Those Dean Dome “Pee Walls”

Pee Wall
April01/ 2016

NOTE:  I posted a version of this as a Reader Comment on the Stoopidity HB2 column but figured I should oughta repost it here… Hey, it’s MY WEBSITE.  I don’t need permission…. 

With North Carolina in a VERY restroom-centric frame of mind, I thought this might be useful.


A number of you (mostly gals) have been asking about the Dean Dome Pee Walls. Any guy who has ever “had to go” while at The DD is very familiar with them. ….

Basically they are 6′ high ceramic/metal urinals but rather than individual units it is one 10-12′ foot long continuous “wall unit” all the Pee Wallway to the floor. Water is constantly pouring from the top to the several drains on the floor. …. 10-12-15 guys at a time simply line up along “the wall” and pee side by side with the wall being everyone’s “target”.   Occasionally some enterprising soul will post a pic of Coach K, or recently Dan Kane, on the wall as “targets”.

So long as one is not distracted and turns quickly to either side, it works pretty well. FYI… “Looking to either side” is NEVER suggested in any Men’s Room.   Of course all that might change if/when HB2 is overturned.   Guys with high-pressure urethras CAN be a problem with “splashing”.  It’s best to wear old shoes….

Countless Boys and their Dads have “bonded” as they “do their guy thing” side by side @ The Dean Dome Pee Wall.


I will pay cash $$$ for a pic of Carol Folt @ a Dean Dome Pee Wall. The logistics of exactly how Her-Chancellorship will manage doing it escapes me.

Folt peeingBy contrast the urinals in Kenan Stadium are the standard individual porcelin wall-mounted units but spaced VERY close together with 18″Urinals dividing panels providing minimal privacy.. I mean VERY close together. Large / Wide men who have trouble with standard airline seats will have trouble fitting into the wall urinal mini-stalls of Kenan Stadium. Both midgets and Carol Folt (is there a difference) might have trouble with them too.

No clue how Chapel Hill’s “Rainbow Snowflakes” will be coping with all this ???


The Wally over in Derm has BY FAR the most luxurious Men’s Facility in The Triangle NOW.  That was NOT the case up until about five years ago.  I, your not-so-humble Internet Legend, raised Holy Hell with my Inside Contacts over at The Gothic Rockpile.   The previous “Men’s Facility” at The Wally was a Quonset hut with several “holes in the floor” where guys stood around and peed – I referred to them as “campfire urinals”.   I’m sure The Hanoi Hilton had better restrooms.  By halftime, they were stopped up and “standing water” was 2″ high and rising…. it was A HOOT.  No clue what Little Carol would think of that.

In the wake of Duke Lacrosse, Duke seriously upgraded The Wally’s Men Rooms.  They are now worthy of Ritz Carlton consideration.  All they lack now is an Attendant handing you a warm towel.

I haven’t used a The Carter restroom for many years.  Perhaps one of you of the Lupine Persuasion can update us on them?  Do the restrooms at The Carter have lots of ….. “charging stations” ???  A pic of Bre’r Kennel & Frau Yow in a Carter Rest Room surely has some historical / hysterical value.  No?



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