a Huge Baylor fan and alum.  I suspect Chip Gaines is very embarrassed over the whole stinking mess.

Will Larry Fedora be on “the short list” to replace Briles? …..  Sure. Why not?  Anything that causes TruBlue yahoos to stick lit matches up their noses is worth talking about so lets.

Are there “sleeping giant” Fat Cats across the country lining up to hire Art Briles RIGHT NOW?  ….. You betcha.  More than a few.

Is Big Time College FB / MBB, in a Art Briles was Fired World, still a shameful “sausage factory” rampant with hypocrisy? …… Enjoy the games but just don’t ask how the product gets to your table.  Yep.


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