BLS: Baylor Rapes Scandal = G.O.A.T ??

Baylor Bears
May24/ 2016

Is The Baylor Rapes Scandal The G.O.A.T. ?? Those of you whose Give a Damn Universe is limited to The Greater Triangle SMSA may not have heard what is boiling these days out in Waco, Texas at Baylor University…. “The Baylor Rapes Scandal”.

Waco is now infamous for something other than Branch Davidians / David Koresh?   FWIW…. I prefer to think of FixerUpper’s Chip & Joanna Gaines when I think of Waco.

Oh!  G.O.A.T = an ESPN millennial catch-phrase for Greatest Of All Time.  It is used at least a dozen times each week when discussing Steph Curry…. Lebron James…. The Warriors…. Whoever won the latest UFC bout…. Whoever is this year’s #1 semi-literate blue-chipper…. Which horse wins The Derby…. Whichever ESPN on-air personality engendered the most hatred last week…. Bryce Harper…. or CAM….


NOTE:  “Triangle SMSA”, for our purposes, means within 50-ish miles of the intersection of I-40 and Miami Blvd…. encompassing both the mini-kingdom of Chapel Hill and a high % of AnybodyButCarolina (ABC) Nation.  Tentacles of those demographics extend out in all directions of course around the globe.

The current Siege of Chapel Hill by ABCNation is still five years short of The Siege of Troy by Agamemnon’s Greeks led by Achilles, but at almost six years since Marvin’s Tweet it is still impressive in both its passion and duration.  With no end in sight Troy’s Ten Years is a record worth pursuing…. similar to DiMaggio’s 56-game hit streak.  Both records WILL be broken.  Why not by TGU?   Is DamnDan Kane the modern day Achilles? ….. Deborah Crowder = Helen – “the face that launched a 1,000….” nasty tweets and monkey messages?


Meanwhile out in the hinterlands beyond the reach of Bojangles and vinegar-based barbecue sauce another SCANDAL has emerged Full-bore after smoldering for 2-3 years….. The Great Baylor Rapes Scandal.


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Is “at least” six alleged / reported “rapes / assaults” on Baylor coeds by various members of Baylor’s nationally prominent football program anything you should be aware of?

Is this an indictment of all of Big Time College Sports?

Is this simply a rogue program that “lost its way”?Ken Starr

Is this all Ken Starr’s fault?  Yes, THAT Ken Starr who is both President and Chancellor of Baylor.

Is Baylor’s Head Football Coach – Art Briles – wearing his Sgt Schultz helmet….. a/k/a “I knew NUUUUTHING!”?   Well yeah…. of course he is.  That’s a given these days.

NOTE:  I’ve researched this Sgt Schultz Phenomenon…. a/k/a “Dummying Up”.  Apparently once a Big Time Coach in FB or MBB passes $2,000,000 in annual salary, he relinquishes all accountability for ANYTHING about his program…. other than, of course, Ws and Ls against “hated rivals”.   He is totally accountable for those.

Rapes…. paper-classes….. illegal payments…. blah blah yadda yadda ….. who cares??  Just inconvenient collateral damage in the Quest For Bragging Rights Glory.   Can’t make a National Champ omelet without “raping a few coeds”…. OUCH!

Hey BL what’s the big deal about a handful of rapes around a college campus?  Isn’t that like a dozen angry “snowflakes” protesting at a BOG meeting?

College campuses are a hotbed of “he said /she saids” and …. “snowflake protestors” aren’t they?  I suppose so unless it involves Your Daughter of course; or your rational brain has not been taken over by your Bragging Rights brain.

Are there actually Baylor Alums (“Fat Cats”) and Executive Admins who dismiss “all this” as attempts to destroy our wonderful institution”… by our hated rivals?  Sure… there are those stereotypes in every one of these messes.

Comparing a “serial rape culture” to a “serial academic fraud culture” is comparing “damage to persons and property” versus “white collar crime”.   Is Bernie Madoff a more heinous criminal than Ted Bundy ????

To today’s title question…. is Baylor’s Scandal the New G.O.A.T. replacing UNCCH’s TGU?

No.  Of course not…. unless Your Daughter was victimized by one of Art Briles’ outstanding young student-athletes that is.

Baylor basically came out of Nowhere 6-8 years ago to be “an annual National Power”.   For decades Baylor had been the beleaguered Wake Forest of the Big 12 / Southwest Conference…. a “Christian school” where “values and academics” were touted rather than BCS invites and Heisman candidates.   Waco was not an annual stop for ESPN’s GameDay crew.

Any Power Five school could conceivably put together a “lightning in a bottle” season where lucky bounces, a favorable schedule and few/no key injuries could result in a Dream Season as the aforementioned Wake Forest enjoyed in 2006.   To do so 4-5 years in a row can be done ONLY One Way ….. recruiting abuncha overly aggressive stud thugs that would otherwise go to your hated rival…. and rape their coeds instead of yours.Art Briles

Not simply a stud QB or a stud RB or WR but a depth of stud thugs across the OL and DL and DB.   Baylor did that stud-thug stocking when Art Briles came to Baylor from Houston after a long career as a successful Texas HS coach.   Briles certainly knew his Xs and Os and how to light up scoreboards; but he needed “stud thugs” to do so consistently against the Texas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, TCU opponents.

NOTE:  Baylor’s quick ascension to The Elite matched neighboring TCU’s ascension.  While Texas and Texas A&M stumbled.  It is all a simple matter of shuffling the stud thugs.  He who gets the most of’em …. wins!  Ws count more than “rapes”…. A LOT MORE.

With both Baylor and TCU…. stud thug issues escalated as soon as the stud-thug population reached critical mass.   FWIW…. a dozen or so motivated stud thugs can make a difference on Saturday…. as well as “around campus”.Baylor Sign

Hey.  Cut Ol’ Art some slack.  He did put up a sign on the practice field fence.  What more do you want… REALLY!  GO BEARS!

Enticing 5-star stud thugs to “your school” isn’t rocket surgery….. (1) lots of “blingy” facilities; and (2) a cooperative local law enforcement to “go easy on our guys”.  Boys will be boys…. young men “have needs” …. “it’s the girls’ fault” …. etc etc etc.

EVERY Elite Program has stud thug issues.   In most cases sustained Elite status justifies the “thuggery” when it does leak out.   SEC schools delight in researching each other’s thuggery and keeping on-going tallies of same.   Florida State doesn’t keep count any more. …. “how many grains of sand on Panama City beaches?”

Locally NC State and UNC partisans have kept score for decades and the list of “bad boys” was never more than a 3-4 bad boy difference.   Then Marvin hit SEND and all that changed.

Pay attention to how The Baylor Scandal plays out.   Look for THAT Ken Starr to get canned very soon.   As with pretty much all Academic Executives he will get a “sweetheart of a deal” and “reassigned”…. “humbled” for sure but not bruised too much. A better fate than those unfortunate coeds got…. for sure.


UPDATE:  It’s Official!  Ken Starr thrown under bus as “Designated Fall Guy” …. Art Briles dodges bullet as expected….


I expect Art Briles to dodge this bullet…. much better than The Butcher did of course since The Butcher didn’t dodge his bullet.   That guy at Ol’ Miss will survive too.   Going “Sgt Schultz” works far more often than not UNLESS the coach in question has lost two straight to “our hated rival” then even Sgt Schultz can’t save him.

When can we expect to see a real contender to College Sports Scandal G.O.A.T?   The program that combines “stud thug mayhem” with a “convoluted eligibility scam”…..


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