Russell Wilson says TO’B said… but, but…

Russell Wilson & TOB
May15/ 2016

This is a real headscratcher and one has to wonder WHY it’s coming out now… whatever “it” is.  I’m guessing Russell Wilson was using it to inspire the Wiscy grads to “believe in yourself even if others don’t” but he had to know it would go viral…. Russell Wilson & TOB

What ever happened between Russell and TO’B shoulda been buried.   Everyone thought it had been.   Russell is waaaaay beyond it tarnishing his career as an Elite NFL QB.

“This” just seems so UN-Russell at this point in his career.

Will the average Brickyard Board Monkey buy Russell’s version.  He is a BMOC bona-fide Wuff Hero…. versus TO’B – a ruddy-faced fired old coach that never “caught on” with The Carter-ites…. except for all those times he whupped up on Butch of course ???

“Leadership” is making tough decisions and living with the results when the smoke clears.  TO’B made “the tough call”.   Russell Wilson leaving NC State turned out A LOT better for Russell than it did for TO’B.

Had RW not gone to Wiscy and not gotten that national exposure…. Big Ten / Rose Bowl et al …. would his career have been what it is ???


Russell Says TO’B Said ….

Russell Wilson claims former NC State coach told him he'd never play in the NFL

Russell Wilson isn’t known for opening up to the public. A Wilson interview or press conference is usually brimming with cliches and diplomatic responses. That wasn’t the case at a commencement speech the 27-year-old delivered for the University of Wisconsin.

He cracked jokes, he danced and he even gave his side of the story on his split with North Carolina State.

Here’s Wilson’s recollection of his conversation with former Wolfpack coach Tom O’Brien:


Either O’Brien is an awful coach or Wilson is embellishing the story. But without hearing O’Brien’s side of the story, we shouldn’t just assume this is how the conversation went down. When the two have spoken about the transfer in the past, neither has mentioned any animosity. O’Brien said he still texts Wilson from time-to-time.

The Seahawks quarterback isn’t exactly a reliable narrator, either. During this same speech, he altered the details of another anecdote to fit the message he was trying to convey. We’ll let Wilson take it from here: …….


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5 years ago

Well TOB was wrong, and he is now out of coaching. I don’t get where Russell is wrong for calling TOB out because it is TRUE. TOB said on the radio AM the Adam and Joe show that he was not an NFL QB. I said to myself RWs stats are on part with the nations elite college QBs. The prototypical physical stats were not there but he was absolutely an NFL QB prospect especially after the Rose Bowl post TOB comments. One cannot measure heart, desire, instincts or leadership capacity and all those that live and die by statistical… Read more »

5 years ago

Every time I read a post by NCSU68GRAD I think of one of my uncles whose wife, my aunt, said of him that if you ask him the time, he tells you how to make a watch. I like 68’s comments and most often agree, I think, because I often forget the issue by the time I finish reading the comment.

oldwuf vet
oldwuf vet
5 years ago

I still side with TOB on this one; and I never was a huge TOB fan. Russell had a MLB contract and couldn’t make up his mind. TOB held up his end of the deal giving Russ 4 years to play both sports. TOB had a committed, loyal NFL quality QB standing by. I thought it was stupid of Russ to alter the story to help his speech. He sacrificed his relationship with the Pack for a moment of Badger glory.

5 years ago

There is a certain logic to this, and trying to be a compromising sort (up to bathroom definitions), I too, go with TOB’s explanation. The speech has quite a few Brian Williams moments. I do not recall him mentioning that he personally saved 3000 folks in New Orleans when Ray Nagel could not make a decision….except whether to ask for his bribes in $100’s or $50’s. TOB, being of the military persuasion is not prone to political correctness. If you ever listened to his post game pressers or his radio and TV show, he is not one to sugar coat… Read more »

Semper Fi
Semper Fi
5 years ago

I think I’ll lean towards The Marine on this one. O’Brien, though stoic, seemed to be a class act. His teams rarely had any off the field shenanigans, and if discovered, were promptly dealt with in a decisive manner. Maybe Russell has lost his way. He certainly beat the NFL odds and has shown great composure on the field. Unfortunately, his off the field composure needs improvement. I wonder if his personal decision-making is adversely affected by his inability to reconcile NFL cultural differences with the challenges of managing his new found wealth. One thing is for sure, pettiness is… Read more »

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