Say It Ain’t So “Ani” (??)…. & “Rev Bully” and The Chider

April19/ 2016

It was bound to happen eventually…. after 4-5 aging-out performers I have actually HEARD OF, the local failing McClatchy news sheet is now announcing that Ani DeFranco (???) is showing her support for Pervs & Predators Get To Pee Anywhere They Please by canceling her upcoming appearance at Durham’s Eno River Festival in July.

I’m sure “Ani” has awards aplenty (so does N&O “award-winning newshound” RobRielleWho.  So there….) and a following to justify her fame (?); but not with anyone I know…. or care to know.  How about you?

That “Ani’s” cancellation will be “the straw” that brings The NC General Assembly to it’s knee begging forgiveness for HB2 is considered unlikely by NCGA “insiders”.Ani DeFranco

I’m guessing “Ani” is some Joan Baez of The New Milenium…. “she” has that scruffy “constipated beatnik” look.

I’m also guessing she – “Ani” – is all the rage with The LGBTQ Gang. … a/k/a “gender terrorist faction”.   McClatchy Corp is in cahoots with The LGBTQ Gang so it makes sense her “show of support” is “news” for their “news sheet”.   I use the feminine pronoun “she” in describing “Ani” realizing with The LGBTQ Gang one never knows….

BTW…. I stopped my N&O subscription nine years ago, but I did see a copy recently at a Great Clips.  I’ve seen SteinMart fliers thicker than THAT !!   My high school newspaper was thicker than THAT !!  Quilted Northern TP is thicker than THAT !!  Do they weigh it down with ball bearings to keep it from blowing off subscribers’ driveways?  Or are “subscribers’ driveways” a thing of their past too?

McClatchy recently sold their downtown Raleigh location and is preparing to relocate its local HQ to a “single-wide” on the outskirts of Knightdale.   Oh how the once mighty have fallen ….. sigh, sob, sniff.  Last employee out-the-door (I figure it will be Barry The Colonel” Saunders) turn out the light.

A moment of quiet reflection for “Ani” and The Eno.  ….. Oh, what might have been?

Have we heard from The Village People yet?  ….. or Milli Vanilli?  ….. or Up With People? ….. Boy George?



Bill Barber

Meanwhile our favorite Jones Street carny act – Reverend William “Bully” Barber – is In-The-News again.   “Bully” was escorted off an American Airlines flight from Washington to Raleigh over the weekend for his role in some sort of “fracas” with a “chider”.

“Bully’s” version of what happened has him being chided “by someone behind him” for some undefined reason.   To his credit (am I actually saying that?) “Bully” had purchased two seats to accommodate his notorious largeness and “that” might have been part of the misunderstanding.

Did the chider recognize “Bully” as THE Reverend “Bully” or did the chider just arbitrarily start chiding “hey you very large black man……!”  The report did not specify.

“Bully” did note that he had been in Washington promoting his on-going God Hates Republicans and So Do I and So Should You Campaign.

Anywhooo, “Bully” replied to his chider as the plane taxied away from the gate for take-off.   Their “discussion” led to “Bully” being escorted off the plane.   No report of what happened to the “chider”….. or whether said “chider” was an Eeeevil Republican – or heterosexual – or whether “Bully” intends to sue American Airlines etc etc etc …..

The several reports I read implied “Bully” was traveling alone.  It was my understanding that Rev “Bully” is always accompanied by a phalanx of knuckledraggers a/k/a “personal assistants / bodyguards” for the express purpose of “dealing with chiders”.  Where were Bully’s knuckledraggers?Jim Goodmon

And why was “Bully” flying commercial?  Surely his “benefactor” – WRAL’s Jim Goodmon – The Triangle’s Leading Limo Liberal – could spring for a private jet for His Eminence.   He could run it thru his AJ Fletcher Foundation.  Doesn’t The Pope have his own jet?

I wonder if “Ani De Franco” flies commercial?  I wonder if Bully has ever heard of Ani?

I read the story of “Bully & The Chider” on so there is likely a LOT purposely omitted from the story.   Were there “at least 80,000…. maybe more” on the ill-fated flight?


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