That River Monsters Guy….

River Monsters
April11/ 2016

This is one of those “forget which channel” cable shows that everybody is going to watch at least once.   Maybe a dozen or more times…. until, like with Triple D, you realize once you’ve seen a handful of the shows, they are all basically the same show.

Jeremy WadeThis very likable English guy – Jeremy Wade – goes fishing in remote scary rivers in remote scary 4th world countries where you DO NOT want to get stopped by local police FOR ANYTHING or be carrying any illegal substances.   “Likable English guy” never gets stopped.   He simply goes ahunting for very large, very scary “monster fish” ….. usually either gianormous catfish the size of a Buick or humongous Giant Piranahs that could eat the Buick-size catfish.

Apparently, from this article, he has run out of rivers and is now considering “bays” with eventually going to Oceans.   It is an inevitable evolution, I suppose.

As with most popular cable shows, this one has a doppleganger by a similar name on another cable channel you never can remember either.   Younger guy without an English accent doing the same thing.



Jeremy, that River Monster Guy….

The Chesapeake Bay is quiet in early April. The weather is still chilly for boating, and on a weekday morning at Herrington Harbor in Tracys Landing, Maryland, there is barely a soul to disturb the morning fog.

I’m here for a fishing expedition with Jeremy Wade. Wade is the host of River Monsters, a show on Animal Planet that follows Wade around the world as he hunts down the most terrifying and vicious freshwater fish on earth.

Or at least, that was how it worked for the first seven seasons. Season 8, which premieres Thursday night on Animal Planet at 9 p.m., will follow Wade into the ocean. (There are only so many monsters to hunt in the rivers of the world.) River Monsters, which has been a massive success for Animal Planet, is part fishing show, part detective procedural, part MythBusters — Wade shows up in a new locale every episode and investigates a mythical beast that is said to haunt a body of water. He follows clues, tracks down leads, and then, by the end of each episode, solves the case — by reeling in a terrifying, toothed thing that will give you nightmares

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