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Stephen King
April22/ 2016

Stephen King 2

The word “kinda weird” seems to fit THE Stephen King.   “Kinda weird” also fits Mr King’s recent passionate essay AGAINST the newly-added extra protective netting in front of his Fenway Park “dugout seats”.

Hey… sell umpteen bazillion books and you can be “kinda weird”…. right?



Stephen King pens essay against MLB’s protective netting

Posted by Liam McGuire on Apr 12, 2016 10:40

Stephen King is one of the most famous authors of all time, known for penning classics like The Shining, The Dark Tower, and Carrie. King has also written about his love for the Boston Red Sox, as the 68-year-old is a longtime season ticket holder and is often seen at games. His latest essay is Red Sox related, as King unleashed a piece for the Boston Globe ripping the new protective netting at Fenway Park.

King wrote the Red Sox contacted him letting him know his dugout seats would be covered with protective netting due to safety concerns, asking the author if he wanted to move. King was reluctant given his history with the seats and opted to stay.

King wrote his seats are now obstructed by the netting. He openly wondered in his essay why the netting was put up, considering the unlikelihood he was to be struck by a baseball.




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A solution in search of a problem. I suppose now that everyone (not me) is Tweeting, Facebooking, and Instagraming rather than paying attention to the on-field action it seemed like a good idea to the evil Red Sox.


He is probably right, about as slim a chance as being struck by a car while walking along a back country road……