Tony DiNozzo’s Farewell on NCIS

May10/ 2016

Tonight (Oops NEXT) (Tuesday) will be one of those “TV cast member moments” as “Very Special” Agent Tony DiNozzo’s leavDiNozzoes NCIS in a specific fashion yet revealed.   Michael Weatherly opted not to renew his contract in order to “pursue other options”.   There is no animosity or fight over $$$…. just “time for a new professional adventure”.  Tony’s farewell from NCIS has been scheduled for several months now.

Tony’s last chance to call McGee “proby”.  Tony’s last head slap from Gibbs.   His last “conversation in the elevator”.  His last joust with his rascally father (Robert Wagner).  Tony’s last visit to Abby’s forensic lair in the basement…. to Ducky’s autopsy morgue….

Michael Weatherly a/k/a “DiNozzo” is not the first member of Gibbs’ team to leave the squad.  Before our favorite Mazzad assassin – “Ziva” – departed there was Shana Alexander who went on to be Dr. Maura Iles teaming with Jane Rizzoli.  Did you know that?


I was never a big “DiNozzo” fan opting for Gibbs OF COURSE and “Ducky” (a/k/a Ilya Kuriyakin w/ Napoleon Solo in Man From U.N.C.L.E.).  Tony was too much the wise-crackin “frat boy” type for my tastes but he fit the chemistry of Gibbs’ Team and I trust Gibbs’ completely.

NCIS is The Most Popular TV Show on Earth and has been for years.  Yes, more popular than Big Bang Theory.  Here we measure entertainment popularity on the “has Albert ever seen it” scale.  PLEASE PLEASE Albert…. tell us you have watched NCIS.   Maybe not it’s two popular offspring – NCIS LA and NCIS New Orleans – but surely THE NCIS.

FWIW…. I really like NCIS-New Orleans and have been a fan of NCIS-LA but not so much the past year or so.


“They” say NCIS is most popular with “Republicans” and those “in Fly-Over Country” (??) meaning God-Fearin’ Americans / “Bitter Clingers”.   Ergo, wonder if THEBob Kennel has a clue who Leroy “Jethro” Gibbs is.  Gibbs didn’t “go to State”. I’m betting BK has no clue. …. SURPRISE!  BK IS a big fan of NCIS!

(Gibbs’ Boss – Leon Vance – is “a black guy” but since there are no “tranys” on the show Obama’s Justice Dept will likely be shutting it down any day now …..)

How very very cool it must be to be a cast member on such a long-running popular show…. for an actor how much better can it get?

My Alltime favorite NCIS moment came 3-4 years ago.  In the previous season-ending cliffhanger… Tony and Ziva had been captured by sadistic A-rab terrorists and were being tortured in a remote desert location “somewhere in the horn of Africa”.   It looked bleak for Tony & Ziva as we waited six months for their plight to be revealed.

In the first five minutes of the next season, their eeevil torturer realized Tony & Ziva were not going to “break” and he was poised to cut Ziva’s throat…..

…..when the sumbitch’s freakin’ head EXPLODED….. a 1,000 yard “head shot” from Gibbs’.

Gibbs-ophiles knowing, of course, that “Jethro” was a Master Marine Sniper before joining NCIS.   Gibbs and McGee rush in to free their comrades from certain death…. with Gibbs being Gibbs simply saying “Grab your gear…. we’re outta here”

Tonight Tony will “grab his gear” one last time.

If I were writing this episode, I would end it with Tony saying his tearful good-byes to each team member (Abby will totally “lose it” of course) and then entering “the elevator”.   As the elevator doors close, Gibbs steps in.

Tony says “Boss, I gotta know…..”

“Gotta know what?” asks Gibbs …..

“How’d you get the boat out of your basement?”

Gibbs smirks giving him “that Gibbs’ Look” and gives Tony one last head-slap…..

Farewell (Very) Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo


Here’s more about DiNozzo’s Farewell ….  DiNozzo’s Farewell LINK.


Sorta Related…. Next Monday will be “Kate Beckett’s Farewell” on Castle.  Stana Katic’s contract was not rBeckettenewed.   Methinks the Love of Richard Castle’s Life will perish in a heart-breaking fashion. …. I will miss “Beckett” as will all Castle fans.  I look for “that sexy former MI-6 agent” to move into Richard’s life.

With “Beckett” the Greatest Moment was her “emerging from the hotel swimming pool” in Hollywood where she and Castle had gone to catch a bad guy.  It was Ursula Andress in Dr No type of memorable.


There’s More …..

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