The Charlotte Observer in PANIC MODE !!!

Charlotte Observer
May26/ 2016

crying babyYes, they DID say “IT”…. but must have figured no one actually reads their editorials. Now…

“Rush is picking on us.  It’s Not Fair!”

There are few things in this crazy world more hilarious than Liberals / Liberal Media is FULL PANIC MODE.   I’m talking “run around in circles…. screeching like their teeny-weeny tallywackers are caught in their zipper” …. Like McClatchy’s Charlotte Observer is doing this week.

When El Rushbo went and exposed their arrogant incompetence “across the Fruited Plain”. Uh oh!

The Charlotte Observer and Raleigh’s News & Observer are both owned by Sacramento-based McClatchyMcClatchy Corp.  (Amazing how many people don’t know that!)  Whatever version of either regional newspaper entity you “grew up with” 20-30-40 years ago has been dead, buried and turned to dust well over a decade ago.  These two newspapers “ain’t what they used to be” if indeed they ever were.

That lifestyle columnist you enjoyed….. that sportswriter you disagreed with but always read anyway…. even the pompous political reporter you assumed knew more than you did, but in truth he never did.   All are long gone from “your newspaper” or soon will be.   The Observer’s ever-diminishing staff has been culled to “under-30 glorified interns” and/or “will work really cheaps”… or both.

What these “wanna-bee Woodward&Bernsteins” lack in professionalism and integrity they make up for in ideological zealotry fueled by bumper sticker slogans and a piss-poor public education.   A piss-poor public education where “indoctrination” replaced “learning”.  Nowhere more so than in New Millennial J-Schools.

Both once-prominent North Carolina media operations are in dire financial getting “direr” by the day.   Their only bottom-line reality worse than “today” is all prospects for “tomorrow” ….. “next month”…. “next year”.

Their “dire straights” are three-fold:  (1) Information Technology Evolution has completely “nuked” their centuries old business model…… (2) Newspaper executives are, by nature, terminally arrogant.  They ignored the techno evolution convinced you and I could never “get along without them”.   IF YOU do still subscribe – WHY?; it only takes about three days to break the habit.

The 3rd-fold is what I call The Nixon-Watergate Miscalculation.   When Woodward & Bernstein (and Deep Throat) took down Nixon it spawned a massive mis-read among Journalists and J-Schools.   Overnight every newspaper wanted to be Investigative Journalists…. which was fine EXCEPT rather than see the issue as politics and all politicians need to be watched closely…. “they” saw it as All Republicans Are Eeevil and need to be watched closely.

….. thereby leaving Liberals / Democrats free to be as corrupt as they could be without fear of exposure.  And, as we have seen, “they” can be VERY CORRUPT if left unwatched.

The Mainstream Media a/k/a “the Drive-Bys” became an integral part of The Liberal Democrat Machine in the same way that The Luftwaffe was part of The Nazi Machine and Delta Force is part of the American Military.   Viewing “the media” as some impartially aloof element is the ultimate mistake from which a host of other wrong assumptions then emerge.

Even before Watergate, many publishing media moguls (like the McClatchy “crime family”) were hard-wired Limo Liberals.   A “Limo Liberal” is, by definition, someone of significant personal wealth who develops intense feelings of guilt for accumulating said “wealth” either by legitimate means or by “choosing their parents well” a/k/a “trust fund babies / silverspoons”.   They assuage that guilt by pretending to care about “the little people…. the poor…. the destitute…. the voice-less” which is, on the surface, “noble”.   Jim Goodmon

In The Triangle, WRAL /Capitol Broadcasting’s Jim Goodmon personifies the quintessential Limo Liberal.

Limo Liberalism loses any nobility in that it is a superficial “alligator tears” concern that results in zero application to the “victims de jour”.   Limo Liberals need a steady supply of “victims de jour” to PRETEND to care about…. like vampires need a continual supply of carotid arteries to suck on.

In the Great Rest Room Brouhaha…. Liberals don’t “care about” the Transgendered or any other hybrid genders any more than they have ever “cared about” ethnic/racial-minorities. … (1) Keep “blacks” on the Welfare Plantation….. and (2) Breed them for votes every four years.

That has been The Plan since the Civil Rights Act in the late 60s. Now follow the same strategy with the LGBT crowd and illegal aliens.   Find a disenfranchised “give us free stuff” faction and harvest them for votes.  To their credit – The Plan has worked…. But newspapers – particularly the two McClatchy operations in NC – are NOT “working” very well at all.

NOW…. The Charlotte Observer’s current PANIC MODE.

When The N&O utterly and incompetently BOTCHED their coverage of Duke Lacrosse Scandal in 2006 it became a case study in every J-School for “What NOT to do”.   It became THE Journalistic Embarrassment of The Century.  Granted The Century was only six years old at the time.   It is still #1 ten years later.   Apparently all that global notoriety for their sister paper inspired The Charlotte Observer to try and gain some national notoriety.

The Charlotte Observer has been a direct hands-on, all-in, co-conspirator with The Jennifer Seven from the get-go.Chad Sevearance

The CObs withholding the info on Chad Sevearance a/k/a “the registered child molester” was off-the-chart unethical and violated every journalistic principle in existence.   The N&O’s notorious Linda Williams had never sunk THAT low.  If The CObs would do THAT, there is no limit to what they will do as evidenced by their recent “….get used to seeing male genitalia” editorial.

Yes…. The original CObs editorial “printed it”.
Yes…. Rush Limbaugh quoted “what they printed” on his show.
Yes…. The CObs “suits” compounded their original egregiousness by denying it like the arrogant weasels they are.
Yes…. they are hoping what’s left of their ever-dwindling subscriber base is too naïve, too gullible and brain-dead to care what they said.  They are probably correct on that.

Yes…. The CObs along with Mayor Roberts & Her Seven Cronies all knew “the ordinance” would be soundly defeated if put to the citizens of Charlotte in a public referendum.

IF just 50% of Observer subscribers who would have voted HELL NO on the bathroom ordinance would cancel their subscriptions….  The Observer’s current HQ building would be a Chinese Buffet / nail salon within six months… if not sooner.

If 50% of current Observer advertisers who would vote HELL NO cancelled their ad contracts….. The Observer would be reduced to a handful of scraggly interns working out of a run-down strip mall in Grier Town.

Jennifer Roberts
Mayor Jennifer Roberts

A die-hard liberal acquaintance of mine in Charlotte said about Charlotte’s Limo Lib Mayor Jennifer Roberts:

“She isn’t all that bright, but even she is smart enough to know it (ordinance) had no chance of passing a public vote”.

So the only question left is:

Is The Great Rest Room Mess / Global War on HB2 equal to or an even greater embarrassment for McClatchy’s Charlotte Observer than Duke Lacrosse will forever be for McClatchy’s N&O?

We will be magnanimous and not include McClatchy’s  John & Rielle Journo-Disaster in this comparison.


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